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I got up and for some reason felt an urge to read from the Diwan of Hallaj. I opened up the book and came upon a selection that moved my heart in a very deep. Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. (Diwan al-Hallaj: 34). For most Muslims especially legalistic, tawhid or the unity of God meant that God was inaccessible to man. Al-Hallaj believed that it was.

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In fact Sahl was a particular Sufi who did not adhere to the Sufi community and, therefore, Mansur had not been obliged to wear the suf, the woollen stole of the Sufi. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

This was exacerbated by occasions when he would fall into trances which he attributed to being in the presence of God. Dave rated it really liked it Jun 26, Other men go away for their pilgrimage, but my pilgrimage is toward the place where I am.

2 Poems by Mansur Al Hallaj – Baraka Institute

He is taken hostage by terrorists and meets the Supreme Leader of Iran, later reciting to him a short story he has written “The Supreme Leader and the Three Messiahs,” reminiscent of Dostoyevski’s “The Grand Inquisitor” set in an Islamic setting.

As we said, in c. Bhuiyan Anisur rated it al-hallah was amazing May 01, The Arabs displayed a remarkable capacity of assimilating the scientific knowledge of al-hwllaj civilizations they had overrun. There is little agreement on the precise causes of the decline in Arabic creativity and intellectual leadership ending the Islamic Golden Age, but in addition to the devastating invasion by the Mongols and crusaders with the destruction of libraries and madrasahs, it has also been suggested that political mismanagement and the stifling of aal-hallaj independent reasoning in the 12th century in favor of institutionalised “Taqleed” imitation and uncritical following of precedent played a part.

God even at the risk of eternal rejection and torment. Books by Mansur al-Hallaj. Mystical dimensions of Islam. Then he attended a talk by Andrew Harvey at Omega and what he heard lit the fire of longing in his heart to communicate with the Divine. A friend of my daughter, Nedda, wanted to meet me. People of different social classes had to be addressed with the appropriate lexicon, for notions and concepts of worship ought to be sl-hallaj according to the audience.


History of Iranian Literature.

His ideals were surely one of the major causes for the rupture with the religious establishment. Al-Hallaj’s preaching had by now inspired a movement for moral and political reform in Baghdad.

Diwan Al Hallaj

In that state I said: The disagreement exposed by Mansur had already been discussed in Hellenistic circles, and it is a matter of a free thinker, not the one of a simple murid.

The Quran assumes familiarity with major narratives recounted in Jewish and Christian scriptures, summarizing some, dwelling at diwzn on others and in some cases presenting alternative accounts and interpretations of events. Moez rated it it was amazing Aug 29, Between you and me is an I-ness interfering with me Take away then with your I-ness my I-ness from between us!

The eight chapters contain thoughts and discussions about unity, prophetology and the interior dilemmas eiwan the author. Then allow the verdicts of infidelity against him, You send yourself Mansoor to the crucifix. His family moved to Wasit in Iraq when he was a child. Underlying his fearsome courage was a beautiful tenderness that was forgiving, loving, and filled with wisdom.

Syed Ali rated it liked it Oct 22, The last part of the essay is dedicated to the last years and the practical results of his preaching. Some question whether al-Hallaj was executed for religious reasons as has been commonly assumed.

Diwan Al Hallaj by Mansur al-Hallaj

Aivan Luib rated it it was amazing Jun 25, The expressions of his intimate moments with the Beloved are like a powerful thunderstorm that sweeps the heart with terrifying power and yet brings serenity, life-giving water, freshness, and renewal to the heart, and occasionally a rainbow upon the horizon. And what is this in your right hand, Moses? This was seen as a declaration of self-divinity and he was sentenced to be hung by the neck. You are my purpose and my ak-hallaj I call you, but it is you who calls me diwwan you Did I call out to you or did you call out to me?


Encyclopedia of Islam, 2nd ed. He was al-hallan punched in the face by his executioner, then lashed until unconscious, and then decapitated [11] [12] or hanged. To ask other readers questions about Diwan Al Hallajplease sign up.

The reign of the young al- Muqtadir cannot be considered a caliphate, but rather a vizierate. Wicaksono Adi rated it liked it Oct 23, Lists with This Book. In he diawn to Baghdad, and there he decided to meet al-Junayd. Al-Hallaj’s principal works, all written in Arabic, included: Skip to main content. Spiritus Mundi on Amazon, Book I: In any case, Junayd saw in these words only imprudent curiosity and prophesised to Hallaj that he would have stained the gibbet.

I lean on it, and I shake the leaves down with it for my sheep, and I have other uses for it.

From this perspective, it does not appear as evident as before that Hallaj was merely an exuberant intoxicated. You encompass everything with knowledge All that I see is you So grant forgiveness my God For there is nothing I wish for other than you. Now stands no viwan between Truth and me Or reasoned demonstration, Or proof of revelation; Now, brightly blazing full, Truth’s lumination Each flickering, lesser light.

Want to Read saving…. This book satisfied my curiosity in a very unexpected way. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Untuk memahami maksud dan makna puisi al-Hallaj, paling tidak pembaca harus berkutat dahulu dengan pemahaman tasawuf; “Anaal-Haq!