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Foam Armorsmithing Vol: 2 – Finishing Cosplay Weapons, Armor Cosplay, Cosplay Diy,. Visit. Home. Bill Doran/Punished Props’ Foam Armorsmithing Vol. Armorsmith is the latest tech offering from The Armored Garage. It’s a tool designed for cosplayers by a cosplayer. Check out the link for more information. Learn how to make your own foam armor costume! This is the eBook bundle that includes “Foamsmith: How to Create Foam Armor Costumes” and “Foam Armor.

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If your cosplay has smaller pieces, go for the remnants section at the fabric store. Kamui Cosplay Book collection: How to Create Foam Armor Costumes: Coupons are your best friends.

We all do it. Resin casts and props Sailor Moon primarily. The Complete Foamsmith Trilogy: I wanted a tool designed specifically with cosplay in mind. Masks, props, and prothestics Pumpkin Soldier Cosplay: The Book of Cosplay Painting: Patterns and props Destiny, Mass Effect.


Accessories by Teresa Dietzinger: Resin kits Destiny, Skyrim. If you plan your cosplay in advance, at least 3 months, you have the chance to shop sales and wait patiently.

Bunny suit pattern NexusFX: Cosplay in America v2 by Ejen Chuang. Sometimes, the really nice stuff is necessary, or you want to splurge. I’ll be adding tools for creating custom patterns as well as tweaking the existing ones for better foam builds.

I started working on it after I became frustrated with the existing tools that were available. And on that note….

Last, but definitely not least, measure twice, cut once. A friend and local cosplayer of mine needs some help to win a cosplay contest for a scholarship.

FREE: Foam Armorsmithing; Vol 1 and 2

Need a lining fabric? New Unfolding technology based on the elastic properties of the material to create better patterns for fabric and foam. Remember too that different Goodwills have different stock, so you should check out multiple ones. Do you know how frustrating it is to buy the wrong shade of fabric because your brain remembered it differently than the real deal?! Currently in the beta users can adjust the height, limb size, and gender of the avatar.


Free: Foam Armorsmithing; Vol 1 and 2 – Other Books – Auctions for Free Stuff

Now it’s on the precipice of the goam beta release. Props Bioware, Destiny, Dredd. I hope they help you guys. Test them out before hand.

I’ve decided that the way I would like to tackle armosrmithing is to split them into phases. Free Nova Blizzard Rifle Pattern: This will be one of the most interesting phases for me. We all spend way too much on cosplay at a con or right before a con and lament our lack of funds.