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As a financial journalist for several prominent papers, author, Garet Garrett ( ) knew Wall Street well and wrote a series of novels. The Driver [Garet Garrett] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is a reproduction of a book published before This book may have. The Driver [Garet Garrett] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. What are the motives that really control Henry M. Gait, central figure in one of.

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Still, his mind was clear and he continued to build for the future. I at one point early in the book, not realizing it was written inassumed the events were set in the Great Depression, as the similarities to that era and to our recent “Great Recession” were so glaring. Great Midwestern Properties will decrease their capital expenditures as prices rise and increase them as prices fall. Galt ultimately rebuilds the railroad from end to end. Through outstanding management sense, good pricing, excellent service, and overall business savvy, Galt outcompetes all the big names in the business, while making a fortune in the process.

I could not help but compare the bet of Henry Galt on the country and the great mid western company, when all other rail road are going to hell, to the bet that Warren Buffett made on America and Burlington Railroad couple of years ago.

They were not afraid of their talent, those confident men of old.

This is only natural — we all acquire inspiration through the process of synthesizing what we learn into something new. Instead of celebration, there is envy and distrust among those who marvel at but fail to understand Galt’s genius. Today — of course — novels are reserved for the gwrrett of Tom Clancy and Dan Brown — cotton candy of the mind, serving better the big screen where ideas come in last place after violence and sex. The romance in the story is told with great wit, and the historic Wow, what an amazing book.


Economist, journalist, writer and novelist.

Although The Driver is flawed by its sketchy characterization and its bewildering and extraneous subplot involving Galt’s family, it is still to be recommended for the portrait it paints of a hard working, visionary, passionate, loyal, and competent businessman and for the sense of the “drive of the age” that it conveys.

Taret his intelligence, hard work, and determination, he was able to take a failing company and revitalize it.

The Driver

And I don’t need any help. Atlas Shrugged was a little more complicated and weird, but in both the female has a very unorthodox view of romance.

In this book, our story starts with Co A slower read than most, as this is based on history, in the person garretf Henry M Galt, known to the real world as E. Dec 14, Bob Ladwig rated it really liked it.

Unlike many other businessmen, Galt did not begin by asking how his company can be made to earn a certain rate of profit. Within the United States, you may freely copy and distribute this work, as garertt entity individual or corporate has a copyright on the body of the work. Steel and oil were in great demand and national transportation and communications networks were being developed. Retrieved from ” https: Eriver book of the American Dream. This is a novel, but the events circa the last turn of garett century are eerily similar to what is going on today.

Galt, ends up taking over the railroad when the stock is down, and turns the company around. Covering the rise to fortune of a fictional Wall Street speculator who dreams of running a railroad during the s, “The Driver” reads like a period piece, except that it was written more or less during the period garret in the book. Its explanation of the Panic of is fascinating. Galt employed an innovative profile map identifying bad grades.

Through the reinvestment of profits he was able to make his railroad stronger.

The Driver by Garet Garrett

Center for Libertarian Studies. They were a rare breed, but there is much more to Garrett than people know. His enemies, along with the federal government, set out to destroy Galt and topple the empire he has built.


He worked on the premise that once something happened, it becomes an irreversible fact and that every other fact in the universe must adjust itself to that one fact. He also wrote regular columns for several business and financial publications.

The Lost Legacy of the Conservative Movement.

Jul 28, Daniel rated it liked it. Alex Ferreira rated it it was amazing Aug 31, An alarmed Congress resolves to investigate Galt and his business dealings and summons him to appear before a Committee of the House. He later used the company’s profits to buy large interests in other companies. But in plot, character, tone, and theme they are very different. It’s also got an enjoyable storyline in and of its own merit.

Jul 22, Brent rated it liked it. It is through the eyes of this reporter-narrator that gareett understand the career, struggles, and evolution of a little-known Wall Street speculator and risk-taker to king of Wall Street and to a potential economic dictator of the United States. A colossal contest it was, the minds of noble men wrestling with each other over the soul of the greatest nation on earth. This was a time of great social and economic development.

Galt is a focused individual with one purpose – to take over, control and rebuild the nation’s railroads into th mightiest conglomeration of gzrrett in the world – with him at the helm. His description of the depression of the s was fascinating, astute, and easy to follow. The book is available on Amazon.

Listen to Audio Book. Industrialists, journalists and elected leaders who were also novelists, poets; artists — the last a calling card that served to legitimize, not invalidate their authority. What the politicians see as shady is really a form of public service that enriches the whole country. A recurring literary motif through the book has people asking: