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The huge international bestseller: a simple fable with profound lessons for working and living in an ever changing world. Our Iceberg is Melting: Changing and Succeeding Under Any Conditions, John Kotter On the surface, Our Iceberg Is Melting is a simple story of a colony of. a mult of the book and m)”.harin& it with a few P”Iceberg. Is Melting. C/u”‘lIi”ll and S1JCC«di”ll. Undo- Any Conliitions. John Kotter.

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Water can pour into the canals and caves. In a cold winter, the canals freeze over, trapping water inside the caves. Water expands when it freezes. When water in a cave freezes, it can cause the iceberg to break into pieces. He realised the iceberg, their home, was in danger of breaking up into many pieces. He knew he had to do something.

Our Iceberg Is Melting

Alice agreed to go with Fred to the place under the iceberg where melting and forming of a cave could be seen. Now Alice too could see potential for disaster and felt a sense of urgency to do something about the problem. When the Leadership Council said they were too busy with other matters to investigate the cave forming in kltter iceberg, Alice asked the Head Penguin, Louis, to invite Fred to speak at the next Leadership Council.

Preparing for his presentation, Fred considered one approach, to supply statistics. Instead, to illustrate his points, he decided to construct a model of the iceberg.

At the meeting, Fred removed the top half of the structure to show the big cave and explain its disastrous impact. One of the Leadership Council members, NoNo, stated: One leader suggested they form a committee to analyse the situation; another urged them icdberg keep it a secret until they worked out a solution.

While ifeberg Leadership Council was busy debating what to do, Fred retrieved a glass bottle that had washed up one summer. Then tomorrow we can see if it is broken by the force of the expanding water as it freezes.

At the assembly, Alice told of her swim with Fred, kother many signs of melting, and the open cave filled with water.

They told jojn story of the glass bottle. And Louis, the Head Penguin ended by saying that in his opinion they had to act, and though he kofter not sure how, he was confident they would find a solution.


By reducing complacency and increasing urgency they had taken the first step in saving the colony. The next day various penguins offered suggestions — the leader should solve the problem himself, or delegate the problem to the young birds who were experts on ice.

After some thought, Louis invited Jkhn, Fred and three other penguins, The Professor, Buddy and Jordan, to form with him a guiding team of six. When penguins hunt squid in groups they win. This guiding team spent the rest of the day together.

Our Iceberg is Melting

During the squid hunt the penguins learned to work together well. After a satisfying meal, Louis led a discussion on life, loved ones, and their hopes and dreams. They talked for hours. One suggested drill-a-hole to let out water and pressure — but that would take birds, 24 hours a day, 5. Another idea — move the colony toward the centre of Antarctica where ice is thicker and stronger — but that was too far from water to fish. One day from out of nowhere a Seagull arrived.

It turns out, this seagull meltng a scout flying ahead of the flock looking for where they might live next. Seagulls live a nomadic existence. Let it break into one thousand pieces. We will find other meltkng to live that are safer. By the end of the meeting: We need to remind the birds what they have heard and remind them all the time! Every day for a week 20 penguins came up with new slogans and put them on ice posters iceeberg around the iceberg.

Communicating the new vision of a nomadic life, of a very different future, was remarkably successful. Enthusiasm began to grow. Louis decided they needed evidence they were on the right track and that they were making progress. The scouts were sent out the next day. When the scouts returned, they told amazing tales about the sea, swimming long distances and new icebergs they had seen. Each scout was awarded a Hero medal on a ribbon, made by the kindergarten children who wanted to contribute to planning for the new nomadic life.

NoNo was nowhere in sight. The second wave iz scouts found the iceberg that seemed most suitable: The former Head Penguin was amazed at what even the youngsters were doing to help the colony.

The most remarkable change of all was how so many members of the colony had grown less afraid of change, were learning the specific steps needed to make any large adjustment to circumstances, and worked well together to keep leaping into a better and better future.


Contact us any of these solutions: Call now to discuss whether we might be a good fit. Our Iceberg Is Melting. There were penguins in the colony and one of them was Fred.

Fred was a curious and observant bird. On a walk, Fred discovered a large cave forming under the iceberg, caused by melting ice.

To explain, a crack in an iceberg forms a canal which leads to air bubbles called caves. Fred confided in Alice, one of 10 bosses in the Leadership Kotted. Winter was only two months away.

The model was an impressive 4 feet x 5 feet and made of real ice and snow. But maybe it will not! Alice suggested a general assembly. Louis the Head Penguin called a general assembly. Fred showed his model of the iceberg and explained why he thought they were in danger.

Our Iceberg is Melting by John Kotter

Impatient Alice started talking to others in the colony for solutions. This gave the penguins an idea. They would learn icebdrg move around.

They would face up to the fact that what sustains us cannot go on forever. They created a vision of a new future, one that seemed plausible.

Louis the Head Penguin called a meeting of the iceberf colony. We can leave it behind us. Communication, every day, everywhere. Many birds came to see and accept what they had to do. NoNo and friends forecasted storms and dangerous currents. The returning scouts were proud, excited and very happy.

The Scouts had succeeded in creating a short-term win. They sent out a second wave kotter scouts. NoNo predicted doom until the very end. But problems were not as large as anxious birds feared.

Next season the scouts found a better and larger iceberg with richer fishing grounds! The colony thrived and became more skilled at handling new dangers. Louis retired and Alice took his place as Head Penguin. Louis became a grandfather figure for the whole colony and its number one teacher.