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View and Download Dynalink RTAW user manual online. ADSL2+ Wireless Modem Router. RTAW Wireless Router pdf manual download. or DNS settings manually encoded on your network card. PPPoE Dynalink RTA W By default the RTAW does not have wireless security setup. PPPoE connection does not require you to have an IP address or DNS settings manually encoded on your network card. PPPoE connection uses authentication .

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Information in this document is subject to change without notice. Go to the right lower corner for Unplug and Eject Hardware and left click on it.

XI Configuration and Management Press Apply, wait for the page to load and dynaalink restart your router and within a minute you should then be able to connect to the Internet.

When prompted with Network Settings Change dialog box, click Yes to restart your computer. Page Appendix B: Firewall – Bridge Filtering Firewall The firewall is a kind of software that interrupts the data between the Internet and your computer.

Enter your Actrix CyberJet Broadband username username dsl. If you find anything incorrect, click Back to modify the settings. The certificate may have been imported in this device already, please check with your ISP.


Page 30 Chapter 2: Before you set this page, please refer to the protocol that your ISP offered.

Double click on the Wireless Zero Configuration service and verify that it is set to Automatic and that it is Started. System Requirement and Installation On the General tab, check out the list of installed network components. Right click Local Area Connection and then click Properties.

System Requirement and Installation 3. Page 58 Chapter 2: In our example, the driver files are put under D: In this deployment environment, we make up a private IP network of Be sure to reboot your router for these synalink to take effect.

Dynalink RTA1025W User Manual

The user data will be only transmitted and received among the interfaces in the group. It decides the mode of data transmission.

Click Backup button and the warning window will be prompted. Unplug and press OK.


Accessing The Internet Chapter 3: Click OK twice to close the dialogs until return to Wireless Networks tab of wireless properties. Only an authenticated user can be granted by the network access and thereby those unauthorized will be blocked.


Page 36 Chapter 2: System Requirement And Installation Chapter 2: Page 28 Chapter 2: Open the Start menu, and click Run It simply invokes the line mode that you choose here for the router. Page 24 Chapter 2: Page 26 Chapter 2: Choose the one that you want to use from the drop-down menu. You may setup the settings for security, access control, and repeater features for this device. Specifications Page Page – Appendix B: The example figure illustrates the relationship among the AP, the repeater, and the clients.

Page 34 Chapter 2: There have been two generations of quality of service architectures in the Internet.

Dynalink RTAW User Manual | 3 pages

Web Configuration Backup Config To backup your settings of the router, you can use Backup Config web page to save the configuration. After pressing Next, you will see the web page listed as the right one. Under the General tab, enable Obtain an IP address automatically.