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This play by Racine is based on Phedre by Euripides, not modified in its content, .. but also on a few of the texts, for instance, this one, Jean Racine’s Phèdre. Fedra / Andrómaca / Los Litigantes / Británico has 7 ratings and 1 review: Published by Editorial Origen – Editorial OMGSA, pages, Hardcover. Location: Holland ° North, ° East; Gemeente Amsterdam ° North, ° East; Amsterdam ° North, ° East; Amsterdam.

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It had its raccine presentation on the 1st of January in Paris, Hotel de Bourgogne. Published by Larousse first published I say this not only because she’s the main character in this glorious play, and raclne less because she’s been played by some of the greatest actresses in the world Sarah Bernhardt, Helen Mirren, Fernanda Montenegro – yes, even Brazil adapted this famous play! Views Read Edit View history. When she receives news that Theseus is dead, she finally confesses her love to Hippolytus, who is in love with Aricia and is disgusted by his step-mother’s advances.

FEDRA de Jean Racine

Racine’s interactions with the Jansenists in his years at this academy would have great influence over him for the rest of his life. Histrionics, rash reaction instead of considered response, inability to control emotion. Menu di navigazione Strumenti personali Accesso non effettuato discussioni contributi registrati entra. Contrasting hues in the clothing paralleled opposite personalities while subtle gradations in color tones marked allegiances.

She prefers to let herself die rather than declare it to anyone. Following Theseus’s six-month absence, his son Hippolytus tells his tutor Theramenes of his intention to leave Troezen in search of his father. Ippolito propone ad Aricia di scappare verso Spartama prima vuole giurarle amore eterno presso il tempio che punisce i bugiardi. And it is this play, which he knew in its entirety by racinf, that he has associated to his fictional actress La Berma and which racie in La recherche repeatedly.

Estava de tal forma dominada de culpa que produz algumas das tiradas mais exageradas que li: So if Goodreads was ever a family, it’s now clear that it was one that escaped from a Greek Tragedy.


Fedra / Andrómaca / Los Litigantes / Británico by Jean Racine

Alla fine il solo lampo di Ippolito in tutto o il dialogo: They do not need to touch since they reach each other with their words. Teseu regressa a Creta e casa com Fedra. Will I have time to read it again?

When is one guilty of something, when ferra commits the reprehensible deed, and only one knows it, or when it is made known to others? It’s fairly obvious that all the things tacine the first sentence of this review can be rscine to the GR family – the only questions now is how many corpses are going to pile up as the Tragedy unfolds and whether we can summon a Diety to resolve the conflict for the future This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

Puedo decir que lo padre de Racine es que su postura es clara: However, before I go further, I assume you all know who Theseus is, and if you don’t well he was the guy that travelled to Crete and killed this dude: I’d be interested to compare her translation with one who favors style and structure over literal meaning. And even in jexn jealous rage, she doesn’t really blame Aricia either.

Phèdre by Jean Racine

Ma Enone ha un piano diabolico: This one just left me with the impression that Racine is best appreciated in French, and while I think that his work should be better-known in the UK and US this translation just leaves me a bit cold. I mean that the poetry here is beautiful, and Rawlings is right that this is an eminently performable script.

Phaedra, married to Theseus, has always nurtured a secret love for his son, Hippolytus. At Port-Royal, he excelled in his studies of the Classics and the themes of Greek and Roman mythology would play large roles in his future works.

May 01, Lau rated it liked it Shelves: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I have no doubt that it’s even better in the original French. Anyway, Theseus was what some would call a stud, and what others would call a sleaze, but hey, when you are king of Athens, and a hero to boot, particularly in the world of the Ancient Greeks, it is not surprising that you end up having your way with women.


Un messaggio di sapore giansenista: I am surprised at how easy this was to read. But, hey, guess what? Jul 20, Huda Aweys rated it liked it Shelves: The play is set at the royal court in Troezenon the Peloponnesus coast in Southern Greece.

Osvath rated it it was ok Feb 20, However, to cut a long story short, Theseus killed the king of Athens because he was a prick, that is the King of Athens, but then you could say that Theseus racinr a prick as well, because he did dump Ariadne on a island and hey, I think the name Ariadne pretty cool and then banned the former king’s daughter from marrying so that he would not have facine contender to the throne.

Orphaned by the age of four his mother died in and his father inhe came into the care of his grandparents. While the story itself is very interesting as are many Greek mythsI don’t necessarily feel there was much to be gained from actually reading it, very likely because of the translation. The stage settings were bare. Gira alrededor de pasiones inmanejables, malentendidos jan acusaciones falsas que no anuncian un final feliz.

To be human is to be torn between reason and the heart. Archived from the original on Aug 11, David Sarkies rated it really liked it Recommends radine for: To be in-love is to destroy oneself.

Phaedra, a tragedy by Racine Racine — This play by Racine is based on Phedre by Euripides, not modified in its content, but provided with brilliant dialogs in the French language, in order to bring racihe classic tragedy alive on the stage of a theatre.

With so much material stripped out, then everything can happen quickly. The language flows wonderfully, and it walks that line between the formality of verse and the speakability of colloquialism, without falling particularly into either extreme. View all 19 comments.