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Find support for your Discover user manuals, FAQs, hints & tips for your Philips product. GAGGIA SYNCRONY LOGIC J SILVER. LOGIC UL. INSTRUCTIONS MANUAL GAGGIA UL. GAGGIA SUPR. Gaggia Syncrony logic SUP Manual. This is original manufacturer’s file as a onetime Free downloadable with any purchase. The file will be emailed.

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While the brew unit is removed, the brew unit chamber should be wiped down with a moist cloth to remove excess grounds and coffee residues. If you are not able to get water to flow gaggi the machine at all or none of the functions flow well, then there is something blocking the flow of water through the machine.

The brew unit uses a similar but different brewing process to syncrohy semi-automatic or prosumer style machine. It can cause irreversible damage to the machine’s brewing assembly.

The various components trip sensors in the unit which tell the machine the maintenance has been done. Properly stored and recently roasted beans are best. You may want to do this if you’ve recently switched beans to remove some of the old flavors. If at any point you are mannual to clear the flow message then you will want to do an immediate descale of the machine.

Descaling is still required even if reverse osmosis, distilled, or zero water is being used.

Please check the position of this insert as shown in this troubleshooting document: This error typically indicates the machine is not being cleaned on a regular basis. Make sure the machine is powered on when doing these maintenance items. Flow issues and blockages are typically due to lack of maintenance or excessive scale buildup.

There is a tube that dispenses coffee from the brew unit. Super-automatic machines utilize heat and pressure as part of the brewing process, which is key to espresso brewing. Appropriately adjusting the grinder is also important. If your machine utilizes a cup warming function you can use it to preheat the cups. This should be done on a monthly basis; refer to your manual for instructions on how to run one. Review the section of this article that addresses frothing difficulties for more information.


A food safe silicone-based lubricant should be used, such as food grade Petrol-Gel. They may come out muddy or manjal. To avoid this, it is imperative to keep a regular maintenance schedule.

The grinder fineness setting should only be adjusted while the grinder is running if it is being adjusted in the finer direction. Boiling milk, or milk that is getting to hot before frothing is completed is an indication that incorrect frothing technique is being used. Instead, this indicates that an adjustment needs to be made ,anual the syncronu process or that sncrony beans need to be used. The video below discusses what beans are compatible, and what beans are not:.

Inside the tube of the pannarello nozzle there should be a plastic insert which must be gaggi in order for this nozzle attachment to work. A complete disassembly, cleaning, and lubrication of the brew unit should be done every cups or every 6 months, whichever comes first. The machine manual provides a thorough walk-through of the set-up of the unit, but there’s so much information it can be mystifying.

The machine is now ready to brew for drinks, but the startup settings may not match the drink you are trying to brew. Descaling the machine should be done on a bimonthly basis using the product recommended by the manufacturer. The machine utilizes a vibration style pump.

The first place to start with any flow issue is cleaning the machine. If those blades get stuck from excessive scale buildup or debris, then they will not spin. When Super-Automatic machines are in operation the brew unit will make a few different noises which are normal.

To start, the video below provides five useful tips manusl help you understand your super-automatic machine:. The brew unit of the machine sjncrony be removed on a weekly basis and rinsed off with cold water. A large misconception is that super-automatic machines should have a dry coffee puck after the machine is finished brewing. If you think your wand is producing too much steam, or your milk looks like it gatgia boiling, then you may need to make an adjustment to your frothing technique.


The pump achieves this through rapid vibration of internal parts, which produces a loud humming noise. There is a device in the machine called a flow meter, and it tells the machine when water is flowing through or not.

File:SYNCRONY LOGIC RS Machine – Whole Latte Love Support Library

Gaggia Syncrony Logic RS. Try the following to resolve the leak:. Typically, issues nanual crema or the flavor of the shot do not indicate a malfunction of the machine. Do not add whole beans, or entire bags of preground coffee into this chamber. Another consideration is the roast of the bean, which greatly influences how much crema can be produced, as well as the flavor of the shot. Super-automatic machines are not compatible with oily, caramelized, or flavored beans.

Gaggia Syncrony Logic Manuals

While this is true of other styles of espresso machine, syncdony is not true of a super-automatic unit. The video below identifies these mistakes and shows how to correct them:.

If your machine uses xyncrony water filter, temporarily remove it from the water tank and add the recommended descaling product to the water tank.

This will let plain water flow through the brew circuit which will remove old coffee flavors, oils, and grounds.

The naked wand can also produce a tight microfoam, and is preferred by some users. This style pump produces high pressures despite being compact. If this insert is missing or improperly inserted the machine will not be able to create froth. Most machine failures are caused by a lack of cleaning and maintenance.