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Imię wiatru. Front Cover. Patrick Rothfuss. Dom Wydawniczy QR code for Imię wiatru. Title, Imię wiatru. Volume 1 of Author, Patrick Rothfuss. Translated by. Imię wiatru Books by Patrick Rothfuss. Kvothe to czowiek legenda. Wielki mag, geniusz muzyki, bohater i zoczyca – namwiony przez Kronikarza – wspomina swe . Imi? Wiatru by Patrick Rothfuss Jan Kar?owski. Read and Download Online Unlimited eBooks, dzieci stwa sp dzonego w Imi wiatru Patrick Rothfuss PDF Free.

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So, in the second half of the book we, as the reader, got to see real-life problems that we women face every day, a character got her period! About his name pronunciation: Inca o data am ramas uimita de ceea ce autorul ne-a oferit in aceasta carte.

I see now why these books are not titled: How did he meet Bast? Patrick rothfuss pdf -? Geralt is more present here, although once again, I feel that Ciri takes center stage, and I’m glad for it.

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I thought The Name of the Wind was “very good”. View all 3 comments. Take, for instance, The Name of the Wind, one of the most celebrated fantasy debuts in years, with glowing praise from If I could give six stars out of five, I probably would for this book.

So, in the second half of the book we, as the reader, got to see real-life problems that we women face every day, a character got her period! He scores with hot chicks! This may seem a little contradictory when considering his superb natural talents, but when he was a boy he lost everything; he had no family; he had no friends; he had no books, and most importantly, in this world, he had absolutely no money. The day we fret about the future is the day we leave our childhood behind.


The Time of Contempt (The Witcher, #4) by Andrzej Sapkowski (5 star ratings)

To be honest, the guy’s a little pretentious witru idiotic. Her story manages to go through quite a lot of settings and conflicts over the course of the novel, which I really enjoyed.

Or maybe I am bad at choosing, since I really like some of it Martin, Bujold. Ciri who is young, scared, and curious is kind of into it for a second, which happens to people and makes sense, but Mistle totally took advantage of her.

Every single cliche thing that some middle aged guy could write into his wish-fulfillment protagonist is in here, but nothing particularly exciting ever really happens.

I read it in what rthfuss me was a very short span of time – it had that ‘more-ish’ quality that best sellers need. Oh – and Rothfuss repeats himself and his descriptions too much.

Much of Time of Contempt is recounted after the fact, and that requires careful consideration concerning firstly, who should report such events, and secondly, through whose eyes we should see them.


And that is perhaps the worst enemy of storytelling: I just caved and bought this book, even though my birthday is in less than a month I had rothtuss downgrade this from 2 stars to 1. I feel sorry for Geralt and Yennefer, they really had hope of starting their own little family for a minute there.

I don’t get that.

Atunci cand cred ca in sfarsit o sa aiba un pic de liniste ,Cirri reuseste sa invoce o furtuna. The explanation merely peters out. There are some pretty funny moments where Geralt demonstrates excellent wit in the banquet rotufuss. You know the type of socially awkward insecure guy who seems to lurk in the corner of gothfuss university class trying to correct everyone and whose only purpose is to rotbfuss sure the world at large realizes just how much better he is at everything?

I’ve heard people say it’s said like “quoth” but I hope the next book is better with all of this, because the story has potential. The genius is in how Kvothe is portrayed: Can someone compare this series to the Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn trilogy?