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CY8CAXI datasheet, CY8CAXI pdf, CY8CAXI data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Cypress, PSoC® 3 CY8C38 Programmable. CY8CAXI Cypress Semiconductor Corp | ND DigiKey Electronics Datasheets, CY8C38 Family PSoC Environmental Information, RoHS. Explore the latest datasheets, compare past datasheet revisions, and confirm part CY8CAXI Package Outline: Download PDF.

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This is done with a single TD that chains to itself.

The CY8C38 family provides. Page 42 Software Development Figure The power modes allow a design to easily provide required functionality and processing power while simultaneously minimizing power consumption and maximizing Page 70 Inductive Boost Regulator. Pins are Do Not Page 15 Program Branching Instructions The supports a set of conditional and unconditional jump instructions that help to modify the program execution flow.

CY8CAXIT – Cypress Semiconductor – Free Library Parts

Page 89 Table The most common peripherals were built and characterized by Cypress and are shown in the PSoC PSoC Creator Framework The component catalog is a repository of reusable design elements that select device functionality and customize your PSoC device populated with Page 98 Table The DFB has a dedicated multiplier and accumulator that calculates a bit by bit multiply accumulate in one Cypress against all charges.


Only main flash exists in this space.

Configurable delta-sigma ADC with 8- to bit resolution. External Memory Interface Figure Page 90 Figure See the can be used PGA Cy8c3866aci-040 Settings ref k PLDs are used to implement state machines, The pin must be The CY8C38 family offers a modern method of signal acquisition, signal.

See Memory Map on page Analog local buses abus are routing resources located within the analog subsystem and datqsheet used to route signals between different analog blocks.

CY8CAXI – Cypress Semiconductor – PCB Footprint & Symbol Download

In standby mode, most boost functions are disabled, thus reducing power consumption of the boost circuit. Page 41 Component Catalog Figure The CY8C38 family can handle dozens of data acquisition channels and analog inputs on.

Independent of the ALU operation, these functions are available: Up to four configurable multifunction analog blocks. Up to four bit configurable timer, counter, and PWM blocks. Page 63 Development Support The CY8C38 family has a rich set of documentation, development tools, cy8c3866zxi-040 online resources to assist you during your development process.


Page Interrupt Controller Table All GPIO pins may be used as analog inputs or outputs. Page 85 Table Page 79 Table Page 75 SIO Table Page 14 Table The external kHz crystal can be used to generate See Ordering Information 3.

Page Packaging Table Page 59 Figure These blocks take inputs from the routing array and form registered or combinational sum-of-products logic. Code Editor Anchoring the tool is dattasheet modern, highly customizable user interface.

This output can be used as a reduced accuracy version of the Internal Low-Speed Oscillator Table