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The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) provides Work/Life leadership to the Federal Government by partnering with Federal agencies to help them develop. Federal Retirement Moving ChecklistMoving? Use this tool to help you prepare for moving and then conduct any relevant transactions after your move. (Source: Introduction to the Position Classification Standards, TS, July ) ://

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The work requires applying a practical knowledge of: Office of Personnel Management 54 Series in this group are: This work includes the examination of drawings and specifications for compliance with standards and verification that construction complies with these standards; the estimation of costs of construction, extension, alteration, remodeling, or repair of housing; and the collection, analysis, and development of basic cost information on housing construction. This work requires a technical knowledge of dental anatomy and skill in the use of dental laboratory materials and equipment.

Library technicians provide technical support by performing a wide variety of tasks providing direct services to the public and indirect technical services such as materials acquisition, copy cataloging, support of automated systems, or other similar work in support of library or related information programs and operations. Examinations are conducted in order to determine the genuineness or spuriousness of a document or any of its parts; decipher or restore eradicated or obliterated writings and markings; detect alterations, additions, interlineations, or other tampering with the original document; determine authorship of a signature or other writing; determine the validity of a date or the alleged age of a document or a particular entry; identify the particular machine used to produce a document; or identify the source of a document.

Office of Personnel Management 25 Social Science Aid and Technician Series This series covers positions involving nonprofessional work of a technical, specialized, or support nature in one or more of the social science or other occupational fields covered by this group when there is no more appropriate series.

Therapists perform tests and measurements involving manual or electrical means; and interpret results. The work requires the acquisition of information on a variety of subjects in the course of completing assignments. The work requires a knowledge of agricultural stabilization, conservation, and related programs; farming customs and practices; crop cultivation; production and marketing methods; and related agricultural activities. Most positions also require the ability to translate and interpret technical legal material from a foreign language into English and from English into a foreign language.

Information technology includes computers, network components, peripheral equipment, software, firmware, services, and related resources. This work may take the form of assisting higher level environmental protection personnel in an area of assignment or it may involve independent performance of limited assignments in a prescribed segment of an environmental protection program.

Specifically included are topographic, hydrographic, geodetic, land, control, and construction surveying. These positions require skill in using reference works to verify information and knowledge of grammar, punctuation, spelling, and good English usage. Supervisory positions involved in supervising work characteristic of this series are also included when typing ability is an essential part of the job. Some positions also require an understanding of basic budgetary and financial management principles and techniques as they relate to long range planning of programs and objectives.


Positions also require a basic knowledge of human anatomy, physiology, and medical terminology. Most positions also require a high degree of analytical ability and a general knowledge of the principles and processes of program management and intergovernmental relations.

Included are positions concerned with one or more aspects of supply activities from initial planning, including requirements analysis and determination, through acquisition, cataloging, storage, distribution, utilization to ultimate issue for consumption or disposal. The paramount qualifications required are extensive knowledge and understanding of management principles, practices, methods and techniques, and skill in integrating management services with the general management of an organization.

The work requires skill in: The work includes basic and applied research into the conditions and phenomena of the atmosphere; the collection, analysis, evaluation, and interpretation of meteorological data to predict weather and determine climatological conditions for specific geographical areas; the development of new or the improvement of existing meteorological theory; and the development or improvement of meteorological methods, techniques, and instruments.

Positions in this series require a practical knowledge of the techniques of anatomical laboratory practice in one or both of the areas of laboratory work i. The primary requirement of the work is competence in the rigorous methods of scientific inquiry and analysis. For positions classified under the General Schedule, position classification standards and job family standards provide grading criteria.

Office of Personnel Management 8 Series Name Action Computer Engineering Revises this series definition as a result of a recent occupational study. The work requires the development, analysis, and selection of appropriate information and presentation of the information in a form and at a level suitable for the intended audience.

Biological science technicians provide practical technical support to production, research, operations, or program administration efforts in laboratories, field, or other settings including greenhouses, barns, caves, or wildlife refuges. Department of the Treasury. The work requires application of a practical knowledge of: This work can be performed solely or in combination with general clerical work that does not require prior specialized experience or training.

Also included are positions responsible for providing ground and flight instruction in air navigation. This work includes the investigation, analysis, and interpretation of the composition, molecular structure, and properties of substances, the transformations which they undergo, and the amounts of matter and energy included in these transformations.

Handbook of Occupational Groups and Families – [PDF Document]

Work in this series requires practical understanding and skill in the application of administrative rules, regulations, and procedures associated with recording, reporting, processing, and keeping track of budgetary transactions; e. Sociologists are concerned primarily with the study of patterns of group and organizational behavior, social interaction, and social situations in which interaction occurs.


Because of the scope and variety of Federal Government operations, and the continuing changes taking place in occupations, a separate occupation is not always established for each identifiable line of work. Kinesiotherapists plan and carry out treatment in which they use or adapt various types of physical exercise, physical activities, and equipment. Positions in other agencies may not be placed in this series without the approval of the U.

The work requires a practical knowledge of library or related information services, tools, and methods and procedures. Some positions also require specialized knowledge of one or more subjects in which the instruction is given. They evaluate patients for muscle strength, endurance, coordination, and balance; provide individual or group instruction for physical reconditioning or for resocialization of patients; and devise adaptations of equipment to meet the specific needs of patients.

Handbook of Occupational Groups and Families

This work may be specialized in one or several of the branches of the scientific field that includes ethnology, physical anthropology, and scientific linguistics. This work requires full professional education and training in the plant sciences and a fundamental knowledge of the principles, methods, techniques, procedures, and relationships of the science of botany and of the application of this knowledge in the investigation, analysis, and solution of botanical problems.

Introduction to the Position Classification Standards, TS, July Trade, Craft, and Labor Occupations If a position clearly gkv trades, craft, or laboring experience and knowledge as a requirement for the performance of its primary duty, and this requirement is paramount, the position is in a ggov, craft, or labor occupation regardless of its organizational location or the nature of the activity in which it exists.

Oceanographers plan, organize, conduct, and administer seagoing and land-based study and research of fws69144 phenomena for the purpose of interpreting, predicting, utilizing and controlling ocean forces and events. Work in this series primarily requires: The work requires skill to communicate effectively and work constructively with members of the particular group involved.

Previous editions of this document referred to these occupations as Federal Wage System Occupations. The work may include research, field investigations, laboratory analysis, library research, interpretation or consultative work, preparation fesclass reports for publication, curation and exhibition of collections, or development and implementation of programs and projects that carry out such work.

Positions are classifiable to this series when the nature of duties and responsibilities is such that the degree of Doctor of Medicine or Doctor of Osteopathy is hhtp fundamental requirement.