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German Committee for Structural Concrete (DAfStb): Recommendations for the Use of DIN EN , DIN etc. — Heft , Beuth-Verlag Berlin, DIN DIN und DIN ; Deutscher Ausschuß für Stahlbeton, Heft , Beuth Verlag, Berlin, Beton-und Stahlbetonbau, Heft 1, , S . (E4 E6) cubes. ( mm) cylinders cylinders cubes. ( mm) cubes. ( mm). (DAfStb), Heft , Beuth, [7] Strauss, A.

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Oktober, S. Modellierung von Bewehrungskorrosion — Untersuchungen zu Rissbildungen und Abplatzungen.

Veröffentlichungen von Prof. Dr.-Ing. H. S. Müller

High-strength in-situ concrete shall be of consistence class F 3 or softer. Life-Cycle of Structural Systems: Learn more about Amazon Prime. A study of dqfstb sustainability potential of cement reduced concrete. Pentetration behaviour of dafatb nuclides in concrete. Prediction model for the degradation process of concrete due to the attack of sulphate bearing water.

The properties of fresh and hardened concrete shall be deemed adequate if the content of its constituent materials remains within the following limits: Additional control of constituent materials of high-strength concrete. Aus dem Massivbau und seinem Umfeld, H. The values in tables F. Page 22 DIN The following concepts are added: Repair of architectural concrete and related modelling of carbonation-induced corrosion. Impact of soft missiles — evaluation of laod-time functions.


Initial testing is not required for the following types of concrete: In cases of doubt, the water shall be examined for its suitability for use in concrete production.

Prediction model for the degradation process of concrete due to the attack of sulphate-bearing water. Page 20 DIN The tenth paragraph is replaced by the following: Herstellung und Eigenschaften von Hochleistungs-Leichtbeton.

Investigations into fracture of carbonated concrete. Repair of architectural concrete and concrete monuments. Annex F normative Recommendation for limiting values of concrete composition Annex F informative including table F. Werkstoffwissenschaften und Bauinstandsetzen Bd. High-strength concrete – Microstructural characteristics and related durability aspects. Pumpen von Leichtbeton — datstb neues Werkstoffkonzept.

Schallemissionsanalyse und bruchmechanische Kennwerte. Assessment of the sustainability potential of concrete and concrete structures considering their environmental impact, performance and lifetime. Enter your mobile number or email address below and we’ll send you a link to download daftsb free Kindle App. Analytical prediction model for concrete cover cracking due to reinforcement corrosion In: Expanded clay and expanded slate conforming to DIN may be used as lightweight aggregate for lightweight concrete.

JhrgHeft Nr. Constitutive relations for concrete. Simulation of Time Degradation of Porous Materials. Investigation and repair of old culturally valuable concrete structures. Page 24 DIN For dsee table F.

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DIN 增强、钢筋和预 应力混凝土 第2部分 混凝土 规范性能生产和适用性_百度文库

Development and optimization of cement based grouting materials. Test sieves of metal wire cloth ISO Page 11 DIN The specialist shall be able to furnish proof that he is suitably qualified e.

Frost resistance of concrete structural elements – Status report on the transferability of laboratory tests to real-life conditions. Modelling of the saturation behavior of cement paste during freezing and thawing action. Performance-related assessment of existing infrastructures against the background of chloride-induced corrosion.

The role and tools of lifetime management of civil concrete structures. Retrofitting of building structures using pumpable self-compacting lightweight concrete. Creep and shrinkage of high-performance lightweight aggregate concrete. If cement containing silica fume is used as the main constituent, silica fume shall not also be used as an addition. Creep of high-performance concrete – Characteristics and code-type prediction model.

Fracture mechanical and fractological investigations on normal and high-strength concrete. A new item g is added: