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We take this opportunity to inform you that Bangladesh pharmaceutical market is one of the fastest growing sectors among the markets. Total pharmaceuticals. Drug Company Name:Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Product List. Serial. No. Brand Name. Dosage. Generic Name. Pack Size. 1. Aboxitin 1 gm. Injection. Incepta Pharmaceuticals Limited is a generic pharmaceutical company based in Dhaka, The company sells its products in Bangladesh and also has begun exporting to both developed and developing countries around the world. In .

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Incepta Pharmaceuticals

This department makes order for goods and services. Proper strategic lits, technical excellence, swift and timely decisions helped them achieve their objectives leading to much faster growth.

This list is kept in the ordinary course of the debtor’s business. Recruiting must also attract a high proportion of well-qualified candidates who are seriously interested in accepting a job offer. See all the Comapany or Institute. The company virtually covers every single corner of the rural as well as urban area of Bangladesh.

Advertisements to prouct published in the national dailies are attractive. Not necessary that the number of projected manpower has to be recruited according to the budget plan. QAD examined the materials on a sample testing basis and provide a certificate. The company produces various types of dosage forms which include tablets, capsules, oral liquids, ampoules, dry powder vials; powder for suspension, nasal sprays etc. Employee duties in the handling of disbursements are separated to the extent possible with regard to: Irrelevant job phaemaceuticals meets little job Criteria and length of past job experience Is fairly satisfactory or unsatisfactory.


A copy of all this documents is kept by purchase department and the main copies along with copies not negotiable are sent to accounts and finance department. At the end of this year Incepta was ranked 10th company of the country. Incepta began its operation with a handful of highly skilled and dedicated professionals guided by an able leadership.

A separate recruiting function with at least on full-time recruiter tends to exist in organizations that have a continuing need to recruit a minimum of fifty to one hundred exempt employees each year. A recruited employee who has not the right skill cannot perform effectively. HR determines the general criteria while line manager determines the technical criteria. Some organizations recognize the liability at the time of reception. Normally the user department receives items. In a country like ours this is a very common practice occurring in other organization, and where IPL phamraceuticals no different.

The assessment form of IPL is not a complete and standard one. We truly believe that we can only survive and grow if our nation remains healthy. Usually executives go through the interviews except the entry level and pharmaceuyicals depending on the nature of the job. Tax and VAT amount is deducted from the total amount due. A complete and integrated Marketing, Sales and Distribution network is required to make the information on products and services available to the customer.

In applicant who is deemed unsuitable should receive a polite letter to that effect as soon as possible after the decision.

And it is signed by senior management. Very recently Zirabo, plant has been inspected by the UK MHRAand the company is awaiting approval from this esteemed regulatory authority. Planning and structuring interviews particularly defining the criteria to be used are very important steps in selection.

It also includes MRR number, order number, signature of the authorized person etc. Before short listing of candidates for tests job criteria are set by HR and line manager.


Profile of Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd.- – First Online drug index of Bangladesh

Without trained person fall in difficult to operate it. This is a great opportunity for Incepta to penetrate the market at this growing stage. The purchase department is responsible for making the order only. Are there any special requirements for the role, such as: Provide people globally with high quality health care products at affordable prices in order to improve access to medicine and to provide employees an enabling environment that facilitates realization of their full potential.

Pharmaceuticsls using a user friendly software HR can easily retrieve any information regarding any particular recruitment in the past or any other particular applicant.

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Eliminate Paper The single biggest cost for any purchasing and payables department is paper, including: In ,A total of 18 new generics pharmaceutidals 37 presentations were launched this year. The company has successfully developed nearly dosage forms of plus generics in different specialties that are currently selling in the local as well as international market.

Incepta intends to bring newer products of advanced technology through research hitherto unknown in this country. Incepta quickly developed a very competent sales team, which promotes the specialties throughout the country. It is conducted as and when required. Increase Payment Terms Pharmaceuficals payment terms based on receipt of goods or the invoice.