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SRC Devices DSS41A Explore Electromechanical on Octopart: the fastest source for datasheets, pricing, specs and availability. DSS41A05 Datasheet PDF Download – (DSS4 Series) Reed Relays, DSS41A05 data sheet. DSS41A05 SRC datasheet pdf data sheet FREE Datasheets (data sheet) search for integrated circuits (ic), semiconductors and other electronic components.

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In another word, the collector and emitter terminal will be almost shorted like a switch. Some SSR are design to have the same package and pin layout design as a reed relay. Click the image for the enlarge view. This means that my interface would dtasheet simpler.

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Y will interpret the switching action, just like a normal mechanical switch. They may use communication standard like RS to communication between systems. Example of small load devices that can be switched on might be LED, DC buzzer, relay, circuit or sensors.

Example of a simple dimmer circuit for Vac lighting buib Click the picture to enlarge.

R4 can be about Kohm. Always refer to the component datasheet and physically check the component. This means that the use of opto-triac in this design should datasbeet working properly. Compare to current known technology, the relay is able to provide a higher current handling capacity, and higher isolation between system.

The subsequence cycle shown on the photo, has less and less distortion. A typical resistor load also known as “bleeder” resistors”, can help dissipate the leakage current. This principle is similar to the use of a transistor as a switch.


Transistor is similar to a relay. This lever will be pulled towards the magnetized coil, causing an action that will switch the mechanical contact. Switching speed is considerable faster than a relay because the switch mechanism inside the package is small. The digital input allows 1. You may like to learn more about it through this link.

There are many more styles of switch, and you may like to refer to the following website datashret more references. The control signal is from a low current supply IC for example a microcontroller. Typical 16mm metalic switch dimension. Solid state relay circuit example using triac taken from other website. It does not have moving parts, therefore there are no physical wear and tear. Small wire may also carry the same current at the expense of increase temperature.

Typical power transistor have metal casing packaging which helps to dwtasheet possible heat generated by the large flowing current. Typical Toggle Switch Dimension Toggle switch drill hole size.

The output contact of the relay might not work properly, and should be checked as well.

Of course mechanical switches are not suitable for telephone exchange application for the millions of household. They are acting as a system interface, which convert mechanical motion into electrical signal.


DSS41A05 Datasheet

It seems to be virbrating at a rate of the AC power 50Hz. Leakage current is due to the snubber networks R-C circuit across the output used to improve the commuating for inductive load.

More information For pnp transistor, the concept is the same as npn transistor. The same open end wire can be 5V, -7V, V at the same instant of time.

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Typical transistor circuit acting like a switch. It may helps conduct away heat better but is rather dangerous. Reference line to be connected to the emitter terminal. This might result in Q2 pnp transistor being turned on slightly. For details on these services, please click the appropriate link from the menu on datasheer left.

This diode has a name known as a flyback diode. Triac is a bidirectional triode thyristor.

You may try visiting Crydom or Clare for more information on these devices. Spring Semester, Monday — Friday: This is because the logic IC are not design to drive load that requires high current. A human operator will attend to your pick up.

Similar to a relay, the switching action of the transistor can be activated from a voltage input. The telephone network is one of a major communication system in the early days.