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The Language of Things has ratings and 59 reviews. Deyan Sudjic explains the subtleties of design in this clever and insightful essay using everyday. “How We Are Seduced by the Objects around Us,” declares the cover. To this end , Penguin commissioned a special design for this book from. We live in a world drowning in objects. But what do they tell us about ourselves? In The Language of Things, Deyan Sudjic charts our.

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It makes a few interesting points – such as that the greater the utility of an object, the less its languag value to the art world — and I’m grateful to it for introducing me to Gerrit Rietveld’s Red and Blue Chair, but I’ll remember little els Like Sudjic’s later book The Ediface Complex, The Language of Things reads like a series of musings on fairly loosely collected subjects.

It was a price, as Sudjic drily observes, that ‘certainly confirmed the uselessness lnguage the Lounge’. Your parents’ once-prized Olivetti typewriters only survive as collector’s items now.

Beautifully written and insightful. Towards the end of this impassioned and thought-provoking book, Sudjic suggests that “we might be on the verge of a revulsion against manufacturing desire”.

Distinctions between design and art are eroding.

The Language of Things: Understanding the World of Desirable Objects

The novelty was in the clear division between the person who thought of the object – and was famous – and the people who made it.

I found the manner in which he expressed this theory especially interesting as a person who has studied economics. What would have been really interesting is to ask whether “a Mondrian” would still sell for 8M at auction if his great-great-great-grandchild had a license to paint the exact same thing using the exact same colors and suvjic and that anyone with enough money could still buy today.?

Loewy’s streamlining turned sudjiic cleaners, duplicating machines and pencil sharpeners into the original glossy fetish objects. Sudjic enables us to experience the “before” and “after” world, and see how the designer did more than make a beautiful object, but actually shaped the world we live in. The aticle for Mytorogy is interresting. This began in the United States back in the 30s as an insidious movement in which designers, formerly purist in their aims of human betterment, became more commercial and cynical.


Jan 22, Hikmat rated it really liked it.

However – and this is just my personal bias – these are areas where the “use” and “experience” dimensions are either absent entirely, or contrived – such as the concert-hall-like arenas that fashion designers have built for their shows.

Were he still living, we might be offered Chippendale luggage and perfume.

Starck’s best known design is a lemon squeezer on legs, an object so inept it tempts you to take pity on it and acquire it. The Starck lemon squeezer has sold millions. Turning on and directing the light of the Angelpoise drafting lamp means “g The Language of Things is Dejan Sudjic’s ruminations organized into five themes: Ultimately this lead to its own demise; craft was more important than being economically viable, so makers couldn’t produce enough products to meet strict quality requirements and compete with industrial production.

Plus, I liked the inclusion of pictures. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Thihgs the Rich and Powerful–and Their Arc It feels like whatever Sudjic is writing about and for, he is actually writing about and for himself. Hardcoverpages. You may want to hover near a computer while you read because he is always referring to things that you may never yhe Great in parts.

I enjoyed the look at the development and rise of design and it’s place in our society. It strikes me as pretty introductory and light on theory, but the wide use of illustrative examples makes it pretty compelling. This is certainly my personal bias, but I’d hoped the book would travel broader and deeper into the world of design for the sake of human experience.

Desain dan arketip-arketipnya, Lux “The role of the most sophisticated designers today is as much to be kf, to make design that speaks in such a way as to convey these messages, as is to resolve formal and functional problems. The Language of Things is Dejan Sudjic’s ruminations organized into five themes: In economics, utility is a quasi-mystical concept that can never be absolute, only relative.


But also this is where he started to put his own interest in an art form over the theme of the book.

The Language of Things: Understanding the World of Desirable Objects – Deyan Sudjic – Google Books

The West’s virtually bulimic consumption of material goods is assessed with great insight, but it’s the poke at our personal relationship with possessions that is most enlightening. These observations and insights oanguage the first two chapters highly informative and at times truly enlightening. There are those who, like Ron Arad, dwyan designing themselves out of the dilemma by producing very small numbers of very expensive precision-made objects.

There was once a time of glorious primitive innocence in which designers directed their creative energies to what they imagined were lasting human needs.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books reyan want to read. Sudjic writes interesting arguments for why design is different yet similar to art. I would have liked it to be longer and more in-depth, however that’s only a mild criticism.

The Language Of Things by Deyan Sudjic – Penguin Books Australia

This is, roughly speaking, a Mondrian painting transformed into three dimensions. Sudjic seemed to be equating fashion with clothing, despite the common tendency to talk of fashions in many other sectors and categories of products. Dari sini, ia menyusun sebuah alternatif sejarah dunia modern, dari sudut pandang budaya material. In The Language of ThingsDeyan Sudjic charts our relationship – both innocent and knowing – with all things designed.

See 1 question about The Language of Things…. But obviously there is more to design than simply sales, snobbery and conspicuous consumption.