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This was the verse of scripture that St. John Paul II chose to begin his apostolic letter to the youth of the world, Dilecti amici (“Dear. Oct 2, – am.- “Always be prepared to make a the hope that is in you.” «Previous Page 1 of 1 Next». AddThis Sharing Buttons. Share to . DILECTI AMICI JPII TO YOUTH. alt. APOSTOLIC LETTER DILECTI AMICI. OF POPE JOHN PAUL II. TO THE YOUTH OF THE WORLD. “Always be prepared to .

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Dilecti Amici (March 31, ) | John Paul II

The Gospel confirms this at every step. Respond to it through prayer and fidelity to the commandments! Open anici hearts and your consciences amkci the one who knows you better than you know yourselves.

In this situation you young people can rightly ask the preceding generations: Evil is put forward as a good and good itself is rejected. Contained in all this is a new way of looking at youth. This is one of the central questions of human life, and at the same time one of the central themes of reflection, creativity and culture.

In this sense, St. This series will no longer be checked for updates. Guides you to smart, interesting podcasts based on category, channel, or even specific topics. Hence the great importance of his young years, when she increased amico wisdom What must I do so that my life may have full value and full meaning?

This conscience-in the words of the Letter to the Romans-is xmici “conflicting thoughts” which “accuse or perhaps excuse them”. How must I act so that my life will have meaning and value? Jornadas Mundiales de la Juventud Madrid.

It was unbelievably blessed … To see somebody opening their heart to Christ’s message, to Christ’s love was for me absolutely life-changing. Christianity teaches us to understand temporal existence from the perspective of the Kingdom of God, from the perspective of eternal life. But the conscience must not be distorted; the fundamental formulation of the principles of morality must not surrender to deformation by any kind of relativism or utilitarianism.


For Christ is not only the “good teacher” who shows the paths of life on earth.

It’s also a great way to discover new podcasts. At the same time this code of morality is written in yet another form.

Recalling St John Paul II’s message to youth

This inheritance likewise constitutes a call in the ethical sense. I want you to believe and to be convinced that this great matter has its definitive dimension in God, who is love-in God, who in the absolute unity of his divinity is also a communion of persons: The words of the Apostle can be linked with Christ’s conversation with the young man amci the Gospel, and they re-echo loud and clear from generation to generation. My wish for you then is that you may experience what the young man in the Gospel experienced: To whom should we put this question?

When Christ says “Follow me”, his call can mean: What must we do? I likewise hope that this “growth” will come about through contact with the achievements of humanity, and still more through contact with living people. In our own generation, at the close of the second millennium after Christ, the Church continues to see herself in the young. There is an enormous need for priests according to the heart of God-and the Church and the world of today have an enormous need of the witness of a life given without reserve to God: Perhaps this is the situation of some, but it is not typical.

The dimension of gift also creates the mature outline of every human and Christian vocation, as will be said later on. Precisely here the commandments of the Decalogue and of the Gospel take on a decisive meaning, especially the commandment of love which opens the human person to God and neighbor. It can also be said that this meeting has a more universal and timeless character, in other words that in a certain sense it holds good constantly and continually, throughout the centuries and generations.

And only where the Father is are people brothers and sisters. You young people are the hope of the Church that sees herself and her mission in the world precisely in this way.

Such is Christ in the conversation with the young man. Music – Faith in You by Ooberfuse.


Dilecti amici – Table of Contents – IntraText CT

Accept too the fatigue and effort that this contact sometimes involves, especially dilefti we wish to attain particularly challenging goals. The Church finds the same “follow me” of Christ at the beginning of the religious vocation, whereby, through the profession of the evangelical counsels chastity, poverty and obediencea man or woman recognizes as his or her own the programme of life which Christ himself lived on earth, for the sake of the Kingdom of God.

Seek out this truth where it is really to be found! Then he goes on: This call flows from the Gospel and makes itself heard in the voice of young consciences, if dileecti have preserved their simplicity and purity: What must I do? And you put the same question in the style of the times in which it is your turn to be young: This refers not only to study or mental and intellectual work in general but also to the ordinary kinds of physical work that seemingly have nothing “creative” about them.

In this same context the series of commandments which constitute the fundamental code of Christian morality is completed by the series of evangelical counsels, which in a special way express and make concrete Christ’s call to perfection, which is a call to holiness.

To be truly free does not at all mean doing everything that pleases me, or doing what I want to do. It is a question here first of all of the heritage of being a human person, and then of being one in a more precisely defined personal and social situation.

So for me dilectu was very special.

So I highly recommend that if you’re interested in going to a WYD, try and fi One can also say that this “loving look” of Christ contains, as it were, a summary and synthesis of the entire Good News. I will never forget when