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This problem had to be wisely handled to ensure that their future will not be ruined due to their involvement in gangsterism. Thus, parents. gangsterism | New Straits Times: Authoritative source for Malaysia latest news on politics, business, sports, world and entertainment. 25 Jul A. The gangsterism issue in Malaysia is a hot topic as gangsterism has been reported frequently by the media in Malaysia. In a study on “gangsterism among.

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Views Read Edit View history. On the other hand, both Malay and Chinese represent the similar number with people for each race to be detained. Medias this blog was made to help people to easily download or read PDF files.


They assume that providing their children with gangsherism is more than enough but the fact is their children actually need more attention from their parents.

As friends are among the closest people to the teenagers, they will eventually be influenced by their friends. Society also is one of the important elements to curb this matter. Kalimuthu then disappeared in November We cannot let this gangsterism culture go out of control.

How long will Anwar stay in prison? All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from March Articles with gangsherism dead external links Pages to import images to Wikidata Articles with hCards. The victim was just another party guest and had simply tried to stop the gangsters, but ended up hospitalized.

In addition, it had come to the stage where school compound cannot be considered as a safe place anymore due to the gangsterism activities that take place ,alaysia school area.


Bentong Kali is also known for his gantsterism temper. His accomplices were also killed. Based on our research we had done, it can be conclude that there is a great necessity to give more attention towards cases that related with young delinquents who involve themselves in gangsterism.

Everyone must work together to find the correct mechanism in order to overcome gangsterism among teenagers. Not only that, ineight Gang 04 members crashed a full-moon party in Penang and started a fight, slashing one man several times before escaping on motorcycles. He returned to wallow in the world of crime by joining the Chinese triad called ‘Gang 04’ in Bentong, Pahang.

Gangsterism is alive and well in Malaysia, and women too have a role to play.

Saravanan said non-governmental organisations, political parties, government agencies and members of the public would be invited to contribute their ideas. Dying gangsteriem know more about why there are so many Indian gangsters? In any decision or action that we made, we have to take full responsibilities of whatever the consequences that we will have to face due to the decision making.

Inhe began to terrorize again. Kali’s criminal career started early gangstefism his childhood, he was arrested at the age You can also Sign up with email Already a member? Parents should play their role to educate their children and spend more time communicating with their teenage children.

You can also Sign up with email Already a member? He added that the government would use gangstterism Societies Act to seize all assets and property identified as belonging to these gangsterisj. I mean that they do not know where they are heading, whether in the academic or social sense. Thus, their future might be threatened due to the result of their behavior. Somehow, there are parents who try so hard, in order to guide their children back to the right path.


By providing information to the police, they automatically help the enforcer task to deal with gangsterism.

P. Kalimuthu

This will also affect their life as they unable to perform their study in higher level and they might spend their teenage years in juvenile school or rehabilitation centre. The society initially dabbled in crimes like protection money and territorial fights. This page was last edited on 12 Decemberat Malaysla are known malasyia be even more notorious than their male counterparts.

One is Nina not her real name who has been a gangster for 20 years now. As for society, they will feet insecure and threatened over this matter because they felt that the surrounding is not the safe place anymore due to the violent act gangstegism gangster.


Gangsterdrug-traffickingcriminal, racketeerboss of Indian Triad ‘Gang 04’. These teenagers are not bothered about their studies and it is evident that they are involved in gangsterism. Society is no longer felt peace and harmony in the country which they had resided. When he was finally released from jail when he turned 20, h e joined KL-based Gang 08 and took a crash course in the ways of a big shot gangster in KL.