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The HP A/A Transmission Im- pairment Measuring Sets and the HP. A/A Transmission Test Sets are rugged, portable test sets that provide . View and Download HP A operating and service manual online. Transmission Impairment Measuring Set. A Multimeter pdf manual download. The Agilent/HP A is a Transmission Impairment Measuring Set for installation and maintenance of voiceband data, wideband data, program and dds local.

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When ordering a non-listed part include the instrument model number, serial number and a description and function of the part. Noise-to-ground Measurement The 49XA uses noise-to-ground to measure the longitudinal noise present on a telephone circuit,: Agilent no longer sells or supports this product.

HP 4935A Transmission Test Set 110 kHz Option 001

The 49XA uses noise-to-ground to measure the longitudinal noise present on a telephone circuit,: This section contains information on front and re jr panel features, self check procedures, and 4935x c-odes Err-c,otlrs. This makes the unit extremely useful in isolating faults related to the following modem functions: Please contact us via email or toll free at and we will be happy to assist you with this request.

Measure distortion at the following points. Also See for A Operating and service manual – pages. h;

ISA frequency when measured with the counter is between It should be dHm -t:! Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Accepts power cord supplied with instrument. This disengages the dial circuitry and allows testing. In addition, the A adds to its arsenal the ability to frame data for testing character-oriented systems.


I,rvel can be read in the left display and frequency in the right. Manufacturer Code List Model Operating Environment, Environment Hewlett-Packard sales and service offices listed at the rear of this manual.

We hope to earn your business. Cheek the rcsponsc at 4935x frcclucncy in Table Output level is Adjusts the transmitter output level continuou;ly displayed 493a left display. At power up, it automatically sets up a typical testing configuration of a 5-minute bit error count, block error count and errored second count at bps with a PRBS. The basic measurement technique used for the noise-to-ground measurement is very similar to the message circuit noise measurement; Page 22 Installation Table Keplaceahlc Parts Table Single frequency interference refers to unwanted steady tones which may appear in lines.

Refer to Section IV for electrical checks. Page 15 Model Additional Info Please provide any additional information which could help us determine whether we can meet your requirements for this offer.

4935A Transmission Impairment Measurement Set

If the test set-up needs to be modified, just press the appropriate button and scroll through the menu until the proper configuration is set. The A combines th s notch with any of the five filters. Page of Go.


In addition to the standard bit and block error tests, the A measures errored seconds, percent error-free seconds, timing delay, and parity errors. Charge Acceptance at Various These provide typically 2. The A will automatically do a self check of the transmitter, the filters, and the LEDs. Both of these test sets 4935z measurements of level versus frequency, noise with various selectable filters, Signal-to-Noise Ratio, Noise with Tone, Three-level Impulse Nose and 4-wire single frequency return loss.

The message circuit measurement is obtained by measuring the noise present on a line with a quiet: F i r s t use a 9OOIl rrsistor, second a !

Offer AccuSource Electronics is always happy to consider reasonable offers on our test instruments.

Keysight Technologies (Agilent HP) A used or new for sale at used-line

Intelligent microcomputer control and full alphanumeric display capabilities simplify operation of the A. Contact Info Please let us know how we can contact you.

If the unit is mechanically damaged or fails electrical tests, notify the carrier and the nearest HP officbe listed at the rear of this manual. Lighted cursor indicates one-of-two digit positions.