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The ultimate mining guide for the sci-fi virtual economy MMO Entropia Universe. Learn to mine and sign up now!. “I have took upon myself the task of providing the best and feature rich tool to the miners of Entropia Universe. Development started on the 21st May , with. Here we can post information about our tips and methods. This can be a fairly complex subject but I am going to keep it as simple as I can for.

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The Beginner’s Guide to Mining in Entropia Universe

For finding ores you need ,ining Orefinder. It is adviced that you only search for enmatter when looking for good mining spots as this type of mineral requieres the lowest amount of bombs to be found.

First you need to know where to mine and what. Mining guide for Entropia Universe. I will mning about some beginner information like equipment and go through some of the high level methods used by many experienced miners. For excavators there are speed enhancers, which basically increase the speed at which you can extract resources from a claim.

This tool allows you to survey or search the area for resources, but its effectiveness depends on how it is used and the skill level of the user. But hold your horses, don’t run to the first trader just yet! When you have selected your choice, ‘use’ the finder. This equalsdepending on the claim size table of Entropedia Entropedia Deposit Sizes. Enhancers are another optional crafted tool, which you can attach to your finder. But, the nature of those mining fields is that they are well known and often “over mined”.

I would drop a probe every m when mining on planets and every m on foma or in hell. Depending on your level and the guise of the finder, the depth can be located on the item description window higher level finders can dig deeper into the soil, which can hold higher-yeilding deposits.


First you will need to download Little Big Enrtopia Log. You can either use enhancers to increase your depth or your range. I use them entropiia the rime on the F and they hardly break. For unamped Miningis a rule of thumb to have a bankroll of at least PED.

NeilOct 13, Also, would be good to give a suggestion of a “first mining spot” to mininy. Information about this guide.

Blog : Entropia Universe Mining Guide

It shouldn’t take too long to make this transition. When its bad accept it and try again later or another day instead of wasting peds and getting frustrated till you rage quit the game – And the most important HAVE FUN, explore and try things to make guiide own experience! Planets inside Entropia Universe Entropia Universe is in constant motion. Lysterium is fairly common and can be found anywhere from meters deep. The goal we had starting out is to level her mining skills to a point where she is using at least the tt mining gear efficiently and also for her to be able to play daily without depositing yet.

Going to a random position and dropping a probe is not always a very good plan. Mining — Guide This is a Mining Guide about what is important for the Mining profession and basic knowledge.

So how more often you go mining so bigger is the chance to get miing better average return. Enjoy, and good luck! I hope you will find it helpful in your endeavors. Fly Amber 44 p. One thing to keep in mind is that when your mining, certain areas are better vuide mine with specific finders as more claims will be found using the correct finder in the correct guode. For these circumstances you can summon the claim to you. Navigation menu Personal tools EntropiaPlanets.

Different ores and enmatters can be found at deeper depths, and in general the deeper you go the larger your finds although to enyropia the largest deposits you will need an amplifier. The trick is hit not only the bad days. Added Arkadia Moon in the list indoor mining. I consider not selling a stack a considerable risk of 0,50 ped per 3 ped stack.


Just like with weapons and healing tools, finders and excavators can be tiered up and enhanced using tools called enhancers. However, I enntropia there is evidence to show that the tt decay of the finder is calculated into the claim size, so this could change things. This little screen is your finder HUD. Originally Posted by LeelooM. They can also function on Universal Ammo which is also displayed in the stats.

That is where the excavators come in. You will use the second monitor to read forums, watch videos and all that fun stuff while you’re sweating. In order entfopia avoid searching the same piece of ground multiple times you need to move 2 times that distance before mmining again. Views Read Edit View history. After a few seconds, you will either get a ‘No Resource Found’ message, or your finder will activate and display that you have found a claim.

The miners of Entropia Universe supply the crafters minin the minerals needed to craft the various items avalible to the other participants. The maximum range you can summon your claim from is about 60 entrropia, and you have to make sure you are on a solid surface to prevent it from possibly going underground.

As raw Ore and Enmatter are not useable, you may find it prudent to also carry a refiner with you on your trips. In places like the foma, hell, and ark underground the seeking ,ining drops to half the original base seeking range.

Please make sure its installed.

Wenrex can often be found shallow and will give you good MU. Leviathan Mature dropped loot with a value of PED on Aplified mining can get very expensive, very fast.