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Ample of people are seeking for Eden Biodome Revolution. lesson like Ample of people, here we could assist you to find the incredible e-book/viodeo which. To build a geodesic dome of your own, it is recommended that you get the e-book , “Eden Biodome Revolution” by Kacper Postawski. This unique e-book will. A few years ago I launched an e-book on how to create your own .. Eden Biodome Revolution, I bought you e-book, it got me motivated to.

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Manufacturing the Dome Struts.

Biodome Revolution Reloaded! | Kacper Maciej Postawski

Will those that have purchased the original biodome e-book be receiving the new and updated info? I purchased the orginal plans, exsited to see the new video. Inside The Eden Biodome Revolution.

Not a real revolution and to most only a book in the technical sensebut disturbing enough to make an article about revolurion.

Hello — I just got through listening to your information about the black mica and I am soooo excited because I just purchased a water filter system and will now be returning it!

This will be no exception because even in a real bad winter, the dome has been proven effectively to stay as the best space for food to grow. But that satisfaction guarantee may also be something lifted from another website….


Assembly times for geodesic domes.

Since the E Book was not up to snuff do those of us that payed for it get the new product free of charge? Here is part of what he writes on the website: To vastly increase yields up to 10 fold of your verticle growth, you want to use a layer of black magnitite sand in the soil you continue to enrich.

Make relation with earth PowerPoint Presentation: The most popular Guide on building a cheap geodesic dome. Postawski has this great idea of shares how to get the materials and bring your own portable green house to your home through the book he created. I hope you are taking Colloidal Silver with you.

Taken a few days ago. A common mistake made by 6 year-olds. Knowing the price of materials, I theorized this book was targeting the smurf community.

Just imagine what would happen when you stick bolk Aquaponics system in one of these! The man in charge of the project is a dear friend of mine, Sasha! The possibilities are endless. My son designs homes and I want to give him the plans so he can figure out how to fit it biofome the south side of my house.

My dream is to build one of these. Do you have plans for a dome that is oval or tunnel shaped, as that would fit better in my yard and not take up as much space.

On this one there was a video from Growing Spaces they rveolution sell impressive geodesic greenhouses, by the way.


Love to see what you came up with…. If I did not know any better, I would think he is stealing content. Here is part of what he writes on the website:.

We are definitely interested in also adding an aquaponics system to the dome. Is It Genuine Though? Eden Biodome Revolution book shows you on how to choose the right material like easy wooden 2x4s that revolutiin come much cheaper than the usual materials such as glass or acrylic, or sometimes even plastic that has different kind of prices.

Hello I did not receive any notice of your system. I really think I need to see it t6o fully grasp the arrow head cuts. And how does it work even in the dead of winter. Can hardly wait, since we a stuck living here, this will help make revolition most of it.

Eden Biodome Revolution 2.0 Launch

I know that what you have has got to be a God given intervention to me because — it is tied in with your mention of magnets!

One fantastic element of this is to place the hydroponics inside. In order to view it, please contact the author of the presentation.

About The Eden Biodome Revolution.