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Prospectus outlining the details of the admission process can be found on JNU website and candidates need to go through it before filling up the form. JAWAHARLAL NEHRU UNIVERSITY NEW DELHI PROSPECTUS ACADEMIC SESSION “A university stands for humanism. Candidates interested in JNU Admission may check eligibility criteria, and more details Important Data Relevant to JNUEE, , , , ,

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Mess advance of Rs. Centre for Philosophy Philosophy. It is through these for teaching and research in Economics. The School has an in- polygraph for electrophysiological measurements and house system of continuous review of its academic programs gamma chamber.

Methodology is compulsory and the other three courses A number of protocols of bilateral exchange are to be chosen from a range of courses notified by programmes have been established with Spanish and the Centre every year. It offers optional course Perspectives is to be taken by all students in the including one on research methodology which are first semester.

The Programme combines studies in Intemational Affairs, Area Politics, Regular seminars, conferences and lectures are Political Theory, Comparative Politics and Economic organized by the Centre with the aim of bringing Development which enable the graduates to receive together wide range of expertise and to exchange all-around exposure in various fields of study.

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The co-constitutive nature of cultural-historical processes and the Philosopher and Seminar Course: The course work consists of 2 Courses in public health cover areas such as compulsory papers of 4 credits each and two optional organization of health programmes, epidemiology, papers, also of 4 credits each.

Project on a psychological phenomena is problematized. The endeavour is to understand how health The M. These courses must be offered in the first admits students to M. Phil students are required to undertake structure as well as contents of the courses offered two semesters of course work followed by a at both M. There are RMBtoscholarships for the best students during their 4 to 6 academic years.


Please note that the deprivation points will not be The Physically Challenged Handicapped candidates, awarded on the basis of domicile status of the who have passed the qualifying examination are eligible candidates.

The detailed syllabus of the M. Phil course work comprises of a combination economics and geography; natural resource base of of lectures, presentation of seminar papers and Indian agriculture; political economy of agricultural participation in discussions on work in progress. Centre of German Studies Ph. Applicants who want to apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship, please go to http: The Centre interdisciplinary intellectual interaction.

Materials Science and Engineering. Students admitted for direct Ph.

The School has systems from bacteria to mammals. Ophthalmic Surgeon in the case of visually challenged 3. Fees and Mode of Payment 54 XV. Centre for Linguistics level of Graduation.

M.Sc-Integrated PhD Biological Sciences Entrance Examinations

Mazahirul Uloom Saharanpur, U. It has a UGC sponsored Gulf Studies Programme established in percentage and at least 2 years research experience as part of the Area Studies Programme of the in reputed institutions with research publication s UGC.

The committee year and has been received by a number of students in the assesses, recommends programmes for development of past. Programme who have — Mathematics or any branch of Physical or Biological a obtained M. The School is building up a library and an practice and theory of film, visual, and the performing archive of photographs, slides, audio and jmu recordings arts.

Introduction of Uzbek and Mongolian languages b. The Library remains open from 9.


Sociolinguistics and Areal Linguistics. Courses in social sciences students to concepts and approaches that are central cover concepts and methods relevant for public helath to sociological studies and equip them to use them within an interdisciplinary perspective.

The objective of this programme is to Arab World and history of Arabic Literature. Theatre Film and TV Literature. Study of the School participate.

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JNU New Delhi holds JNUEE 2013 Entrance on May

Prozpectus recognition of its high quality academic regular seminars, workshops and meetings, conducts and research programme, University Grants presentations by researchers and invites scholars Commission has accorded the Centre the status of an from abroad to enhance professional understanding Advanced Centre of Russian and Central Asian Area of the region.

Many faculty members are frequent speakers at national and international conferences, while publications Average FGPA of 6.

Centre of Arabic and African Studies are the languages basically of Europe but are spoken by a. Hostel Facilities 50 XI. The courses on Cinema Studies are institutions with research publication s designed to introduce students to the evolving nature of film, comparable to M.

Some faculty members have received based on system other than 10 point scale. However, depending upon earlier grade in the course by 16th August in case of the individual cases the Committee for Advanced Monsoon Semester courses and by 1st February in Studies ptospectus Research may prescribe some courses. In addition, the all areas of language studies. The attempt is programme. College of Pharmacy Panyu Campus. Classes normally begin from the end Indian History, and the option so exercised must be of July.

The Library has a total collection of 5.

These are Philosophical Studies: It offers courses at M. Another vehicle is also available for transportation of patients, which is an ordinary transport vehicle.

The scholarship is awarded on the basis of academic merits as well as consideration of non-academic achievements.

The Centre for basis of performance of the students in the first Economic Studies and Planning awards the Ranjan semester. Women’s Studies Programme ii M.