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Heathkit SB Documentation Project TIPS: You need to have Diagrams Schematic Diagram · Schematic Diagram. Copyright © , View and Download Heathkit SB assembly and operation manual online. SB Amplifier pdf manual download. Table 4 Results of SB Tests. Linear Amplifier SB RF-Ampl. Heathkit Brand, Heath Co.; Benton Harbor MI, Select picture or schematic to display from thumbnails on the right and click.

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New to Ham Radio? I bought the amp from its second owner, who said that the original owner was an engineer who was meticulous about detail when he built the amp from a kit as well as taking care of this amp. The amp was heathkkt clean with almost no wear at any heathkot, including the front panel. I’ve been heathikt this amp for almost 2 years on the 3. It puts out around 1, watts with around 90 watts of drive and does this all night long. I really like the small footprint manal the SB andrelative to other amps.

I also like the fact that the Z tubes are readily available at a reasonable cost. And, there are plenty of people around that can work on the amp.

I was so impressed with the amp that I bought a second one as a back up. It was also very heafhkit and was a Heathkit ‘store built’ amp, based on a certification on the back of the amplifier. If you can find one that’s clean, I recommend buying it. The more common Harbach mods can really make manhal amp work well for years.

If you have further questions, join us on 3. The amp was in very nice shape and I was going to modify it for just 50 MHz. The front panel, knobs were perfect. However, after checking the transformer, etc, I decided to do a heaghkit rebuild. I disassembled the amp down to every screw and nut.

I’m retired and this was a great project. I had a copy of the Manual and started from Page 1. Polished all the aluminum sheet metal with flat black manuap in the RF area! All the hardware was replaced with SS. As I rebuilt it, I added the Harbach mods with my own caps.

I even added a fan shroud below deck to cool the tube pins. Directly grounded the grids, etc. Added the Harbach HV fuse no costnew heatnkit paint, just a fun project. I had several spare ‘older’ Zs from another amp. Even a few Zs. Results, a beautiful, classic amp that works perfectly and produces excellent power as indicated by my LP I made all the modifications available in Harbach Electronics.

No problem at all, low Price, and it is nice. I am keeping as a back up. It had heathkitt of the mods done, I replaced the tubes with new zg’s replaced the caps and rectifier boards and fitted upgrade suppressors. It had a non genuine plate voltage meter but I found a pair on Ebay so it is now original in looks. I replaced the caps because I figured 40 years for high voltage hewthkit is long enough and Harbach Electronics make an excellent kit for caps and diodes.

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Machlett Tubes from Ebay are quite reasonably priced and mine had original Eimac tubes which were getting a bit on and not quite up to the power. I recommend doing Harbach upgrades as it gives it a new lease on life especially the soft sbb-221 so it runs with new transceivers. If you can find a good one, grab it.

They produced a video showing all bands into a dummy load which allowed me to watch the tune process and the grid and plate’s on the various bands. It had the original Eimac tubes. I replaced both with 3yr warranty RF Parts zg’s. I will s-b221 the Eimac’s in occasionally to help prevent gassing. I usually run about in and easily cruise at w. It has a few upgrades, new caps, soft start, soft key, hearhkit suppressors. Couldn’t be more pleased. I owned one back in the early ‘s and when I saw the opportunity at the price I was comfortable with, I grabbed it.

The individual who assembled this did a fantastic job. You can’t go wrong with an SB Mamual efficiency I still think the best bang for the buck is a single setup, such as my SB, another masterpiece! Norm is now SK and I wanted post this review of his amp. I purchased this back in from Norm, he had not used it in some years. Still is was clean inside and out and looked like new. I did the usual start up procedure for an amp not used in hesthkit long time.

Everything was working and output was at spec. Interior build quality was amazing. It looks factory built. Norm was an electrical engineer and his workmanship is outstanding. Since the amp worked so well I saw no need to add mods to deviate from what Heath kit originally designed. Then the high voltage started to drop.

So purchased new caps, bleeder resistors, rebuilt the filter board, and installed the soft key kit. Amp is back to full output, I did not buy the expensive caps but caps rated heathkti to or better and by purchasing the board rebuild parts verses replacing it I saved on that too. I read all the information I could find first.

Both from Harbach as well as Rick Measures. Ended up deciding mostly toward what Rick suggested. Though I did not originally assemble the kit it is neat to have a part in keeping this big green machine up and operating as well as making the few small improvements.

[Heathkit] Re: SB-221 Manual

It makes getting those great reports somehow more satisfying. I find the layout well done, easy to work on and easy to maintain.

Support is available as well as parts are easy to obtain. Lots and lots of information out there on the internet too. Highly recommend if you can find a decent example to start with. Well got it home opened it up and was very dirty inside.


I spent a better part of a day cleaning it all up, everything was original inside. I decided a update was in order, MODS done: Harbach soft start Harbach metering board Harbach soft start Grounded the grids Harpen type Nichrone parasitic suppressors.

New Fan from Harbach I decide I would add 6: I have the orignal Eimac tubes in both amps. SB output on volts sb221 line 10awg less than 20foot wire run into a dummy load. This was just the test after all the mods I do not like to tune on key down anymore than 1KW as scared of burning out the band switch. The original fan was noisy compared to my HL it heathkif a wobble so some vibration, I replaced it with the Harbach fan but still nosier than the HL The new harbach fan is rated higher then original, faster and higher CFM.

I decided to put a 50watt 33ohm resister in line for the fan just to slow down a little and reduce noise and now works like a charm and still a higher rated CFM than original. Heathkut tend to use the HL a little more but the SB manuzl my pride and joy. There is a lot of spare and replacment parts still around and a wealth of information on the Heathkit amps Yahoo group who can help you with any issues you may run into. It’s a wonderful, even artistic, piece of equipment.

It is fitting that it be used to create antenna systems by testing their limits. My amp heathit to destroy and create new antenna systems for amateur radio operators. How cool is that? Now, imagine the abuse this amp has taken, for mqnual last 7 years.

It performs without a glitch even after all of what we use it for. So, I know what I am saying when I tell you, it’ll serve you well. Has most of the Harbach mods and outputs around watts on 80 meters. Been getting great signal reports using this amp and a home brewed hex beam.

It outputs about watts on 17 meters and on 20 meters. I really like sn-221 tubes, specifically the Eimac Z tubes that are the originals for this amp.

-> Instruction, users and service manuals for Heathkit

Even though they are over 30 years old, because they were used lightly for most of their lives, they are still strong after all these years. The original colors of light mxnual and darker green are kind of ugly and so when this amp came up for sale Black face plate and light gray case colors I bought it.

The amp has all the mods except for soft start. Probably does not need it as the amp and tubes can handle the current surge easily.

I may end up adding it anyways as insurance. This amplifier deserves the “5” of all the reviews.