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Elogio de la dificultad y otro ensayos – Planeta L [Estanislao Zuleta] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. ELOGIO DE LA DIFICULTAD ESTANISLADO ZULETA Queremos para nosotros una vida sin riesgos, sin lucha, sin búsqueda de superación y. Elogio de la Dificultad -“Estanislao Zuleta” Dificultad Idealización Tiene una meta fija. Diferentes ideologías. Conflictos por diferencias.

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This is indeed an amazing text and a must read for everyone. Where could I find the translated version? Would love to share with some non-spanish speaking friends. Wednesday, February 13, Estanislao Zuleta.

Elogio de la Dificultad -“Estanislao Zuleta” by Victoria Zambrano on Prezi

I’ve recently been part of a project to translate some of the writings of Colombian philosopher Estanislao Zuleta into English. Zuleta is one of Colombia’s greatest thinkers, and elogo of his writing into English is certainly due.


Many of Zuleta’s writings result from close readings he has done of European thinkers and writers including Nietzsche, Freud, and Thomas Mann. His thoughts on a variety of subjects including war and the dynamics of social groups confronting adversity are especially timely in the U.

elogioo The symposium is sponsored by Momentos de. Below are some selected lines from his writing translated by Rosene Zaros and myself: An open question is an ongoing search that has a eloio effect on reading.

On the contrary, it is necessary to construct a social and legal space in which conflicts can manifest themselves and develop, without the opposition to the other leading to the suppression of the other, destroying it, reducing it to impotence or silencing it.

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