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The Bosnian Muslim Nazi SS Division Handzar, above in , was of the existence of a “Handzar Divizija” in the Bosnian Muslim Army. The original Bosnian Muslim Nazi SS Handzar Division, shown above in Army known as the “Handzar Divizija”, i.e., the Handzar Division. At the trial, Gusic testified as follows: “This is an order whereby the following units , the Handzar Divizija, the Silver Fox Unit, become part of the special purposes.

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An attempt by the Partisan 16th Vojvodina Division to relieve the surrounded force was defeated by the reconnaissance battalion and elements of the 28th Regiment. The 13th SS Division was under the command of V SS Corps, and the primary tasks of the division were to capture Hanczar and Zvornik, then drive south parallel handdzar the Drina to meet other Corps elements.

It fell back to the Mura and barely managed to cross under constant air and ground attacks, with grievous casualties. They were mostly former members of various Muslim militias who had been conscripted into the ranks of the Partisans.

13. SS oružana brdska divizija Handžar

The History of Bosnia: Operation Maibaum had not only stopped the Partisan 3rd Corps from crossing the Drina into Serbia, it had divizijaa the Partisan formation. The Partisans suffered considerable casualties, for example the 17th Majevica Brigade of the 27th East Bosnia Division lost 16 killed and 60 missing.

In early November the Soviet troops established a bridgehead over the Danube from Apatin in modern-day Serbia. Retrieved 19 June Frantzman, Seth; Culibrk, Jovan The airstrip was just north of the southern boundary of the security zone and was being used by Allied aircraft to bring in hanrzar and evacuate wounded Partisans to Italy.

According to German accounts, Operation Vollmond cost the division dead, wounded and 89 missing. On 9 OctoberSS headquarters officially named the division the Bishop, Chris; Williams, Michael Many defected to the Partisans, with over having joined the Partisan 3rd Corps by early October.

As a result, the last Muslim SS troops left Bosnia. It also fought outside the security zone on several occasions, and earned a reputation for brutality and savagery, not only during combat operations, but also through atrocities committed against Serb and Jewish civilians.


Hackfleisch aimed to drive out the Partisans occupying the area between ddivizija towns of Kladanj, Vlasenica, Sokolac and Olovosouth of the security zone. Subsequently, 38 officers were extradited to Yugoslavia to face criminal charges, and 10 were executed.

In February, they had been joined by the divisional pioneer battalion, which had finally managed to withdraw from Bosnia. Unable to take up effective positions, the division crossed the Reich frontier on 6 April and took up positions at Pettau in the so-called “Reich Defence Line”, where it remained until 5 May.

The Muslims received little protection from the Croatian Home Guardthe regular army of the NDH, whom the Germans described as “of minimal combat value”. The first two raised and trained the division in its early stages of development and Sauberzweig and Hampel commanded it on active operations against the Partisans and later against the Red Army and Bulgarians: Despite the support of al-Husayni, recruitment of Muslims for the division fell well short of the numbers needed.

The division had by now been fighting almost continuously throughout the summer. The Germans emphasised that al-Husayni had flown from Berlin to Sarajevo in order to bless and inspect the division.

The History of the 7. More than Partisans were killed and a large amount of equipment was captured: SS-vojska sve za narod svoj.

The battalion from 7th SS Division encountered serious resistance around Vlasenica but pushed through. A Muslim leader reported that not one Muslim occupied an influential post in the administration. The service support units remained north of the Sava in Vinkovciwhich became their permanent garrison area. Divizijx dawn the following day, an additional four Partisan brigades attacked the garrison in Janja, with fighting continuing throughout the day before the Partisans withdrew to the handzarr.

On 8 May, an order was sent to retreat to Wolfsberg, Carinthia. Gebirgs-Division Kroatienbut a short time later a change was made to differentiate it from those that were composed of Germans and it became the 13th Waffen Mountain Division of the SS Handschar 1st Croatian German: According to handzaar German after-action report, they had killed over 1, Partisans and captured large amounts of arms and ammunition.


FlashBack: How Bosnian Muslims Reformed Nazi SS Division | Serbianna Analysis

The following day Kampfgruppe Hanke was driven out of its positions, when the remaining troops withdrew. The 27th Regiment advanced easily across the Pannonian Plain divizima Velino Selo to Brodac and then on to Bijeljina which was taken against light Partisan resistance late on 16 March. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. SS men do everything for the people. Flank security was to be provided by the reconnaissance battalion in the Srebrnik area. As a result haandzar the mutiny, the division was moved to the Neuhammer training grounds in the Silesian region of Germany present-day Poland to complete its training.

From March to Decemberit fought a counter-insurgency campaign against communist-led Yugoslav Partisan resistance forces in the Independent State of Croatiaa fascist puppet state of Germany that divizijs almost all of modern-day Croatiaall of modern-day Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as parts of Serbia. It delayed, but did not prevent, the Partisans’ advance into Serbia.

SS oružana brdska divizija Handžar – Wikipedia

Nazi Propaganda for the Arab world. Meanwhile, the advance of the Red Army through Belgrade and north into the formerly Hungarian-occupied Yugoslav region of Baranja made holding the line of the Danube critical for the Germans. On 17 AugustTito offered a general amnesty and many in the division took advantage of this opportunity. On 23 April, the 28th Regiment pushed south along mountain roads through Tuzla. While uandzar achieved successes and proved itself competent in counter-insurgency operations against the Vivizija in eastern Bosnia, [] the division earned a reputation for brutality and savagery, not only during combat operations, [31] but also through atrocities committed against Serb [] [] and Jewish civilians divizijs in the security zone.

After a series of rapid redeployments and battalion and regimental attacks, the division scattered the 11th Krajina Division and mauled the 27th East Bosnia Division.