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The Spelljammer is a unique spelljamming ship from which the Spelljammer campaign setting takes its name. Contents[show] The Truth Behind the Legends . Spelljammer is basically FANTASY PIRATES IN SPACE with shitloads of strange stuff, like elves that have symbiotic weapons, mechanical. New spelljamming ships, spelljamming helms, monsters, SPELLJAMMER e The official conversions of Spelljammer from AD&D 2e to D&D 3e rules.

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FitzTheRuke – Wednesday, 14th March, It’s a fairly complete conversion of the original Spelljammer rules for 5e based off of the 2e boxed set.

Spelljammer: Beyond the Moons (For all your Spelljamming needs)

Please help rewrite it to explain the fiction more clearly and provide non-fictional perspective. The ship picks spelljamker an “air envelope” when it leaves the atmosphere, so breathing is limited by the number of crew and the size of the ship, and gravity is spelljsmmer directed toward the deck from both above and below. Flying shipscalled spelljammers not to be confused with the Spelljammer, a legendary ship miles in length traverse wildspace, the void within each spheretraveling from world to world which always seem to support life no matter their distance from the sun.

The charmed individuals are not otherwise affected. It has a more Sci-Fi feel but it mixes tech and magic.

Or perhaps multiple unified universes, because each setting has its own Ptolemaic universe, called a Sphere. SerHogan – Wednesday, 14th March, Xpelljammer Ships List of official and home brewed ships Spelljammer Helms All you need to know about Helms Spells Supplemental information on spells and enchantments, as well as the nature, uses and practices of magic.

Some were heliocentric systems, sometimes geocentric, and some were flat worlds set upon the backs of great tortoises or other “starbeasts”. Spelljammfr addition to the other resources mentioned by people, there’s a Wiki with conversion information here.

If the ship is not under the control of any one individual, its actions become more erratic. Spelljammer moves directly toward one random ship, if possible roll on Table 3 ; if not possible, no movement. Those leaving the ship before being so enchanted and then returning begin the saving throws as if approaching the ship for the first time.


The Spelljammer itself could conceivably land on both ground and water without taking severe damage. You might also enjoy Dragonstar. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The DM may identify one of the towers in range for the assault. Spelljamming helms are the central setting concept which allow interplanetary and spellammer space travel for vessels which would otherwise not be spaceworthy, in the form of a helm as in rudder, not armored helmet.

If the PC acting as captain suggests that they land the Spelljammer on water something the ship would not do on its ownthe DM should merely say, “You don’t think that’s a good idea.

Lastly, the inhabitants of the Spelljammer have a variety of weapons available to them – catapult, ballista, and the very rare bombard.

Spelljammer, The

The nature spleljammer this protest will not be an actual command against the action, but rather a “second thought” to the captain himself. The required checks and saving throws can be eliminated in part by always approaching the Spelljammer or any large object in space, for that matter along its gravity plane.

Thus, only those who are in front of the forward three hexes of the Spelljammer may be fired at. In addition to the Spelljammer ‘s particular restrictions, the ship prefers its captains to observe the following ones as well, including to:. The Spelljammer is so large that it does not suffer critical hits.

Spelljammer – Wikipedia

If the Spelljammer is under the control of a captain whether represented by a PC or an NPC under control of the Dungeon Masterits spelljammer goals are determined by the person controlling the character acting as captain. Spekljammer simplified the rules for actual Spelljamming to line up better with the 5e magic rules. This page was last modified on 23 Decemberat The Spelljammer prefers its captains to have free wills. The captain must ask the Spelljammer for this information as the Spelljammer will not volunteer it.


Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers spepljammer had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count. Additionally, an antimagic or a wall of force spell will hold off the magic-tinged air for the duration of the spell.


Most veteran captains are aware of this maneuvering procedure, but many new to space are not, and they must learn this procedure through trial and error – and quickly!

When turning the great ship, the wings and stern hexes will pass through a number of other hexes in making the turn before lining up in their correct position. The ship takes care of its own maneuvering and power, either directly or through the use of servitor constructs called shivaks. If you feel this campaign setting does not deserve the current rating, start a discussion and the rating will be discussed.

It is this ship that gives its name to “spelljamming”, “spelljamming helms” and anything else connected with spelljamming. A strong Age of Sail flavor is also present. I’m struggling to believe that in the 80’s it was so popular that there were cartoons, toys, and the books were everywhere and video games.

It is 10 feet across and powerful enough to suck in any d&s of tons or less. This magical protection continues only as long as the ship is intact – pieces of the ship that are broken off do not retain any magic resistance. This disposition is the reason why those who join the Spelljammer rarely leave.

Literally a space ship, because the first Spelljammer was probably a sailing ship with a Spelljammer’s Helm strapped on.