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Source: “The FLQ Manifesto,” Marcel Rioux, Quebec in Question (), tr. James Boake; CopyLeft: Creative Commons (Attribute. Manifesto read on-air in Montreal on Radio-Canada. (Note: Footage in French only.). Manifesto read on-air in Montreal on Radio-Canada during the October Crisis. ( Note: Footage in French only.).

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Make your revolution yourselves in your neighbourhoods, in your places of work.

This help would lead to the only invocation of the War Measures Act during peacetime in Canadian history. Yes, there are reasons why you, the welfare cases, are kept from generation to generation on public assistance. We, and more and more Quebeckers too, have had it with a government of pussy-footers who perform a hundred and one tricks to charm the American millionaires, begging them to come and invest in Quebec, the Beautiful Province where thousands of square miles of forests full of game and of lakes full of fish are the exclusive property of these all-powerful lords of the twentieth century.

According to some, Premier Robert Bourassa similarly conceded that the use of the War Measures Act was intended to rally popular support to the authorities rather than to confront an “apprehended insurrection. Take what belongs to you, your jobs, your determination and your freedom. After the crisis, the federal Cabinet gave ambiguous instructions to the RCMP Security Service permitting dubious acts such as break-ins, thefts and electronic surveillance, all without warrants. Only you are capable of building a free society.

But it’s more important to keep manifdsto and order in mankfesto society than to be worried about weak-kneed people who don’t like the looks of Yes, there are reasons why you, Mr.

Cloutier who work in construction in St. Only you know your factories, your machines, your hotels, your universities, your unions; do not wait for some organization to produce a miracle.

The guys of Murdochville are familiar with this justice; they know lots of reasons. Search The Canadian Encyclopedia. We are terrorized by the Roman Capitalist Church, though this is less and less true today who owns the square where the Stock Exchange was built?

We must struggle not individually but together, till victory is obtained, with every means at our disposal, like the Patriots of those whom Our Holy Mother Church hastened to excommunicate, the better to sell out to British interests. We are Quebec workers and we are prepared to go all the way. A people that has awakened cannot long be kept in misery and contempt. Yes, there are reasons for the Liberal victory. Bergeron of Visitation Street, and you too, Mr. The workers at Dupont of Canada know some reasons too, even if they will soon be able to express fls only in English thus assimilated, they will swell the number of New Quebeckers, the immigrants who are the darlings of Bill In The Canadian Encyclopedia.


It rapidly devolved into the most serious terrorist act carried out on Canadian soil after another official, Minister of Immigration and Minister of Labour Pierre Laportewas kidnapped and killed. Of these, Paul Rose and Francis Simard received the heaviest sentences: Yes, Madame Lemay of St. We are fed up with a federalism manofesto classes the Quebec nation among the ethnic minorities of Canada.

FLQ Manifesto – Wikipedia

And you, the Manifexto boy, with your marijuana cigarettes It vowed to use any means necessary, including violence, and carried out manifedto crimes, including robberies and bombings, from its inception to its last days. How far would you go with that? Many Quebeckers have realized the truth and are ready to take action. There are lots of reasons, the workers for Domtar at Windsor and East Angus know them; the workers for Squibb and Ayers, for the Quebec Liquor Commission and for Seven-up and for Victoria Precision, and the blue collar workers of Laval and of Montreal and the guys at Lapalme know lots of reasons.

Manifeato, there are reasons for poverty, unemployment, slums, for the fact that you, Mr. How far would you extend that?

Legendre of Ville de Laval, who make F10, a year, do not feel free in our country, Quebec. There are more and more of us who know and suffer under this terrorist society, and the day is coming when all the Westmounts of Quebec will disappear from the map.

Manifesto of October 1970

The kidnapping raised a swift response from the federal government under Liberal leader Pierre Trudeau. We’ve had enough of a Canadian federalism which penalizes the dairy farmers of Quebec to satisfy the requirements of the Anglo-Saxons of the Commonwealth; which keeps the honest taxi drivers of Montreal in a state of semi-slavery by shamefully protecting the exclusive monopoly of the nauseating Murray Hill, and its owner — the murderer Charles Hershorn and his son Paul who, the night of October 7, repeatedly tore a.

The good workers at Vickers and at Davie Shipbuilding, the ones who were given no reason for being thrown out, know these reasons; so do the guys at Murdochville that were smashed only because they wanted to form a union, and whom the rotten judges forced to pay over two million dollars because they had wanted to exercise this elementary right. Signing up enhances your TCE experience with the ability to save items to your personal reading list, and access the interactive map.


The kidnappers’ demands, communicated in a series of public messages, included the freeing of a number of convicted or detained FLQ members, a half-million dollar ransom and the broadcast of the FLQ manifesto.

The federal response to the kidnapping was intensely controversial. On 17 October, the body of Pierre Laporte was found in the trunk of a car left near Saint-Hubert airport. Tremblay of Panet Street and you, Mr.

FLQ Manifesto of October

Accessed 31 December James Street and Wall Street; we will be slaves until Quebeckers, all of us, have used every means, including dynamite and guns, to drive out these big bosses of the economy and of politics, who will stoop to any action however base, the better to screw us.

We have had enough of promises of work and of prosperity, when in fact we will always be the diligent servants and bootlickers of the big shots, as long as there is a Westmount, a Town of Mount Royal, a Hampstead, an Outremont, all these veritable fortresses of the high finance of St. Article published August 13, ; last modified March 04, And you, the workers at General Electric, you make your factories run; you are the only ones able to produce; without you, General Electric is nothing!

With the help of the entire population, we want to replace this society of slaves by a free society, operating by itself and for itself, a society open on the world. They are a group of Quebec workers who have decided to do everything they can to assure that the people of Quebec take their destiny into their own hands, once and for all.

All I can say is, go on and bleed. Cross was released by his captors on December 3 when their hideout was discovered; the felquistes were flown to Cuba.