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Sosai (President) Masutatsu Oyama, the founder of Kyokushin Karate, was born in southern Korea in While living at his sister’s farm in Manchuria at the. I am proud to offer just 18 7 3 original copies of these highly sought-after collector’s items of my classic book, The Budo Karate of Mas Oyama. This reference on. or Best Offer. Mas Oyama’s Essential Karate Shipped with USPS Media Mail. The Budo Karate of Mas Oyama by Cameron Quinn. $ Buy It Now.

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When Mas Oyama returned to Korea at the age of 12, he continued his training in Korean kempo. Inat the age of 15, Mas Oyama moved to Japan to train as an aviator, and continued his martial arts training by participating in judo and boxing. Shortly afterwards, he began training at the dojo of Gichin Funakoshi, who had brought kaeate from Okinawa to Japan and developed what is now known as Shotokan Karate.

At this point, Mas Oyama took a serious interest in Judo, and in less than four years he achieved the rank of Buro in Judo as well. So Nei Chu, renowned for the power of his body as well as his spiritual insight, encouraged Mas Oyama to dedicate his life to the Martial Way.

He suggested that Mas Oyama retreat from civilization for three years to train his mind and body without the distractions of the outside world. Both the novel and the author helped to teach him the meaning of Bushido, the Way of the Warrior. That same year, Mas Oyama went to Mt.

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Minobu in Chiba Prefecture, where Musashi had developed his style of sword fighting. Mas Oyama thought that this would be an appropriate place to begin the rigorous training he had planned for himself. Accompanied by a student, he went into the wilderness there to train, with a friend bringing food supplies to them once a month. After six months of training, his student was unable to handle karrate solitude and secretly fled during the night, leaving Mas Oyama completely alone to continue his training.


Krate fourteen months of training in the wilderness, his friend informed Mas Oyama that he could no longer provide the monthly supplies of food, and Mas Oyama had to return to civilization. However, still feeling empty for not having completed the three years of solitude, he decided to dedicate his life completely to karate. Once again Mas Oyama left civilization for the wilderness, this time going to Mt.

Mas Oyama | Budo Karate

Kiyozumi, also in Chiba Prefecture, which he chose for its spiritually uplifting environment. This time his training was fanatical — 12 hours a day, every day, with no rest days, standing under cold buffeting waterfalls, breaking river stones with his hands, using oyqma as makiwara striking boardsjumping over rapidly growing flax plants hundreds of times each day.

Each day also included a kxrate of study of the ancients classics on the martial arts, Zen, and philosophy. After eighteen months of rigorous training, Mas Oyama returned to civilization fully confident in himself and able to take control of his kraate. In the s, Mas Oyama began demonstrating his power and skill by fighting bulls.

In all, he fought 52 bulls, three of which he killed instantly and 49 of whose horns he took off with shuto knife hand strikes. InMas Oyama traveled throughout the United States for a year, demonstrating his karate live and on national television. During subsequent years, he took on all challengers, resulting in fights with different people.

He defeated the vast majority of his opponents with just one technique. A fight never lasted more than three karatf, and rarely lasted more than a few seconds.


Budo Karate

If he got through to you, the fight was over. Inhe opened his first real dojo in a former ballet studio behind Rikkyo University. Practitioners of other styles also came to train here for the jis-sen kumite full contact fighting.

Mas Oyama would observe those from other styles and adopt any techniques that would be useful in a fight. By doing so, Kyokushin Karate evolved into one of the most formidable style of martial arts in the world.

In order to test his own abilities, Mas Oyama bydo to perform a three hundred man kumite fight in three days. He chose the strongest students in his dojo to fight him one at a time.

After each had a turn, they started from the beginning again until all three hundred fights were completed. He defeated all of his opponents, never wavering in his resolve, despite the fact that he was injured in the process. Legend has it that Mas Oyama was willing to go for a fourth day, but no opponents were willing or able to do so. Since its inception, Kyokushin Karate has spread to more than countries, with more than twelve million practitioners, making it one of the largest martial arts styles in the world.

Prior to his death, he stated in his will that Yukio Nishida would be his successor to lead the IKO, but on his deathbed he apparently named Akiyoshi Matsui, then Godan mass Dan. Sadly, Mas Oyama a non-smoker died of lung cancer in