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Available in the National Library of Australia collection. Author: Soeseno, Slamet; Format: Book; 19 p.: illus. ; 17 cm. Gambar 1. Motilitas Spermatozoa Ikan Nilem Pra-Pembekuan (mot-pre) dan Pasca-Thawing (mot-post) pada Kombinasi Ekstender Madu dengan Krioprotektant. Pengaruh Penyuplemenan Spirulina Dalam Pakan Terhadap Hematologis Ikan Nilem (Osteochilus Hasselti C.v.) Effect of Supplemented Spirulina in Diet on.

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Spermatozoa motility in the Persian sturgeon, Acipenser persicus: Chanes in structure and fertilizing ability of marine and freshwater fish spermatozoa diluted in media of various salinities. Spermatogenesis and spermatology of some teleost fish species. Reproduction, Nature and Development. Some problems related to the assessment of sperm motility nildm freshwater fish.

Cryopreservation and short-term storage of sturgeon sperm, a review. Ionic factor regulating the motility of fish sperm.

Ikan Nilem

Short-term cold storage of atlantic sturgeon sperm. Carbondioxide and pH affect sperm motility of white sturgeon Acipenser transmontanus. The effect of time and temperature on motility of spermatozoa of common and grass carp.


Diakses tanggal 14 Juni Fogli da Silva, M. Producao espermatica e ikaan de fertilizacao do semen de truta arco-iris, Salmo irideus Gibbons no primeiro ciclo reprodutivo. Oxygen and fish spermatozoa cryoresistance.

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Short-term cold storage of sperm from six neotropical characiformes fishes. Brazilian Archives of Biology and Technology.

Viabilitas spermatozoa ikan nilem Osteochilus hasselti C. Fresh storage of rainbow trout Onchorynchus mykiss semen using a nonaqueous medium. A high molecular weight glycoprotein nile seminal plasma is a sperm immobilizing factor in the teleost Nile tilapia, Oreochromis mossambicus.

Development Growth and Differentiation An extender slution for the short-term storage of sturgeon semen. North American Journal of Aquaculture. Pengaruh lama penyimpanan sperma ikan mas terhadap keberhasilan pembuahan dan penetasan telur.

Fish gamet preservation and spermatozzon physiology. Academic Press New York.

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Studi pendahuluan untuk peningkatan mutu benih ikan nilem Osteochilus hasselti C. Fertilitas telur dan sperma ikan nilem Osteochilus hasselti C. Perkembangan embrio dan larva ikan nilem yang diinkubasi pada media dengan berbagai temperatur.

Transcription-dependent induction of G1 phase during the zebra fish midblastula transsition. Molecular and Cellular Biology. User Username Ikab Remember me. About The Authors Gratiana E.


Article Tools Print this article. How to cite item. Email this article Login required. Email the ikah Login required. Abstract The success of induced breeding relies on the availability of viable sperm and eggs.

Meanwhile information on viability of post-stripped sperm of the nilem is still limited. This experimental study was conducted to find out the duration of sperm storage that maintains sperm viability.

The sperm viability was assessed by its motility, progressivity and ability to fertilize fresh eggs. The results showed that the sperm were immotile in either undiluted or diluted in Ringer solution.

Low HR produced by milt stored for 6 and nilemm days was resulted from a high proportion of abnormal embryos which led to their mortality around gastrula stage. Keywords sperm storage, sperm motility, fertility, nilem Osteochilus hasselti C.

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