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An Austrian philosopher who founded the Intercultural Documentation Center in Mexico, Ivan Illich was known as a “maverick social critic” of contemporary. CIASP Canada – This talk was delivered on the evening of Saturday April 20 at St . Mary’s Lake of the Woods Seminary in Niles (Chicago). Titled “To Hell with Good Intentions,” Illich discusses the deep dangers of paternalism inherent in any “do-gooding” voluntary act of service.

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Today, the existence of organizations like yours is offensive to Mexico. Therefore you might have invited me here to help the others reach this same decision. At best, tk can try to convince Mexican girls that they should marry a young man who is self-made, rich, a consumer, and as disrespectful of tradition as one of you. After all, his livelihood and sense of purpose depends on his firm belief in a year-round mission which is of the same type as your summer vacation-mission.

This is a theological statement.

People offended by your pretentiousness would hit or spit. I did not come here to argue. By now intenfions should be evident to all America that the U. You close your eyes because you want to go ahead and could not do so if you looked at some facts.

It is incredibly unfair for you to impose yourselves on a village where you are so linguistically deaf and dumb that you don’t even understand what you are doing, or what people think of you.


Now, it is among the members of this middle class that you will find a few people who are willing iwth waste their time with you. Actually, they frequently wind up alleviating the damage done by money and weapons, or “seducing” the “underdeveloped” to the benefits of the world of affluence and achievement.

Some among you might have reached the conclusion that Ho should either dissolve altogether, il,ich take the promotion of voluntary aid to the Mexican poor out of it institutional purpose. The dictators were formerly at the service of the plantation owners, but now they protect the new industrial complexes.

What is the language spoken in the host country? Anybody in this country who did not finish high school is considered underprivileged. You, like the values you carry, are the products of an American society of achievers and consumers, with its two-party system, its universal schooling, and its family-car affluence.

In Mexicoit is a tiny elite. The fact that you live in huts and eat tortillas for a few weeks renders your well-intentioned group only a bit more picturesque. Then, a minority of that minority goes on for university training.

To Hell with Good Intentions (my imaginary conversation with Ivan Illich) | Lessons I Learned

I was equally impressed by the witn of most of you: The entire speech is usually cited as being given in Cuernavaca Mexico… but it was delivered in Chicago on April I cannot change now because my control of English is not good enough to keep my statement understandable if I change it while reading it. Austrian philosopher Ivan Illich, who was also a Roman Catholic priest, was one who thought otherwise. Thus, people who have illkch high school are members of a tiny minority.


Today, the existence of organizations like yours is offensive to Mexico. The damage which volunteers do willy-nilly is too high a price for the belated insight that they shouldn’t have been volunteers in the first place.

You will not help anybody by your good intentions.

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Inntentions Chicago, poverty funds, the police force and preachers seem to be no more successful in their efforts to check the unwillingness of the black community to wait for graceful integration into the system. During several of his visits to Toronto he was to be interviewed on CBC. In Mexico, it is a tiny elite. It is only among these people that you will find your educational equals.

To Hell with Good Intentions by Ivan Illich

Just like everything, the notion of service leadership has its critics. Why not just send the resources? I am here to tell you, if possible to convince you, and hopefully, to stop you, from pretentiously imposing yourselves on Mexicans.

To better understand the implications of intehtions service-learning through a critical perspective. In Latin America the situation is quite different: