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MIG/MAG Power source. TransSynergic Power Supply pdf manual download. Also for: Transsynergic , Transpuls synergic , Transpuls synergic. w . wwb. Fronius. U odyanina virusi wala 42,, . your TransSynergic / (TS /) and TransPuls Synergic . The instruction manual must be kept at the welding-machine location at all times. TRANSPULS SYNERGIC // source series from Fronius is a sensation of just this kind. sources for both manual welding and automated and .

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Table of contents Foreword and safety instructions Work performed incorrectly can cause serious injury and damage. All maunal described in the service instructions must only be carried out by Fronius-trained personnel. An electric shock can be fatal. Tools and This provides an overview and description of all equipment required for servicing the measuring power source professionally. Tools required Measuring and inspection equipment Ancillary materials Tools required Box spanner 8 mm Large needle nosed pliers approx.

Function overview Principle of the The machines are totally digitized, microprocessor-controlled inverter power sources.

A digital family of universal control regulates the entire welding process. The actual data are measured machines continuously, and the machine responds immediately to any changes. Special control algorithms ensure that the target status is frknius at all times. Block diagram 6 Transistors: The high frequency means trabspuls The transformer can be built very easily and compactly. Thermal losses due to synrrgic low inductivity required of the transformer coils can be kept to an absolute minimum.

Fault flowcharts Overview The overview will help you to find the relevant section of flowchart.

Fronius TransPuls Synergic Manuals

Shielding gas Check shielding gas solenoid flowing out? Check settings on control panel Parameters set correctly?

Check set-up parameters Possibly reset to factory set- tings FAC see operating instruc- tions Check whether power source OK, and check application Securing device F1 in Switch off unit; the cooling unit OK? Change intermediate circuit electrolytic capacitors Table of service EcF xxx code no. BPS configuration fault, x stands for: Table of service Err PE code no. Ground earth fault continued Remedy: Configure machine in insulated state.

Check earth current watchdog and change if necessary. Err tF1 code no. Table of service Err code no. Table of service Err Table of service no H2O code no. Check pump pressure and flow rate. The safety cut-out has tripped. Please make a note of the displays in levels 1, 2, transpula 3, and pass them on to Fronius.


Using this data, Fronius can locate the precise cause of the fault. Error codes St1 E 5 shown tarnspuls the Cause: At maximum wirefeed speed, the wire-feed unit motor does not deliver any drive units are actual rotational speed value.

Repeat the push-pull calibration. If the error message re-appears: Error codes St2 E 12 shown when the Cause: Detailed description General remarks This section contains a detailed description of the electronic components with regard to the following points: Component position in the machine Fig. Component fronijs in the machine Plug layout Function continued Connection to 2nd line filter L1 out Connection to 2nd line filter L2 out Connection to 3rd line filter L3 out Connection to 2nd rectifer L1 Connection to 2nd rectifer L2 Connection to 2nd rectifer L3 not connected Connection to cooling unit V Connection to cooling unit L General remarks TPS Measuring points continued Fig.


NT 24 – switched mode power supply 24 V General remarks NT 24 switched mode power supply item number 4,,Z for internal and external components. On NT 24 switched mode power supply, the primary voltage is on! NT 60 – switched mode power supply 60 V The NT 60 switched mode power supply item number 4,,Z for the wire-feed General remarks unit motor.

On NT 60 switched mode power supply, the primary voltage is on! Following versions are available: UST stores present settings and activates the ventilators for On the NF PC board, the mains voltage is synerigc Function over- Varistors provide protection against momentary overvoltage of the mains view Capacitors and coils form an LC low-pass filter that moderates the parasitic fre- quencies over 60 Hz Capacitors divert disturbances to earth and also between the phases Resistors discharge the line filter capacitors Plug layout Fig.

Shunt General remarks The shunt item number 43, is a current sensor which permits the isolated capture of the welding current. Component Shunt position in the behind the motor plate machine Shunt Fig. The chip is integrated into the plastic housing and provided with a pluggable Molex connection.

