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EEMUA Publication Design and Installation of On-Line Analyze Systems, Revised standard by Engineering Equipment and. Buy EEMUA DESIGN AND INSTALLATION OF ON-LINE ANALYSER SYSTEMS from SAI Global. PUB Design and installation of on-line analyser systems of on-line analyser systems: a guide to technical enquiry and bid evaluation (EEMUA, ).

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It draws upon experience in the use of the earlier documents in the petroleum, petrochemical and allied industries, and the recommendations are directed towards those industries. A composite standard covering all the components and ancillaries, piping, instrumentation publicatikn controls, inspection and testing, as well as data from vendors. From there 18 Appendices have been prepared, each giving more intensive detailed on specific aspects, including: Its ewmua include legislation, national standards, mechanical locking systems and isolation valve selection.


Such publications may also be submitted, normally through the British Standards Institution, as bases for appropriate national, European or international standards. Detailed appendices are contained in the second volume, and both volumes are much more extensively illustrated than the previous editions. This publication offers guidance on the design, installation, management and operation of isolation systems, identifying the key points to be considered.

Accordingly, it needs to be read in conjunction with those Parts of the ISO standard. Omissions from and shortcomings in the test procedures called up in national valve standards have led to a proliferation of supplementary test specifications imposed on valve manufacturers by different companies.

The Red document status indicator indicates that the document is an old version The document has likely been withdrawn by the publisher, also the meta data presented here may be out of date as it is no longer being maintained by the editorial teams at NBS. Included are composite weld neck and slip-on flanges, and solid weld neck and slip-on flanges.

The Guide covers recommendations for design and functional requirementsstem sealing, insulation, valve operability, cavity over-pressure etc. Basic requirements are detailed in several Chapters including: It also gives information, up to date at the time of going to print, on those guidelines issued by the Commissions Working Group of relevance to valves. Now covers in-service equipment as well as new, and takes account of the UK Pressure Systems Regulations. The publication gives guidance on the limits of application of the technique, the factors to be considered when evaluating the feasibility of its use, and the preparation and execution of the procedure.


Engineering Equipment and Materials Users’ Association The Engineering Equipment and Materials Users’ Association is a European based organisation, supporting companies that own or operate industrial facilities.

A list of Full and Associate Members the latter being limited to membership of three technical committees is given below. Sound guidance is given on the analytical measurement of process variables which significantly contribute to the safety of personnel and the environment whilst providing asset protection and profit maximisation. Reference is also made in the text to UK statutory requirements governing such demolition work. Liquids covered by the scope of this publication, which is intended for international application, include LPG, ethylene, LNG and similar hydrocarbons, and also ammonia.

This Guide cuts through the fog by identifying and explaining those areas of the PED that valve purchasers need to know and understand.

Document Status Indicators The Green document status indicator indicates that the document is: The Engineering Equipment and Materials Users’ Association is a European based organisation, supporting companies that own or operate industrial facilities. Guidance extends to segregation and shrouding, and includes typical case studies based on the experiences of Health and Safety Inspectors. However purchasers of other items of pressurised equipment will also find useful guidance in the publication.

Its format is such that the document can be used for both the specification and purchase of all types of seal-less centrifugal pumps. New topics covered in the present edition include hydrotesting, repair, and re-siting of tanks. To ensure correct design and installation of automation and electrical equipment for processing industries, covering environmental, health and safety systems, housings, sampling, and communications systems.

It also identifies the type of information that an appropriate multi-discipline team needs to gather and evaluate in conducting a detailed risk assessment to determine the feasibility of applying the technique to a particular case. Its provisions become mandatory of 30th May Post on Dec 1.

EEMUA is concerned with the design, installation, operation and maintenance of the engineering plant used by members in pursuing their business activities.

However they must be comparable to the latter in terms of geometrical accuracy, weldability, and mechanical strength and toughness. Click here to find out how to access this document. It defines the minimum requirements for heavy duty seal-less centrifugal pumps canned motor, wet winding and magnetic drive styles for use where safety, reliability and environmental performance are critical. Each publication is subject to a postage and packing fee as below.


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All mandatory requirements are included in the specification document, although this Guide is purely illustrative. Fittings 0 2 This specification covers fittings for piping systems based on the use of tube specified in Publication No. This interest has manifested itself by: It is however suitable for application in other geographic areas. The Guide is based on the experience of several oil companies, and publixation requirements and procedures will vary from plant to plant, the eeua in this Guide should prove helpful in any case where noise limits have to be set and complied with within the petroleum, petrochemical and allied industries.

Flanges Composite and Solid Because of the breadth of its technical content, and to assist readers a Road map is included to provide directions to key information. The book can be recommended to all engaged in this field of work. Factors include machine parameters and location, and account is taken of the probability of persons being in the vicinity. Potential suppliers are directed to pay attention to specific details prior to submitting their bids as lack of detail may result in the bids being dismissed.

The guidelines set out what is considered to be the best practice in an area of developing technology. As with the earlier editions, guidance is offered on inspection and maintenance of tanks built to BS or API standards for the storage of petroleum and chemical feedstocks and products and refrigerated gases. Statutory requirements to be observed include the Building Regulations ; all relevant Standards are referred to. A new subsection covering subsea puglication has been incorporated.

The Publication focuses not only on the basic design and construction of the pumps but also on complete pumping installations. Piping classification charts from the PED, transposed on a linear-linear scale, together with a glossary of terms used in the PED, and a comprehensive list of references are also included.