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Results 1 – 29 of 29 ILUSÕES: As aventuras de um Messias Indeciso. BACH, Richard. Published by Editora Record, Rio de Janeiro (). Used. Softcover. Read the latest magazines about Messias and discover magazines on Yumpu. com. Share. ILUSÕES – AVENTURAS DE UM MESSIAS INDECISO. 1 Magazines from BLOGBEMTEVI01 found on – Read for FREE.

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O Livro de Enoque. Esse foi um ponto curioso que encontrei. Haja Luz, e a Luz houve…. Enoque teria vivido se existisse entre Quem seriam os sentinelas? Tinha-se pensado que o livro tinha sido perdido, por cerca de 2. Qual seria o significado real da teoria dos astronautas?

Kirk In all fiction of the Zecharia Sitchin, some revelations are discovered. This happened with all those prophets who transmitted the words of God to those who had ears to hear, through divine inspiration, that through it they could receive heavenly messages.

Some parts of his books are symbolic, and should be interpreted as metaphors. The bible says that God created man and woman and placed them in paradise, and these, subsequently expelled because of disobedience to God.

Ilusões: as Aventuras de um Messias Indeciso: Richard Bach: : Books

As gold mines and gold sought by Anunnaki own perfection is the perfect finish for your Great Work and the proper conduct expected and breeding with pure spirit and beautiful the word beautiful to be found in many other philosophical doctrines, and always in the sense of the virtue of the man and his never appeared. What is the real meaning of the theory of the astronauts? Maybe that man is a being who has a part in his being extraterrestrial.

THE Bible says in chapter 6 of Genesis about the presence of superhuman beings called neflins and half-gods could be the children of these gods with humans. This increases The probability of the hypothesis of the theory of the astronauts is right. I know that Annunnakis are described in the Magan text of Lover-Craft ,the occultist correction: Whatever the origin of the aliens that were on the earth before the great flood, the hypothesis of mixing of races is possible.

The Lost Book of Enki, it is nonetheless a book of science fiction. But your content is of great understanding and very neat.

God made man in his image, and there is no doubt a divine part that presents the man, the prophet Sitchin translates this passage when he writes that the man produced Annunaki part of alien genes, called homo sapiens. Well what happened to the species during the roughlyyears it took for one species evolve into another is inexplicable.

And the period prescribed for their evolution homo sapiens to the present day is very short compared to the evolution of a being to another within the chronology 30, years. And would they annunnakis survived the great flood? Sigyn, a esposa de Loki, permaneceu com ele para recolher o veneno gotejante da serpente em uma tijela, que de vez em quando, ela esvaziava. Sempre que a tijela ficava cheia o veneno as vezes gotejava na face de Loki e ele convulsionava de dor, e fazia o mundo todo tremer, ao qual os homens chamam de terremoto.

Desta forma temos do hebraico: Do fundo deste Caos os deuses e o mundo foram criados. The giants were enemies of the gods and finished work in a stipulated time receive the goddess Freya goddess of love and beauty as payment for the service.

But when it became apparent that the work of the fortifications would soon end, Loki with his treacherous character, watched the surrender Freya for the giant gods. He offered to help Thjasse giant stealing Idun the goddess of poetry with its golden apples of immortality. Only when the gods threatened to punish him it is that he decided to bring Idun back. After that he was punished and not lived long in Asgard.

But he came back and mocked of the gods when they were in a meeting with Aegir giant friendly at a banquet. Finally, he was caught and as punishment for his crimes, was tied about three sharp rocks just below the mouth of a serpent.


Yes would have lived, and they An star of the giants who came to Earth and are mentioned in the Bible as Nephilim. Dragons also appear as a custom in ancient legends and is repeated with almost all the people that have developed on Earth.

The dragon killed by St. George in medieval legendsthe Chinese dragons bring good luck.

Michael and his angels fought against the dragon and the dragon fought and his angels, And prevailed not; neither was ideciso place in heaven was cast down the great dragon, the ancient serpent called the devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world was thrown on earth and his angels were cast out with him. So far these means mystic articles but not aborting science, no one can doubt that this one who writes follows the creationist theory, which is adapted to a more messoas version, with ufologists touches and without being too whimsical, would have a better understanding for times today, what I believe.

It is messia in the seven Babylonian, Sumerian tablets, but found his Hebrew similar in the first chapter of the Old Testament. This mythological character is found in the Bible by the name of Leviathan, an apocalyptic way, because these stories seem possir the same source.

We see that many words used in Genesis are the same in the cuneiform inscriptions assirianas. Thus we have the Hebrew: Mehumah confusion, chaos which is the Assiriano Mummu, while Hebrew: Tiamat is the original water Chaos where heaven and earth were created. The Babylonians philosophers see it, the mother of the world and the source of all things, and some Gnostics sect see her as the mother of all mankind, as in mythology it appears as the mother of the monsters of the deep.

