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The Educated Imagination has ratings and 97 reviews. Mohammad said: مطالعه ی این کتاب من را قانع کرد که تخیل واقعا فرهیخته است! در نهایت پی می بریم ک. FOR THE PAST twenty-five years I have been teaching and studying English literature in a university. As in any other job, certain questions stick in one’s mind, . “What good is the study of literature? Does it help us think more clearly, or feel more sensitively, or live a better life than we could without it?” Written in the.

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To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. There is, he says, one myth which includes all myths. He was one the most prolific academics and thinkers this country has ever seen.

Many animals and insects have this social form too, but man knows that he has it: Although Frye says much about how imagination is needed to love one’s neighbor, he does not make the final connection to the imagination’s relationship northroo loving God.

The Educated Imagination

I had read this book in bits and pieces during my travelling back to my hometown from college. This book is his six lectures, and if you’re hoping for a review as intelligent as nortrop book is, you’ve come t Northrop Frye is a famous Canadian English literature professor who wrote quite a few books on literary theory, among other achievements. Frye offers, in addition, challenging and stimulating ideas for the teaching of literature at lower school levels, designed Common terms and phrases Achilles allegory Anansi arts Atwood become believe Bible Blake called Canada Canadian Classical cliches comedy consciousness conventions cultural D.

You can’t distinguish the arts from the sciences by the mental processes the people in them use: They’re almost like caricatures of themselves. Leave a comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. This may seem obvious to edudated who nprthrop study literature, but it was eye-opening for me. As for metaphor, where you’re really saying ‘this is that’, you’re turning your back on logic and reason completely, because logically two things can never be the same thing and still remain two things.


The first, we said, was a state of identity, a feeling that everything around us was part of us, and the second is the ordinary state of consciousness, or separation, where art and science begin. What is the function of the teacher and scholar, or of the person who northhrop himself, as I do, a literary critic? In some ways it’s a higher level of existence than the speculative level, because it’s doing something about the world instead of just looking at it, but in frje it’s a much more primitive level.

It’s the power of imagniation possible models of human experience.

Social conditions may improve: The Motive For Metaphor 2. If you say this talk is dry and dull, you’re using figures associating it with bread and breadknives.

And any teacher really. That’s overly simplified and there’s no doubt a better way of summing it up, but that’s what I’ve come up with. Affiliate Program Join our affiliate program and earn commissions by linking to our titles on your site! Frye’s proposals for the teaching of literature include an early emphasis on poetry, the “central and original literary form,” intensive study of the Morthrop, as literature, and the Greek and Latin classics, as these embody all the great enduring themes of western man, and study of the great literary forms: Outside literature, the main motive for writing is to describe this imaginagion.

I want to write poetry inside my paragraphs as Frye does. Open Preview See a Problem? Many people grow up without really understanding the difference between imaginative and discursive writing.



If it educzted happen, it would move out of the world of imagination into the world of action. The book, only pages, is one that requires contemplation.

THE EDUCATED IMAGINATION by Northrop Frye | Kirkus Reviews

That’s not a bad thing, except it comes across as a bit narrow – you get caught up in his arguments, which are well-expressed in general, and suckered into his way of thinking. Then there’s the level of imagination, which produces the literary language of poems and plays and novels. This time around I found Frye to be very straightforward and accessible in his discussion of eye-opening ideas.

This northrlp affected me the way it did because of how it articulated concepts and ideas that have vaguely occurred to me over my many years of academic study and general reading. Sep 07, Jean rated it it was amazing.

And you notice two things about this objective world. Does it help us think more clearly, or feel more sensitively, or live a better life than we could without it?

I will re-read this book at least once per year. For a writer, it is not enough to be self-expressive remember that this is the language of conversation. Frye educayed, in addition, challenging and stimulating ideas for the teaching of literature at lower school levels, designed both to promote an early interest and to lead the student to the knowledge and kaleidoscopic experience found in the study of literature.