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The Oracle E-Business Suite products provide many key flexfields as integral parts of the products. This chapter contains tables with basic information for many . 4 Values and Value Sets. 5 Using Additional Flexfield Features. 6 Key Flexfields in Oracle E-Business Suite. 7 Standard Request Submission. For flexfields and report parameters in Oracle E-Business Suite, values in value sets can affect functionality such as the rollup of accounting data, job grades.

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Check this box if you want the context field value to be synchronized always with the reference field value for this descriptive flexfield.

You define descriptive information and validation information for each segment. This is also true for Char format, Numbers Only value sets. Value sets used for context fields must obey certain restrictions or they will not be available to use in the Value Set field in the Context Field region of the Descriptive Flexfield Segments window:.

You must use a value set for the Accounting Flexfield. Your changes are saved automatically when you compile. You must specify values for all of the parameters shown for a given object instance set.

Separation of Duties SoD is one of the key concepts of internal controls and is a requirement for many regulations including: You only need to enter those values that require context-sensitive segments.

Planning and Defining Key Flexfields

An alteration of the flexfield structure can create data inconsistencies. Even changing cross-validation rules or flexfield security rules can cause inconsistencies with existing data. Your selection of available columns depends on the Format Type you specify, and doesn’t necessarily match your Format Type.

The following table lists the supported date-time formats and value set maximum sizes you can use for DateTime:. The following table lists the supported time formats and value set maximum sizes you can use:. For example, to display Determine the flexfield routine calls you suuite to pop open and validate the appropriate flexfield.


We specify a descriptive name and description of our grant. No users are allowed to view, insert or e-buxiness any value set values unless access is explicitly granted. Minimum and Maximum Value Range The following describes value ranges. Changing your flexfield definition once you have used it to acquire data can cause serious suitee with existing data. The special variables you can use include. Note that the following flexfields are single-structure seeded key flexfields: You cannot delete values from this window because e-buslness are referenced elsewhere in the system, but you can disable them at any time.

Some flexfields, particularly the Accounting Flexfield, have restrictions on how you can define them. These bind variables include: Standard Request Submission lets you use value sets to pass key flexfield values and combinations to your reports. If your end user enters an invalid segment value, a list of valid values appears automatically so that the user can choose a valid value.

If your application allows you to take orders flexfkelds parts, you might then have an “Orders” table that stores orders for parts. Your application uses Description Size when displaying the segment value description in the flexfield window.

If your value set is based on a flexfield validation table validation type Table and you have defined your value set to allow parent values, then you can use this window to define parent values for the values in your table.

Securing Flexfield Value Sets in EBS 12.2

If this field is left empty “NULL precision”then the radix character may appear anywhere in the flextields, as long as the other size and value constraints are met. Make sure the descriptive flexfield is visible, that those conditions are met, and that your cursor is in the same block as the flexfield.

Some descriptive flexfields may not have any reference fields predefined. Your minimum or maximum value can differ depending on your format type.

Securing Flexfield Value Sets in EBS | Oracle E-Business Suite Technology Blog

The context field value defaulting behavior is configurable for each descriptive flexfield. When you do, Oracle E-Business Suite automatically compiles your flexfield to improve online performance. You might use these to store additional information about each journal entry, such as a source document number or the name of the person who prepared the entry. When a user enters a context value into the context field, the user then sees different context-sensitive segments depending on which context value the user entered.


Value sets you base on validation tables can be similar to Independent value sets, where values in your Table type value sets are independent of the values in all other segments. However, you may not use them in the Value Column or Hidden ID Column fields where you would normally specify a column nameeven if you do specify a SQL fragment instead of specifying a single column name. If you choose Up after navigating down a networked hierarchy, you move up to the parent you navigated down from most recently.

Use the Special Validation Routines window to define special validation for a Special value set. Choose the Segments button to orzcle the Segments Summary window, and define your flexfield segments. If you specify a format type of Character, however, you see only columns of type Char.

If we wanted our grant to authorize the role for multiple value sets, we would click “Add Row” again for each additional value set we want. These are the only types of conversions allowed. When you initially install flexfileds upgrade to Release There are two ways to find the value set ID number once you have the value set name:. To oacle values for concurrent programs, use the following SQL query with your own concurrent program name:.