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Dark Continent has ratings and 90 reviews. Nikos said: Εκπληκτικό βιβλίο ιστορίας. Όλη η ιστορία της Ευρώπης του 20ου αιώνα απλά και κατανοητά από. Mazower (Inside Hitler’s Greece) shapes his well-written history of Europe’s 20th century as a struggle among liberal democracy, communism and fascism. “A useful, important book that reminds us, at the right time, how hard [European unity] has been, and how much care must be taken to avoid the terrible.

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Like the committed Zionist population of Palestinian Jews were going to pack up and move to America, or happily settle down as subjects to some Arab king. His interpretation of what these decades say about Europe is not entirely convincing, but the story is enlightening. Condemning but not scape-goating Germany, Mazower is also rightly insistent on highlighting the prevalence of consensus and collaboration at different levels over resistance and partisanship across the Nazi Neuordnung.

Mar 29, Ann rated it mazwoer liked it. In both Western and Eastern Europe a drive for consumer goods in the 60s and 70s replaced heroic post-war rebuilding efforts.

The same things happening now e. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Aug 05, Lasse Christensen rated it it was amazing. But the insight Mazower gives about social, political and economical issues is great. O que significa e onde se situa a Europa? Europe’s Twentieth Century Vintage Series.


We keep making dramatically similar mistakes.

Dark Continent: Europe’s Twentieth Century – Mark Mazower – Google Books

The diplomatic dimension of international, especially Great Power relations is distinctly low-key. Paperbackpages. To turn abruptly from low farce to high tragedy, the graphic description of the almost Apocalyptic demographic damage and displacement of the crucial decade of the s is a related highpoint of Mazower’s narrative.

Unflinching, intelligent, Dark Continent provides a provocative vision of Europ’s past, present, and future-and confirms Mark Mazower as a historian of valuable gifts. Mazower does not examine European colonialism in any detail. Moreover, the developments of the immediate post period, many of which were to become institutionalised for some forty years, were direct legatees of the Second World War in general and the Nazi ‘New Order’ in particular.

One point concerns the relationship between the two halves of the century and the scholarly commentary they have generated.

When I have time to upload my quotes to my notes page, you’ll have the whole book almost in outline form since I marked so many passages. Even major events in the evolution of the European Union are skimped: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Vintage Books- History – pages. In general, this is a great comtinent. Oct 11, Lauren Albert rated it really liked it Shelves: Continetn conclusion, Part 1 brought me some new interesting perspectives and things to think about while part II is in general apart from for example some interesting analysis of anti-Americanism in Europe a boring read, especially if you read books like PostWar of Tony Judt.


Mazower describes the rise of Hitler amid a Europe fascinated by nationality and race and tired of democracy and capitalism. Even the October Revolution in Russia in Octoberas epoch-making an historical turning-point as may be imagined, is only grudgingly and therefore sparingly considered.

Dark Continent: Europe’s Twentieth Century

Mazower parachutes in aroundhitting the ground running by plunging into the problems of the new post-war Europe with only occasional backward glances at the trauma of the Great War. Mazowsr for him contijent sympathy with Bernadetto Croce’s assertion that Fascism was a mere parenthesis in the history of Italy – what post-war Italians and even post-war Germans might subsequently have described as an ephemeral aberration or perhaps an uncharacteristic ‘moment of madness’.

The best general history book I’ve read on Europe in the twentieth century. I learned a lot from it.

Dark Continent: Europe’s Twentieth Century | Reviews in History

Like the diminished Contineng population of Europe was so keen to stay among the people who had facilitated their murder. I just finished my second reading and it far surpasses any other general history of twentieth century Europe.

This quasi-apologetic opinion comes close to suggesting that ‘real’ history ends indenying what is conventionally labelled ‘contemporary history’ unqualified academic respectability.