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Socal Studies, Hindi English, India, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Allahabad, Kolkata, Banglore, Hyderabad, Kanpur, Story of Ekalavya Near his house, under a tree Eklavya installed a clay idol of Dronacharya that he worshiped as his Guru!. The story of Eklavya and Guru Dronacharya from Mahabharata is recounted as an example of a loyalty and dedication. Read the complete story. Do you want to teach your kids about the stories of gurus and disciples? If yes, then the story of Eklavya is the perfect choice!.

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One day Arjun happened to meet Eklavya to realize that there are better archers than him in the world. Near his house, under a tree Eklavya installed a clay idol of Dronacharya that he worshiped as his Guru!

In the country of India, nearly five thousand years back, lived a boy named Eklavya, the son of a tribal chief in the forests of the kingdom- Hastinapura. So he gave his blessings and sent his son on his way.

Pursue those topics and you are much more likely to excel. Ekalavya aspired to study archery in the gurukul of Guru Drona.

You need to look inside and discover your innate talents. You will need to use your real name on the blog. His father saw that something troubled Eklavya. What if you refuse the dhakshina I want? Please look at the project descriptions posted in this blog finished or unfinished.

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What will their teacher do now? Neglish also realized that Eklavya had the skills to surpass even Arjuna.

About Eklavya

But while doing your project, remember the above points which may help you keep going in case of difficulties. He realized that Eklavya was superior to Arjuna in some respects. More than once he found his son lost deep in thought when other boys enjoyed the pleasures of hunting and playing. Dronacharya went up to him.

Story of Ekalavya

One day, as it happened, Acharya Drona and Arjuna were passing near the hut of Eklavya. Will he be able to see the man? He refused to teach him. But the teacher must be satisfied. One day when students were going out into the forest, Arjuna saw a dog englsih was unable to bark due to an amazing construction of arrows in and all around his mouth.

The guru-shishya parampara, i. Dronacharya was pleased with the dedication of Eklavya, and said, “I bless you my son.

In case where your output is utilized for a startup, you will be offered to join the startup. Please ask in advance what is the criteria if not already mentioned in the project description.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. All the princes were taught archery by Sage Dronacharya. Try to englizh out, which topics give you a high.


I am a Brahmin, the highest caste in the kingdom. He quietly left the gurukul. He was also angry with Eklavya for disobeying him. Leave the gurukul now. Back to Mythology Main. I expect several failed attempt at these projects. He had finally found a way to make Eklavya suffer for his disobedience.

The Story of Eklavya and Dronacharya – Stories from Indian Mythology

Eklavya returned home and made a statue of Dronacharya and started practicing englosh his own. He looked at his teacher in horror and disbelief. To find out more, including rnglish to control cookies, see here: He continued, ” Father, I know that we belong to the hunting tribe, but I want to be a warrior, father, not a mere hunter. How dare you expect to be taught by him!

One day while Eklavya is practicing, he hears a dog barking. Listen to your own heart. The sage too was upset that his promise to Prince Arjuna was not going to be fulfilled.

It was an engaging sight.