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CELLRAISER: Renowned cancer expert says we are underestimating the risk of mobile phones | PDF |. Disconnect, a book about cell phones by Devra Davis. 1 of Devra Davis’s Disconnect: The Truth About Cell Phone Radiation, What the Industry Has Done to Hide It, and How to Protect Your Family. The disconnect. Disconnect: The Truth About Cell Phone Radiation, What the Industry Has Done to Hide It, and How to Protect Your Family by Devra Davis.

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Cure Cancer the Natural Way? I am a physician and my interest is public health. Virtually every one of these expert reviews has come to the same conclusion as the World Health Organization that current evidence does not confirm the existence of any health consequences from exposure to low level electromagnetic fields. The faster a wave oscillates and the smaller it is, the shorter the distance it can reach.

Davis is a leading voice in this regard, who has chosen to continue shouting and exposing despite intimidation from all sides, and I respect her for it. Look at the fine print warning on the new BlackBerry Torch which says it cannot be kept in the pocket without exceeding the FCC guidelines.

There may just be a serious safety issie here – this book may just save your life. The cellphone standards that were set in were for a six-foot man, who weighed over pounds and spoke on the phone for six minutes.

One study of mice in an “antenna park” found that they were infertile after only 5 generations.

Part I: Major Misstatements

Why have respect for a person who is not careful about being correct first before spreading doubt? But even this is not fairly available.

If they don’t support the author’s accusations, then they’re part of the conspiracy against her propaganda.

I wish to promote critical thinking and the scientific method, which includes building a consensus about a topic. Since technology enables the 21st century to function as efficiently as it does, it behooves us to strive for more regulation and standards as well as improved education in schools.


At this point, given the size of the increase in human-generated EMF in the microwave range over the last 25 years, if the negative effects were real, there would be reliable evidence of same by now. This will make me look at the study again, and I will certainly take your criticisms of the study very seriously they look sound to me and should definitely make us pause before drawing larger conclusions.

I think that I wasn’t shocked be Maybe I just wasn’t in the mood, but this expose was not all that shocking to me. Travelling at the speed of light, it takes The present is the only window to the past SC SU.

So, why expose your family to unknown risk? At a minimum, there should be ability to opt out of what is considered a danger. Rather than do further research that would support or refute those claims, the alarmists have simply moved on from microwaves, to power lines, to cellphones, and now to wifi and smart meters. I should find a new copy and check that out.

But if you examine only those studies that have analyzed people for a decade or longer you find one thing: Fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible. She tells the story of a woman who gets a headache in a meeting and suspects that somebody vavis the room has left his cell phone on.

The anti-corporate rhetoric is not a good enough reason alone to abandon the conclusions of scientists.

Devra Davis: Disconnected from Science: Part I « Critical Thinking « Skeptic North

I found the book to be an interesting narrative on the development of electromagnetic fields in modern technology, the health hazards connected with it, as well as suggestions for using the technology safely. A prime example is the claim by Davis that all studies that have looked at cell davix use for a period of more than 10 years have found an increased risk of brain cancer:.


In many cases, serious flaws have been found with studies that show harm. The Danish study used disconnsct phone records to establish the number of years of use of a cell phone for each of theindividuals in the study. I share her concern about brain damage to children from using cell phones, but not because of the electromagnetic radiation affecting their developing brains.

Part II: Cell Phones and Cancer

The frequency has no effect on distance. It also used actual medical records to verify the diagnosis. Davis devotes large sections of the book to SAM specific anthropomorphic mannequinthe model head that was developed by international standards bodies IEEE and IEC and is used by cell phone manufacturers to test and certify compliance with RF exposure safety limits.

In this work you will not find details of the most recent research findings of cancer causation or DNA damage.

No, I absolutely disagree. Novella is kinder; he discoonnect A prime example is the claim by Davis that all studies that have looked at cell phone use for a period of more than 10 years have found an increased risk of brain cancer. Oct 06, Amanda rated it liked it.

A Disconnect between cell phone fears and science – Science-Based Medicine

Given ravis other devices in our lives now use similar technology e. I suggest you guys check out the latest review, conducted by two of the Interphone Study researchers. Michael’s musings are his own and do not necessarily represent those of his employer or Bad Science Watch. Davis devotes an entire chapter to the so called warnings in fine print in the user manuals for cell phones. December 9, at Morgenstern on October 19, ; their children are Aaron and Lea.