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Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology. David Graeber. David Graeber. Everywhere anarchism is on the upswing as a political philosophy—everywhere, that is. Fragments of an anarchist anthropology BY DAVID GRAEBER Graeber’s short and self-consciously fragmentary book rehearses critiques of capitalism. Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology has ratings and 95 reviews. Liz said: the bits about actual anthropology were good but I wanted more of an a.

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Their work demonstrates that out there is an endless variety of social and political anarchjst to draw from, that it is possible to live in other conditions.

Is the globe itself to become a state? We self-organize and engage in mutual aid all the time. The second “initial assumption,” is that “anarchist social theory would have to reject self-consciously any trace of vanguardism” Perhaps somebody who hasn’t read much about these things can find it a good beginner’s read but this isn’t the case for me.

There would appear to be no society which does not see human life as fundamentally a problem. It’s only if such a space breaks down into violence that there’s any chance outsiders will even find out that it exists” The dismantling of the welfare state in the US and other Western countries over the last quarter-century has not led to more opportunities for self-organization and empowerment, but less.

The third part of the book, concentrating on the debunking of the Orientalist myth of the Western world vs. This was another assigned book, and one my professor had raved about reading.

I have SO many favorite quotes in this book! Instead of people selling us or renting us out we rent out ourselves. Jul 15, Anick-Marie rated it really liked it Shelves: Objectors claim that no large anarchist organization has ever provided us with a model of social sustainability. Twitter Tweets by ChicagoDistrib. It should come as no surprise, then, that there have always been anthropologists who have identified with anarchism or have had anarchist sympathies Radcliffe-Brown; Mauss.


Lists with This Book. Insightful, inspiring, and accessible. It does not follow that State anarchst comes first, either pragmatically or ideologically. Dec 21, Andrew Squitiro rated it it was amazing.

You don’t have to be an anarchist or an anthropologist to get the message.

Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology – Wikipedia

He doesn’t deny the difficulties, even the impossibilities of radical change, nor does he call for instantaneous revolution. Majority democracy, we might say, can only emerge when two factors coincide: This reliance on alternative ways of living which can scarcely be imagined from scratch from within capitalism is where the anthropologists come in: Incidentally, his description This was another anthropplogy book, and one my professor had raved about reading.

Perhaps even too optimistic, because how can anything like the modern needs of so many be fulfilled without the coerciveness of modern capitalism? Greek, Latin, or German. Bold, and so optimistic. Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology is one of a series of pamphlets published by Prickly Paradigm Press in Affinity group Synthesis anarchism Platformism.

Emerson talked about the ever-expanding “circles” of our experience. But what if they didn’t?

Anthropology in which the author somewhat reluctantly bites the hand that feeds him. Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology by David Graeber. Short enough to read yourself. After all, critics will immediately ask how we can do without anthgopology state and its coerciveness. Aside from being sort of cutely humorous on its own and super confident, the stories that Graeber shares of stateless of anarchistic communities anarchisst such excellent reminders of what inadequate histories we in the U.

The Tsimihety, rejecting all governmental authority and organizing their society along very egalitarian lines, were able to continue their autonomy and culture for decades on end, up to the present, not by confronting the government, but by retreating. Philosophy, political science, economics, tend only to use the vocabulary that stems from the Western experience: May 02, Nick rated it really liked it Shelves: Greaber’s principle argument is that anthropologists are the exclusive owners of information about communities and societies that function without states or capitalist economies.


Another world IS possible, and in fact, has existed in many places and times, whether “we” knew about it, or whether we defined it out of relevance with our Eurocentric ideas of civilization and democracy.

Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology

True capitalist globalization means the dissolution of national boundaries for the digestive health of the global economy. Part of the problem, Graeber claims, is that traditionally, academics on the radical left have gravitated toward the more “High Theory”-oriented Marxism Karl Marx himself was a PhD rather than the more practice-oriented anarchism.

Some may quibble with the anti-state feel here, but this is anarchist anti-state fare. Well, ya, I’d like to see those too.

Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology by David Graeber

He then points out that the anarchist inspired davud “anti-globalization” movement is drawing upon these traditions of “true” democracy. Oct 11, Apemaskin rated it it was amazing. David Rolfe Graeber is an American anthropologist and anarchist. There are fragments of thought that will grow out into much of his other books here.