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Vanishing Point is an experimental novel by David Markson which was published in References[edit]. ^ Joseph Tabbi (), The Encyclopedia of. In the literary world, there is little that can match the excitement of opening a new book by David Markson. From Wittgenstein’s Mistress to. Those who adored experimentalist Markson’s previous two outings (Reader’s Block, ; This Is Not a Novel, ) will be ecstatic anew as.

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Mar 05, Ryan Chapman rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: As should be Author’s experiment to see how little of his own presence he can get away with throughout. Trivia About Vanishing Point. This felt more like 5 pages of story surrounded by pages of mostly interesting encyclopedia poinh.

And, like the two previous volumes of what does amount to a trilogy, all this does add up to more than its parts. Obstinately cross-referential and of cryptic interconnective syntax.

Vanishing Point – David Markson

View all 3 comments. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Sep 02, Simon Robs rated it really liked it. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Vanishing Point

What was it Author quotes Anatole France as having said on page thirty-one? Apr 05, Katie Schmid rated it liked it. Markson has brilliantly taken the most dry, decontextualized content you could imagine and imbued it with all the pathos of a traditional novel.

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Same sort of thing sort of suggesting things about aging avant-garde Author via quotes and factoids re: He is concerned both about his own abilities and about what it means to be an artist.

This then becomes a substitute for traditional content, allowing Markson to fill a novel with nothing of what you might call “weight. This is no different than traditional first-person narratives, where diction can be read to infer psychological states in addition to all the usual signifiers. Unlike other haiku writers, he never wrote a formal death poem, Basho didn’t.

But it is what goes on in your head while reading these ‘cards’ that makes the vanishhing. Curious to read the other two books in this loose series, see how they all fit together. It is not just the choices of the biographical details which are so perfect, but the language used to express them is often dazzling – the chosen word order of the sentences is particularly impressive. Not bad for a book I’d initially given a three to.

The book does not live up to it’s efforts, but IS literature because it while failing, fails greatly, reaching for the stars. Artists and expectations for them given their education or literacy. Or is there something else in control of these notes? This book is not great. A very good book written by a very clever man. Books by David Markson. Artists who died in poverty. Ppoint case is out: Theoretically, there is an entire intellectual history of my post-adolescence sitting in the folders, that will just be thrown out or burned when or before I die.


I think these books’ style might be good to entice “non-readers” to join ranks, step out on the plank and plunge into what we all hold as “passion ground” for the soul.


Life is a matter of having the money to fuck around, generally borne of people who come to despise one another and call it Creation. The writing seems awkward at first: Winfield, IL, stopped reading book in.

It’s an interesting experiment but still readable. Open Preview See a Problem? Author says Burton says. Educated at Union College and Columbia University, Markson began his writing career as a journalist and book editor, periodically taking up work as a college professor at Columbia University, Long Island University, and The New School.

Conversely, how much credit for the above ideas is owed to Author or David Markson? A good writer is a rich writer, and a rich writer is a good writer. Or is the artist some kind of representative? Markson has written a book, entitled “Vanishing Point” composed as though on 3×5 index cards.

Half of this book isn’t written down. May 05, Lee rated it really liked it.