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than Freescale Semiconductor. Freescale’s comprehensive “form-factor” development kit is built on MX27 PDK is preconfigured with your choice of Linux® or. 1. Introduction. This user guide can be used as a reference for connectivity between the TPS PMIC and Freescale 27 and 35 processors. The VAR-SOM-MX27 is a low-power, high-performance System On Module which serves as a building block and easily integrates into any embedded solution.

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With the development of the NXP i. MX27 previously Freescale i. MX27the developers’ needs have been met to the greatest extent for adequate performance and connectivity.

As a derivative of the popular i. MX27 processor previously Freescale i.

Strategic Test Announces Kit-5 for Freescale 27 Processor – Digital Engineering

MX27 is suitable for the development of multimedia applications. MX27 processor has a h.


This makes the NXP i. MX27 a great choice for video applications, voice over IP V2IP applications, as well as for the development of cordless phones and mobile phones.

Further application areas are intelligent remote controllers, point-of-sale terminals and all other wireless applications.

Information about NXP i.MX27 / Freescale i.MX27

MX53 and NXP i. An overview of the NXP and Freescale processors we work with can be found here.

An overview of our entire processor competence can be found here. Your desired processor is not included?

Information about NXP i.MX27 / Freescale i.MX27

Due to our extensive experience, work with other processors is also possible without problems for us. Digital transformation means the change of existing business models by optimizing the business processes and intensive use of information and communication technologies. We help you to digitize your processes in production, warehouse, logistics and supply chain. Central phone freescalr Feel free to contact us!


27 | ARM9 | System on Module

Our expertise with NXP processors and Freescale processors. Information about NXP i. Features of the NXP i.

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