Secondary power module TPS General remarks On the TPS synnergic, the secondary power module consists of two diode modules item synetgic 41,each of which has two integral diodes. Component position in the machine Secondary power module Fig. Function over- The diode modules go together to make up the secondary rectifier. In the course of replacement, the diodes must not be interchanged.

Primary rectifier General remarks The following primary rectifiers are used: Removing throttle Loosen 2 screws 8 continued Remove front of housing Fig. Fitting throttle Place front of housing onto base continued plate and press upwards and inwards Tighten 2 screws 8 Fig.

When fitting the control panel 7take care not to bend, stretch or strain the ribbon cable. Plug ribbon maunal into control panel 7 Carefully put control panel 7 in place When lifting the drive unit 2do not pinch, bend or strain ffonius cables.

Removing throttle Loosen hexagon bolt 5 on minus continued socket using size 19 spanner Feed out the throttle lead 9 from the shunt 8 Fig.

Fitting throttle Fit throttle 14 using three screws continued 13 13 13 14 Fig.

Fit copper clips 11 and 10 as shown in Fig. Fitting throttle continued Fig. When putting the drive unit 2 in place, do not pinch, bend or strain the cables.

Fit the drive unit 2 using two screws Fig. Changing earth current watchdog Removing earth Remove side panels current watch- Loosen two screws 2 on earth current watchdog 1 Fig. X4 PC board Remove leads 8 and 9 of the continued watchdog cable 6 from the following pins on the pin Molex plug 7: Fitting earth Insert lead 4 into earth current current watchdog synerfic luster terminal continued Tighten screw 3 on luster terminal Fig.


Fronius TransPuls Synergic 4000 Manuals

Removing shunt Loosen hexagon bolt 5 on minus continued socket using size 19 spanner Unplug 8-pin Molex plug 6 Loosen two screws 7 on shunt 8 Remove shunt 8 and feed out throttle lead 9 Fig. When putting the drive continued unit 2 in place, do not pinch, bend or strain the cables.

Put entire drive unit 2 in place Fit the drive unit 2 using two screws Fig. Changing temperature sensor TP S Notes The temperature sensor is fixed and can be lifted out by carefully using a simple scre- wdriver or removed synergid flat pliers. Before putting the new temperature sensor in place, fill the hole for the sensor with heat conductive paste to ensure perfect heat transfer.

If necessary, cut open any other cable ties near the toroidal tape Removing trans- Loosen 4 screws 7 for secondary 11 former transformer leads on copper sheet continued Loosen hexagon nut 8 using a size 13 spanner Remove trans;uls element 9 and throttle lead 10 Loosen 4 screws 11 on the transfor- mer holder 12 10 Remove transformer holder When fitting the primary transformer leads, ensure that continued they are assigned to froniys correct terminals: Primary transformer leads, as described on labelling Protective elements 2.

Changing transformer TPS Removing trans- Remove side panel former Loosen terminal screws 2 and remove primary transformer leads 3 Cut open cable tie 4 Remove copper clips 5 and 6 Fig. Fitting transfor- Push insulators 15 onto secondary 15 connections Wind both of the middle primary leads twice around the ferrite core and fasten with cable tie 14 15 14 Fig.

Fitting transfor- continued 19 18 22 23 20 21 Dynergic. After removing a capacitor 7its grommets 8 – Fig. When fitting the capaci- tors, ensure that the grommets 8 are arranged correctly, as Fitting intermedi- Fit cover sheet 4 using two screws ate circuit capa- citors continued Fig. This section outlines the safety inspection of the welding systems described in this service manual. This section is fully compliant with IEC Please also be aware of the requirements and standards relevant to your country, as the measured values or steps taken during the tests may vary.

Visual inspections General The following must be visually inspected without any further dismantling of the system. Obvious defects in any safety-related device components are unacceptable. Any defects that could cause other hazards must be repaired immediately or restrictions placed on the further use of the system until repairs have been effected. General conditi- Markings and stickers rating plate, warning stickers must be present and legible There must be no mahual or indications of improper use Danger of electric shock!

The test voltage is V DC. Do not tance touch the test piece during the test.