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Rules required: Version Dungeons & Dragons Player’s ; Description: Dragonlance Campaign Setting is a page in the D&D game world of Krynn using the d20 system of play. Dragonlance Campaign Setting () – Sagas from the lands of Krynn are Coyle, is the core campaign book for Dragonlance under D&D e. Updated for the latest version of Dungeons & Dragons, the new Dragonlance Campaign Setting brings Krynn into the age of D&D The book.

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Baaz are more powerful and gain levels more slowly than most other races of Ansalon. You should xragonlance add what happens next in the Age of Despair: Scattered draconian forces that survived the war later relocated to isolated corners of Ansalon. Good Deeds Gone Unpunished!

Dragonlance Campaign Setting

Baaz draconians are immune to all diseases. Reorx created dwarves on his forge, not gnomes. A baaz’s body petrifies to stone the moment it dies. Requirements To qualify to become a Knight of the Crown, a character must .35 all the following criteria. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

Dragonlance Campaign Setting – D&D Wiki

Some baaz leave the structured life of the military for a wandering lifestyle. Skill Points at Each Level: The character must already have been accepted as a seting see Squires of the Crown, above. Who can forget Raistlin Majere and his brother Caramon? Dark Sun Dark Sun: A baaz can attack with a weapon at his normal attack bonus and make one claw or bite attack as a secondary attack -5 penalty on the attack roll, and half Strength bonus on the damage roll.


The Order of the Crown exemplifies the ideals of Loyalty and Obedience in all that a knight is and does. At 3rd level, a Knight of the Crown gains the Diehard feat as a bonus feat, even if she does not have the prerequisite feat. Diplomacy 2 ranks, Knowledge religion 2 ranks, Ride 2 ranks. A group of warriors trained for obedience and loyalty, camppaign are charged with upholding the honor of the knighthood and of their order. The Scouring of the Land. So many fond memories.

Created from the stolen eggs of good dragons and corrupted with dark magic, draconians served as shock troops and special forces during the War of the Lance. Baaz base land speed is 30 feet. The entire artwork of the book is available here: Crown of Knighthood Su: Knight of the Crown.

A Knight of the Crown applies acmpaign Charisma modifier if positive as a morale bonus on all saving throws against fear effects. They introduces characters that shaped playing habits far and beyond silly Drizzt.

The greygem released a pulse of chaotic magic that transformed the first two faction into gnomes and kender, respectively. Anyone is welcome to use or critique campzign 3.

Did she ever join the pantheon or is she not “god” enough to or what’s the story there? Caampaign Read Edit View history. A 4th-level Knight of the Crown applies her Charisma bonus if any as a morale bonus on saving throws against compulsion spells and effects. Xampaign she reaches 10th level, a Knight of the Crown is the living embodiment of the principles of honor, settiny, and loyalty.


When the dwarves found the Greygem, they divided into three factions: Terms of Use – Privacy Statement. Last edited by Libertad; at Baaz Considered weak in both mind and character, baaz draconians are the most numerous of the dragonmen. Also, I remember Mina becoming a god or she was a god or something about her and the chemosh arc. When this plan reached then head of TSR Gary Gygax it fitted well with an idea he had considered of doing a d&s of 12 modules each based on one of the official Monster Manual dragons.

February Learn how and when to remove this template message. Baaz draconians can survive on one-tenth the food and water it takes to sustain a human.

The project was then developed, under the code name “Project Overlord” to plan the series. This Month’s Dragon Magazine. The Knight of the Crown.

The baaz “statue” crumbles to dust after 1d4 minutes. Now with 50 cent royalties I just learned about dawn of worlds and its so cool!