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Glimpse the afterlife through the most profound near-death experience ever recorded & Betty J. Eadie’s International & NYT #1 Bestseller Embraced By The. The Art of Happiness by Dalai Lama XIV Embraced by the Light by Betty J. Eadie Hello from Heaven by Bill Guggenheim The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying. Embraced by the Light is not just Betty Eadie’s story of dying during surgery and coming back to life; it is actually a journey into the meaning of this life.

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I remember him telling her eaeie he didn’t expect me to live through the night. Finally on the third night I was taken to a hospital.

To ask other readers questions about Embraced by the Lightplease sign up. There is a great secret contained in Embraced by the Light. They were astonished to witness his return to life each time with a clear mind and filled with energy, even though he was dying of terminal cancer and old age. It was following these departing moments that I was shown another vision of our earth and its people making their way through mortality towards eternal life.

I at least enjoyed it for the mere idea of this heaven. My search for the true nature of God continued. Her son’s asthma turns out to be a blessing that saves this family from certain death.

Embraced By The Light | Betty J. Eadie Official Website

Ritchie are two other books I eaie suggest along with Smbraced Book of Mormon for those who would truly desire a pure knowledge of the truth of these and other things. I said to him, “No, I can never leave you now. God’s Tiny Miracles “Luckily God had other plans for me,” Bethany shares her miracle of finding God and the love that he really is.


I understood that he was the Son of God, though he himself was also a God, and that he had chosen from before the creation of the world to be our Savior. Warned initially upon arrival that she had died prematurely, Eadie was at last told she must return in order to fulfill the personal mission allocated her.

Again, I must have dozed for a while, but not for long because embracd clock still seemed to say nine-thirty.

I knew with a sure knowledge that he would never misuse his authority, that he would never even desire to do so. I passed the book to several of my friends, basically the spiritual ones. I saw that I could spare enbraced the corrosive effects of despair.

Things were coming back to me from long before my life on earth, things that had been purposely blocked from me by a “veil” of forgetfulness at my birth. He is the only door through which we can return. The more we thank God for the blessings we receive, the more we open the ewdie for further blessings.

Would everything he all right? I heard chimes, or distant bells, tinkling in the background — a beautiful sound I’ll never forget. Shortly after moving there, I became pregnant with our seventh child. Immediately I began to look for an exit, and I spotted the window.

The Priesthood and saving ordinances were restored on Earth. His goal in life had been to aid humanity in any way possible, to help mankind evolve and get on the right path mentally. We need to th thoughts of the illness from our minds and begin concentrating on its cure. I only hoped that he was not what I had learned as a child in boarding school.

Because I knew that all creation begins with thoughts, I also knew that the creation of sin, and of guilt, and of despair, and of hope, and of love all start within us.


I lkght that the light immediately around him was golden, as if his whole body had a golden halo around it, and I could see that the golden halo burst out from around him and spread into a brilliant, magnificent whiteness that extended out for some distance. I also believe this is a good gift for anyone who is contemplating their own death, such as the elderly or very ill.

The choice would be ours through our decisions. Love filled this eadle, moving mass, and I sank more deeply into its warmth and blackness and rejoiced in my security and peace. Her words gave me peace, and I closed my eyes to sleep again.

The pain we experience on earth is just a moment, just a split second of consciousness in the spirit world, and we are very willing to endure it.

Thoughts of death began creeping into my mind. Its specific character, like numerous other details, were removed from her memory, in order, she said she was told, to prevent difficulties in her fulfilling it.

Betty Eadie

Into the garden came a group of spiritual beings. He wanted me to know how I felt when the creation occurred. Being locked inside this big darkened room horrified me. The Looms and eadle Library. I became aware of other people as well as animals traveling with me, but at a distance.