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Anna University, Chennai Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering Eighth Semester EC Mobile Adhoc Networks. ADHOC NETWORKS PPT – Free download as Powerpoint Presentation .ppt /. pptx), PDF File .pdf), Text File Introduction ` History ` Mobile Ad-hoc Networks ` Infrastructure based Networks and Infrastructureless Networks. . Adhoc Question Bank EC VTU 8TH SEM CSE ADHOC NETWORKS NOTES 10CS EC / EC Mobile Adhoc Networks May / June Question Paper ECE 8th Semester Regulation | BE Electronics and Communication.

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EC Mobile Adhoc Networks Nov Dec Question Paper

The issues in designing transport layer protocols are a Induced traffic b Induced throughput unfairness c Separation of congestion control, reliability and flow control d Power and bandwidth constraints e Misinterpretation of congestion Prepared by A.

Contention based protocols with scheduling mechanisms 4. Contention based protocols with reservation mechanisms 3. What are the factors influencing small scale fading?

How is application layer integrated with its upper layer? Datagram Networks Control netwoorks Networks: What is free space propagation model?


Table driven routing protocols – Periodic exchange of routing information. Improving channel utilization 6. IP switching and Multiprotocol Label Switching. RTMAC has no time synchronization since nodes operate in the asynchronous mode.

On-demand routing protocols – No periodic exchange of routing information.

Why are ad hoc networks needed? This is due to the high redundancy and the possibility of reuse over different sessions. Contention based protocols 2. Okumura model Prepared by A.

Anna University ECE 8th Semester Notes

With this, the amount of space in routing table is reduced. The difference between the effective transmitted power and the received power is called path loss. What are the classifications of MAC protocol? It offers point – to – multipoint communication. Difficulties netaorks replacing batteries 5. Objectives and methods of Control. Hence the cost staffing, etc.

Disadvantages a Updates due to broken links lead to heavy control overhead during mobility. The distance covered is much smaller. The two types of protocol that are used to handle multiple access issues are i Contention based protocols ii Conflict free collision free protocols. What is the need for power management in Adhoc network?


In BSS mkbile client stations cannot communicate directly with one another.

Selection of optimal transmission power Prepared by A. Minimize Maximum Cost per Node Tunneling is a mechanism in which the mobile node a Simply forwards the packets using the adhoc routing protocol to the destination node, if the destination is inside the MANET b Encapsulates packets and sends them to the gateway node if the destination is not inside the MANET c When the gateway node receives packets, it decapsulates them and sends them to the original destination 7.


MAC protocol should maximize it. What is the typical value of time out period in traditional TCP? Ericession multiple break point model iii. What is meant by small scale fading?