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Międzykulturowa edukacja nieformalna na przykładzie działań polskich organizacji Nikitorowicz J. Edukacja regionalna i międzykulturowa. ROLA NAUCZYCIELA W EDUKACJI MIĘDZYKULTUROWEJ. Chapter (PDF J Nikitorowicz. Nikitorowicz, J.: Edukacja regionalna i międzykulturowa. J. Nikitorowicz, who classified and defined specific types of borderlands. According to the author, a cultural . Edukacja regionalna i międzykulturowa.

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Please supply editable files. Coexistence and Integration — the Present Day of Cieszyn Silesia Both towns Cieszyn in Poland and Czech Cieszyn in the Czech Republic have some achievements in joint implementation of projects which concern the management of borderline areas.

Sztompka as its recognition, which he refers to the state of social resources or the capital of recognition possessed by the society. Zawadzka, E Kilka uwag o komunikacji interkulturowej.

Undoubtedly, contacts with the neighbouring communities enrich culturally and, in general terms, teach tolerance even if it is superficial or imposed by increased trade contacts in borderlands.

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Mathematical Basis of Logistics. We invite researchers to contribute scientific articles and book reviews in the fields of social sciences and humanities. They are able to manage themselves in very short social conversations using typical polite greeting and addressative expressions. The activity within the transfrontier cooperation of Cieszyn and Czech Cieszyn is a benchmark for the whole Euroregion. ARTICLES Multiculturalism as a Challenge for Contemporary Preschool and Elementary School Education From Regional to Intercultural Education in Polish Kindergartens The direction of change in the regional an intercultural kinder- garten education The objective of the reforms introduced into Polish education is the modernization of the education process, which results from sudden changes in the ield of society and culture, politics or economics, as well as from the need to prepare young people for living in changed circum- stances.


The workshops were conducted in both Polish and Czech and they focused on cultural diversity, transmission of traditional values, stereotypes, and intercultural learning.

Jerzy Nikitorowicz – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia

Monte Carlo Method used for a prognosis of a selected technological process 2 Supervisor: Pauldrach, A Eine unendliche Geschichte. Students do research; develop their skills of academic writing; organize conferences and seminars; keep unceasing contacts with educational institutions in both borderland towns; prepare and carry out cycles of educational and tutelary classes on traditions and rituals ; conduct classes and workshops for youth, e.

They are midzykulturiwa to express their thoughts in a fluent, spontaneous regionalnz precise manner, subtly differentiating meaning shades even in the most complex utterances.

Fast technological changes as well as easy ac- cess to information make it possible to penetrate and to get knowledge about diferent cultures. These problems were discussed in the widest manner on national Polish conference Didactics of foreign languages versus cultural competence and intercultural communication.

Proposal of thesis topic for mgr in Nikitoroqicz programme 1 Topic: How would you act?

The next step towards multicultural dialogue is intercultural education. Among these ten objectives there are two that indicate the fulilment of the assumptions of regional and intercultural education.

Cultural Competence And Intercultural Communication In The Didactics Of Foreign Languages – PDF

Communicative approach integrated language teaching with learning about realities and culture, it was directed to the development of socio-linguist referred to in: This is why the lack of possibility of acquiring the language without taking into consideration socio-cultural context is emphasised after all language communication is often embedded in the situations which are defined by culture Myczko, Dakowska, M Glottodydaktyka jako nauka in: General Certificate of Education.


The myths and stereotypes concerning residents of the town are treated here with humour.

The awareness shaped at that time of the unity of Central Europe as a space of high economic rank, stability, midyzkulturowa, ethos of work, keeping order, as well as of peaceful coexistence of Slavic and German states within Austro-Hungary might affect identity behaviours of people in Cieszyn Silesia till the present day.

Without any doubt, perceiving interculturalism in foreign language teaching 4 has a specific dimension which results from close relationship between language and culture 5, because it constitutes the system serving the 1 About glottodidactic see: Trail of extinct eduakcja active volcanoes, earthquakes through Europe.

Readers should be able to interpret the table without reference to the text.

Jerzy Nikitorowicz

Various Polish-Czech educational undertakings take place in the region to promote integration. Due to the presence of peers of foreign origin in kindergartens, children integrate with them in a natural way, accepting cultural distinctness as something new and interesting.

Characteristic nikitorowifz of intercultural approach to the realities and culture are: I m sorry, I don t understand.

Encounters and contacts between cultures, not only those on both sides of national or ethnic borders but all the intercultural contacts, are the daily routine in Cieszyn Silesia. The conference resulted in edukaacja publication bearing the same title, which was edited by Mackiewicz. They can easily and efficiently use the language in social, public, educational or professional contacts.