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Many of Edgar Cayce’s readings referred to gems, stones, minerals, metals and elements. The author lists many of these and gives information on their role in. Notes of the psychic readings of Edgar Cayce, as contained in Ballard’s book. Edgar Cayce, assisted by his loyal stenographer, Gladys Davis, recorded over 14, psychic readings. In all these readings, he recommended gemstones.

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Events back Search All Events. You can learn more about gemstones from the Gemstonss File “Gemstones” available in the online Member-Only section of our website.

Andrew Jackson Davis Collection. Gifts of Real Estate. Energetically it enhances our ability to hear spiritual communication and receive messages, but during a gem recommendation I gave recently, Efgar suggested it could be helpful for adding a sense of fun and joy into the home.

Andrew Jackson Davis Collection. Working with stones may also have harmful results—from amplification of a negative personality trait to the destruction of a civilization.

Just follow these simple steps: Cayfe though we cannot see the things we imagine, they work! Health Tips for Meditation. Science would view the basic stuff of the universe to be consciousness and put paramount importance on how our thoughts affect each other.


Edgar Cayce Guide To Gemstones

The Readings back Akashic Records. Gifts of Retirement Assets. Study Groups back Resources. Spirit Is the Life. Membership back Benefits – Why Join? Enter the email address associated with your membership. Education back Atlantic University.

I told her to place one in each of the corners of the home on the top and bottom floors, forming what is called a grid. Volunteering back How to Volunteer. The things we create in our mind, our thoughts, can become tangible energies in the unified field. Volunteering back How to Volunteer. Pick up the selected stone and sit with it in meditation.

Our Work back A. Prayer Services back Join Us in Prayer. Meditation for Everyone back 7 Steps to Meditation.

Stones can be programmed to work in other areas as well. Edgar Cayce Legacy Society. The Day Forgiveness Prayer. Lapis is generally an azure blue or a deep-blue opaque stone, but it may have a green, violet, or gemstines red tint, making recognition more challenging. Life’s Purpose and Challenges.

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Once the recommendation was made, again, I selected the specific stones for the client and before sending them out, sat and visualized them energizing the entire family with peace and happiness.


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Study Groups back Resources. The pearl caye to be worn “close to the body; not as an ornament, but rather as that which gives strength to the body. Crystal, amethyst, smoky quartz, and aquamarine are among the stones I will be discussing in greater detail during my upcoming lecture at the Annual Psychic Development Conference in Novembercalled Top Ten Psychic Stones of All Time.

Edgar Cayce Guide To Gemstones

Careers back Job Openings. I look forward to seeing you at an upcoming workshop and wish you peace, happiness and joy on your path. I believe that is the case with many energetic remedies, such as the stones; we can tune into frequencies to discover the best vibrations to use to enhance our lives.

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