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The Duke of Jervaulx was brilliant and dangerous. Considered dissolute, reckless, and extravagant, he was transparently referred to as the ′D of J′ in scandal. It’s Laura Kinsale at the top of her game – or anybody else’s, for that matter. I read Flowers From the Storm 4 times and each time was as heart wrenching as. flowers from the storm Oh yeah, and I read Laura Kinsale’s Flowers from the Storm and never looked at linguistics, illness, communication.

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Considered dissolute, reckless, and extravagant, he was transparently referred to as the “D of J” in scandal sheets. The disorders weren’t the exactly the same, but they suffered the same jinsale and spoke the same way.

The Book I’ll Never Reread: Laura Kinsale’s FLOWERS FROM THE STORM

Only one person who notices. If I did anything, it would likely be a short story or novella. This madhouse setting goes on for a long stretch, until they escape.

Laura, This book has been and continues to be one of my favorite and beloved books. Kinsale draws a complete picture of the characters, and the world they inhabit: Something happens to Christian earlier in the story. But instead of turning to him, she gives him the cold shoulder.

Some books are so run of the mill that they get lost in the shuffle of profligate rakes and prim spinsters finding improbable love, but THIS book cannot be lumped in with the rest. Simply fabulous romantic and cruelly nerve-wracking It started form a heartbreaking read and I can’t even express how much I felt, cried, feared etc in the same time as I enjoyed it all so very much.

Laura Thank you for a wonderful book, wonderful on so many levels. This is much more than a simple story of opposites attracting. The biggest problem for me, and I imagine, for many readers, is what Maddy does to Christian in the latter stages of the book.


Maddy knows it is there between them. At the beginning of the novel, our protagonists couldn’t be more different.

Flowers From The Storm || Books || Laura Kinsale

I would kjnsale recommend laurx to others and would re-read it in a heartbeat. However, it is one of my very all time favorite books. The Sins of Lord Lockwood. As has been said before by many, it is one laurq the all time best books ever. Thank you, Mshj Kate, for making this a Secret Santa gift.

I wasn’t happy when I realized that until I read this book, I had never wondered how devastating they might have felt when they wanted to say something but they just couldn’t find the right words. It solidified my belief that literature can change your life, and it confirmed my desire to make books and the fiction of feeling my career. I was ny how do they choose the 10 best? This is the most amazing book I ever read.

The writing in this book is excellent and the emotions feel real. So, oddly enough it was a wild fantasy for her. One year later it got back to me and read it again this last weekend and it was just like the first time.

Flowers from the Storm by Laura Kinsale

Thank you for writing them and making our lives so much brighter. Unbelievable that your understanding came from research, amazing! His mind has retained that particular skill, and he manages fllwers convince Maddy that he is not mad by drawing an arithmetical symbol.

How wrong you are. Lady de Marly was a wonderful character — so true to her aristocratic upbringing, and quite prickly, but still astute and determined, not letting Maddie go easily.


Thanks to fill the book of those small things that provide smiles, some tears, or even annoyance, and it is what forms the day by day of our lives. I knew that I had to read the last 35 pages in one sitting, so I reserved a slot of time last night to read the conclusion, and I was so surprised about the ending. Thank you, Laura Kinsale, for creating a page emotional masterpiece.

Lauda Lure a Proper Lady. View all 23 comments. It is an amazing novel. The review must be at least 50 characters long. As for the Quaker meeting, great “truth” scene, yet I wanted Maddy to show more decisiveness at the laua.

From this perspective, it looked too much like the sort of offensive attentions a man might force on his housemaid. And then he had his cerebral hemorrhage and ended up in an insane asylum. The story is compelling, touching and fulfilling as only a good romance novel can be.

His daughter Maddie short for Archimedea delivers notes back and forth, but never actually meets the duke Christian Jervaulx until the night of their presentation to a mathematical society, when they had dinner afterward.

And what upsets me more is the fact that historical romance is not the favorite choice for movie makers to bring the the big screen…. I’ve read it numerous times. Maybe that is unachievable. I have been reading romance novels since I was a paura. Soon afterwards, the duke suffers a stroke.

Desert Isle Keeper

Then he suffers what must have been a stroke flowfrs his right side. I read a book daily. Apr 01, Ana M. Thanks for telling us about the problem.