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The Authorised Evochron Mercenaries’ Technical Manual. (or “How your equipment works”). Extended & Revised Third Edition created by DaveK (aka Incoming). Don’t forget the Evochron Mercenary Guide (The Legends Guide is also extremely useful, .. Evochron Mercenary (Mission – Protect Navy Ship From Vonari). This manual has been written because information explaining how the technology Layout of the Manual. frame sizes used by mercenaries in Evochron.

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There are also no docking fees for most mercenaries in this system, giving it a cost advantage over both Aquila and Deneb. While buying a station license does not eliminate or reduce eochron costs for renting a hangar, it can greatly lower your costs to access that hangar if you purchase one in a system that is ‘Moderate’ or ‘Hostile’ where docking fees will apply.

These mervenary are available with a minimal reduction in agility. Here is an overview of each crew member trade and the benefit s they offer: Mercdnary the IDS is off, you can manually control each thruster. And you will be in a great position for an attack once they get within meters. Why the system is home to so many mercenaries remains a mystery, it’s quite possible there are resources available here that aren’t in the charted part of the system.

Immediately after the first fly-by, pull up at a medium evochrron and hit the afterburner. The largest division of space used in the game is a quadrant. Negative SY values are sectors below the galactic ecliptic, positive SY values are above it.

The missiles will already have a solid lock on you and your escape velocity is more important than the heat signature in this scenario.

The player is instructed to travel to the rings of Fauston, away from the nearby star, and to be in a Saber class frame for the next beacon to activate. Your mining and loading system will automatically take care of this sorting procedure for you, all you need to do is select which materials you want to keep or discard.

PDf version of ingame manual? :: Evochron Legacy General Discussions

Rigel is fiercely independent and does not identify itself as an Alliance territory or a Federation territory, so stations and planets here often charges docking fees and other fines to any outside mercenary regardless of where they came from. Contract Values Contract values are calculated using several factors.


Pay your crew well and their loyalty will increase, pay them poorly and their loyalty will decrease. Evchron Not In Combat, Save the Fuel When you don’t need high speed and rapid maneuvering, accelerate and decelerate slowly while also turning slowly the less you hear your thrusters fire, the less fuel you’re burning.

Another expensive mistake is wasting resources.

Basic Tips for Starting. Game secrets and hidden locations are also available in this guide. Emerald was one of the staging areas for the Alliance during the last war and played a critical role in providing the Alliance with the resources it needed to hold back advancing Federation forces from reaching systems closer to Sol.

How are you supposed to make any kind of real profit to upgrade your ship, buy new gear, It can be designed to also be an effective transport, offering a level of cargo safety far above what other ships are capable of. For example, if you fly to the far right edge of sector 0,0,0 and exceedon the X in-sector coordinate value, you will then be in sector 1,0,0 aton the X value, or the far left of the new sector that was to the right of the one you came from.

Such locations often offer advanced weapons and technology not commonly found in more populated systems. Engage at long range with missile, but try to remain at high speed and far enough away to evade any missiles they may fire back at you.

Even though resources are readily available, shipping them in this system is extremely risky, so premium prices are paid for even the most basic supplies and equipment. Sign In Don’t have an account? Their shields are extremely powerful and can usually deflect any incoming gunfire.

The Ferret is a lightweight scout spacecraft mwnual for high speed reconnaissance. This guide will give you detailed information about the game along with tactics and tips to become a master pilot.

Contracts are faction specific, meaning objectives will be offered based on your reputation and will involve objectives related to the interests of the faction offering it.

Steam Community :: Evochron Mercenary

You can make the process easier by marking your arrival points on the nav map using the map log. Trainee Ensign Lieutenant Jr. That’s mercenayr all I use, hahaha: Some of the features that came.

The second image shows a right turn, the forward left thruster and the rear right thruster both engage. While it is usually very low evochdon value, some systems do pay substantially more. If you’re under or so, it’s probably better to use a few units of it to jump to a place you can refuel unless you’re confident you can destroy the hostile ship s very quickly.


This is a popular location for mercenaries heading to Cerulean and Onyx for high value sales. One of the most effective ways to advance early in the game is to locate hidden containers, which carry items stored by local factions for later retrieval and are continuously replenished. Each crew member must be paid and their loyalty is directly linked to how well you pay them.

Guia Evochron Mercenary

Here’s what you need to do to get the most out of using the trading interface with NPC ships. Your spacecraft awaits and your adventure begins in the Sapphire star system. The game has some amazing scenery. Weapons Ops Improves primary weapon capabilities. If its original forward velocity was MPS, it will be drifting to the left at about MPS when it turns right 90 degrees and its forward velocity will drop to 0.

You can often convince them to trade if you submit one high value item at a time, then the money they offer for the trade won’t seem quite so high and they’ll agree. If an enemy capital ship is nearby, watch for blue beam cannon fire to hit it, which can often reduce its shield power temporarily, giving you an opportunity to cause more damage with a missile attack or even guns if one or more shield arrays are in the red.

The Aries is categorized as a scout but provides sufficent armor and speed for it to be effective in light fighter roles as well. Military and Civilian Ranks Your performance as a mercenary is tracked with two ranking systems. Once a shield array is red, engage with both guns and missile to inflict as much damage as possible before you have to change position or the array regains strength. A single cell provides basic storage capacity for the shield system.

The Avenger is designed to be a heavy interceptor and strike spacecraft.