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Rules FAQ. Updated October 1, For rules questions not addressed in this document or the official Halo ActionClix CMG rulebook. Halo ActionClix was announced on the 2nd of February, and released The basic rules for the game were released on August 14 on the Wizkids website. Board Game: Halo ActionClix» Forums» Rules · Post Thread | Subscribe sub options 0, Halo Clix Initiative Question. by PhobosLars Sat Mar 29,

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Help Policies General Disclaimer. Sure, the pieces, much like horrorclix, do not match on a point by point basis, nor can they go head to head with their combat values let alone accounting for the fact that most Halo have no damage reducers, so that two hits can pretty much toast them. The Forerunner Saga Cryptum.

Note the 58 MC: Reference Art of Halo. Retrieved from ” https: Series One is packaged in two main Game Pack varieties: Set rotation is inevitable for any game that last more than a handful of years most games die in a year, so most don’t get confronted to the problem. Otherwise, if getting a friend to share your ActionClix passions is too much of a chore, simply play against yourself or use them to decorate your crib.

Like all the clix games, it was a boring, terribly designed game and was thus voted off the market by customers.

Halo ActionClix

Birth of a Spartan. All times are GMT That is, they are designed and meant to die.


If you wanted larger point teams, I would go with that ratio, or actually a bit higher say riles action per points. Great going on the entire set. Related sites Official Halo Waypoint. We play larger group battles with up to 6 on one map, so say player A kills my Master Chief, he gets the points.

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Its faction is UNSC, it had points, its rarity was promo. Art of Halo 4. Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. If you bought such a booster for the figs you have, you have the rules.

Halo ActionClix are the versatile man’s tabletop game. Our venue mixes all clix.

Go get your Halo ActionClix today

Find More Posts by edron. Halopedia Forums Community Proposal. When this unit succeeds halk a shot and the attack roll is doubles, the shot actiondlix an extra two damage. Do you have enough players at your venue interested in playing with the Halo figs? I even have the 6 clear promo figures. Edit this page Discuss this page Page axtionclix. If you are talking about meshing Halo with Hero, it can be done, with a bit of tweaking. Official Spartan Field Manual.

Players can even purchase the largest figure that WizKids has ever created – the Scarab, from Halo 3. Originally Posted by sgtregis I’m not sure what you are asking here. I am no longer on MTGS staff, so please don’t contact me asking me to do staff things.

Let me know if you need it. Find More Posts by actioncllx. Society and culture Languages. For Halo, a respawn point is placed. It brings new game mechanics to the WizKids Clix game franchise, such as weapon swapping, figure respawning and vehicle-based combat. Books and media Novels The Fall of Reach. Thanks to DalkonCledwin for my Signature. The next year of ‘Destiny 2’ starts with Black Armory on December 4th.


Halo ActionClix | Rules | Forum | RPGGeek

As for the other clix games, hitting up online auctions and searching fan forums are the only places left to go. King of the Hill Fueled by Mountain Dew. Heroclix still has some life in it because a new company has picked up the license and is producing stuff for it Can you say free Halo swag sweetness? But they keep coming back The Essential Visual Guide. You are currently viewing HCRealms.

Ports and expansions Halo PC. Might have some luck over at the ‘Geek. Its HeroClix and Pirates brands are among the most successful games on the market today, with over million miniature game figures sold worldwide.

Actlonclix Posted by sgtregis I don’t have a PDF, but again, they are printed on the back of every map included in every booster. Ranges are altered as in Halo there is no range limit so that pistols have a range of 4, Rocket launchers and Sniper Rifles have a range of 10, all else have a range of 6 except, of course the energy sword with a range of 0. This site works best rlues JavaScript enabled.