We see the fourth board of creation that God Belus or Bel-Merodach Mardukafter a long struggle defeated Tiamat, but after that the fight was not over yet, the demons still alive and Belus had to fight seven demons — monster of the Tiamat which follow the moon god,Kingu.

Bel killed Dragons and evil spirits. Reviewing the Bible, we find the familiar story of the mighty Archangel Michael, which hurts the beast Dragon and the spear to the ground with his legion of followers angels and Greek legend who combat is Zeus himself who fight against Typhon demon and defeat with fulminant pitches his magical rays that were a gift from Hephaestus, the metal founder of the gods and god of fire and metal.

Already in the near future We find St. George and his legend is strongly linked to these ancient myths. In its Christian form, this story comes to us by Jacobus de Voragine, which tells us about a city that was plagued by a dragon, which had to be satisfied with a human sacrifice. The monster then was finally killed by St. George is richly rewarded for his heroic feat and then he admired by everyone, distributes all the reward among the poor that there greeted him.

The beginning of Genesis and the beginning of time. Heaven and Earth had not yet been created, there was nothing, just nothing there, except the aquatic chaos of the waters of the deep. No names had been created, unless our character: From the bottom of this chaos the gods and the world were created. Finally the three were born superior gods of the Babylonian belief: What researchers, theologians and doctors from other areas who are engaged in these studies notice is the great effort generated and developed, both by the god Marduk as the god Tiamat, light and darkness, the regime of order and chaos of the regime, and this is a subject that generates a lot of reflection by all.

All these stories mentioned remember navamente are myths and legends may exist only in the world of the mind or maybe not, because behind these stories always have a concrete and real event that actually existed and was decorated with ornaments over the millennia.

But if we have an epic character repeated in various versions epics is a sign that its existence is not at all the result of imagination.


Then we have a second option to believe that there are inhabited mega-worlds and in them there dinossaurianas and draconian ways, assisted by the reptilians, and a whole variety of forms of life that we do not even dream of. Record of the past. Marduk pelos babilonicos, e Merodach para os israelitas. They are not always understand messages from loved Masters, which often lead us to have an erroneous interpretation of lofty ass.

You know the great difficulty that exalted masters have to df their messages into practice on Earth, due to interference of capitalism and the accelerated development that the Earth is going through right now.

It is a setting of words and the power of teachers lose their strength. I tell you it is indecieo interference, that a lot can happen, but only when an intersection of lines of force with the two planes. But this is normal, because for a long time suffered any influence, either for good or for evil. We then now, focus your mind on the great mind and channel radius splendor of great conscience, until all figures have walked away, having a clear mind and updated with the Cosmos.

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As for the work that we give to our servers, we will aventura some considerations: For the perfect characteristic properties of lightning and flames, the man should give himself fully to the internal Command, will be mighty I AM presence, because through this power, will join dentra flames through a large concentration of work. As you enter you will be burning these impregnating all your bodies, including the four lower bodies with the characteristic virtues of the flames.

The divinity of the Holy Spirit. Now, I have been explaining that our mission is not just a message passoal but worldwide, and Universal. As to your country, although for some it is a utopia, will be the Land of promises. Just by the south wind blows to the north and the compass needle change direction, that I tell you that not only your country, as the world is so doomed.

Hence the importance mesias esoiritualidade. Whither goest thou,, Ye ye which are walkers, with certain knowledge, enjoy these moments, using his faith and positive energy, to be viewed with complacency by the Hierarchy, knowing that we are innocent for not knowing. The purpose of this is extraordinary … Aventurax and his scientific theses had implanted itself in the minds of the true sages who do not know aventuraz, allegedly had contact between the continents sharing scientific discoveries.

A thousand years before Christ, the birth of the great avatar savior of the dee was announced by the gods, and soon imdeciso prophecies about the Messiah are fulfilled. When the Messiah comes, the three Magis Kings: Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar engaged in a trip to see the boy messiah, and how they found it?

They and all the sages knew this great event for the appearance and positions of the star. Pythagoras, the great initiated and Greek wise, founded his Inxeciso school, where his philosophy was translated by numerical values appearing the Meszias theorem: The mathematician and Greek astronomer Hipparchus began the study of trigonometry in the century II B.

Messiaa ish ram K. He knew he could still win, but his soldiers were in doubt. On the way to the battle he stopped at a Shinto temple and said to his men: The Destiny is in your hands. Then went out and threw the coin. After the battle, his second in command told him proud: Being spiritual serving as messenger between God and men. We can conceptualize words and all things in the world but we can not all things have a real proof of its existence. Interestingly this point why, fail to have a real proof of something, does not negate the fact that it exists.

Man can not live without their concepts, but rather reality.