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Phoebe finds herself drawn to Mallory, the strange and secretive new girl at school. Soon the two become as close as sisters until Mallory’s magnetic older. Phoebe Rothschild—yes, of those Rothschilds—dumps her toxic friends for new girl Mallory in seventh grade. Nancy Werlin’s Extraordinary is, at varying points, a fantasy, coming-of-age tale, mystery, thriller and family saga, and I spent some parts of the.

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Your daughter’s best friend calls up and tells you about that, but you’re not concerned because she is a responsible kid. There are familiar paranormal elements here faeries—yeah, OKand familiar romance elements as well: Unfortunately, Extraordinary fails to be an extraordinary novel. It had classic signs of emotional abuse, very scary.

She’s just normal Phoebe. The conversation had me rolling my eyes and waiting for it to be over. While it’s not my favorite read, I still enjoyed the originality and character developement. The Fork, the Witch, and the Worm.

As for everything else In seventh grade, Phoebe decides to befriend the new weird girl. Coming of age, learning one’s self worth, dealing with relationships, finding your own path and facing life and death choices.

Then again, I had a back story which Phoebe did not, which is one downside to the book being written as it is. This proudly Jewish fantasy offers a compelling tale of friendship and a refreshing antidote to faerie stories about that one special girl deserving of supernatural love. I loved Impossible, and maybe that is also the problem as I don’t feel this novel came close to that novel and I couldn’t help but compare the two of them.

Could I please kill everybody in this book?

Specifically, a debt that Phoebe must pay. I mean, it’s not supposed to be thrilling. Maybe more of a 3.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Isn’t it sad though that I even have to mention this in my review of an YA novel?



One minute, you have Phoebe and her world. It may have left you cold, but I am now desperate to read it. It was difficult to watch her being manipulated when it was so obviousas an outsider, what was happening, but these were all lessons she had to learn. And the price of that debt could cost Phoebe everything. Part of the problem may be me as I prefer my characters to be stronger and Phoebe was somewhat timid and had little self-esteem, which her two so-called friends Mallory extarordinary Ryland took great pains to destroy even further.

One of the richest families ever.

I thought I’d had the book pegged at the beginning, but ensuing conversations showed me I was wrong. It was like something someone would write in your HS English class, when they have a point and they know where they’re going, but they don’t know how to get there, so they fake it hoping to make it.

Book review: ‘Extraordinary’ by Nancy Werlin | write meg!

However, the story lacks the element that made Impossible a masterpiece. I do like this author, though it sounds like this might not be her best work.

Looking for Nacy Great Reads? Four years later, the girls are inseparable. View all 20 comments. The only thing was that I felt helpless and hurt when Ryland verbally, physically, and sexually attacked Phoebe.

I think that everyone is o At first I didn’t really have high expectations for this book because many other people didn’t seem to like it, but I disagree with them.

Extraordinary by Nancy Werlin | : Books

She was an awkward character, but it worked in her favor because she was not human, but she was living as one. So I found myself feeling hopeful for her and wondering if she would find a place to fit in. The story revolves around the faeries’ schemes and Phoebe’s role in them.


She was not sure why but she knew that Mallory with her tawdry, unsuitable clothes and her strange behavior would be a good friend to have, much better certainly than the friends Phoebe had previously found. Ryland however, made me sick and I was disgusted by some of the scenes he and Phoebe had together. I am really glad the sexual scenes were glossed over and not elaborated on as they would have made me ill. Which is exactly what Mallory got.

Because if so, I suppose you might enjoy this book. My overall take of this is “I’m not very impressed. And for Phoebe to be so forgiving What will the book be about?

Book review: ‘Extraordinary’ by Nancy Werlin

When we finally get to the end of the story, decisions must be made and a few of the characters have to be very brave. There was a problem adding your email address. What was weird – and I noticed this in Impossible, too – is that parts would be really strong and unflinching, and then something would come along that didn’t gel and halted me in my tracks. Unfortunately, I can’t say it is as successful as her first – Impossible.

He needs Phoebe to help he and Mallory settle an old family debt — a debt established by Mayer Rothschild, an ancestor, that remains outstanding. It seems like everyone, starting with her ancestor Mayor Rothschild, to her mother have accomplished something amazing during their lives. I’m not a huge Fairy sort of person, but this one was such a great balance of real word and fairy world. You can use these HTML tags. There is definitely nothing ordinary about this book.