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If you wish to verify the text, please download the PDF of the scanned pages. The saying is, that young whores become old, religious crones, but that was not my case. I became a whore at an early age and experienced everything a woman can I am along in years now. I am rich but faded, and often being very lonesome, but it never entered my mind, although in the past years I was religious The squalor and drudgery which I escaped I owe entirely to my healthful body.

Without my youthful experience, the early awakenings of my josecine passion, I would undoubtedly have succumbed, the same as many of my playmates, and would have been forced into the poorhouse or died as a drudge of some household.

The Memoirs of Josephine Mutzenbacher by Felix Salten | LibraryThing

I did not succumb to any of these. I obtained a good education, for which I can thank only my lifeas a prostitute, for this it was that brought me into touch with educated men I escaped the life which is led by the ignorant, low-born peasants, for which they are not to blame, but of which they are so often accused. It is not their fault, for they know no better. I have seen the world in a different light, for all of which I have to thank my life as a prostitute, so often condemned by the public.

I am writing my experiences only to shorten my time of loneliness and to give to the public the truth about my past josefone, which led up to the life I finally adopted. My father was a very poor man, who worked as a saddler in a firm in Josef City. We lived in a tenement house away out in Ottakring, at that time a new house, which was filled from top to bottom with the poorer class of tenants.

All of the tenants entlish many children, who were forced to play in the back yards, which were much too small for so many. I had two older brothers. My father and my mother and we three children lived in two rooms We also had a roomer. I distinctly remember two of our roomers.

One of them was a locksmith’apprentice. He had dark eyes; a sad-looking lad; his black eyes and dark face always covered with grime and soot. We children were much afraid of him. He was a very silent man, never saying a word. I remember one afternoon, when I was alone in the house, he came home. I was then only five years old.

My mother and the two boys had gone to Furstenfeld and my father had not yet returned from work. The locksmith took me up from the floor, where I was playing and held me on his lap. Mutzenbscher wanted to cry, but he quietly told me, “Be quiet, I won’t hurt you. He then laid me back and lifted up my little skirt.

Josefine Mutzenbacher In English Porn Videos |

Then he examined me. I was badly frightened and he viewed me naked upon his lap, but remained perfectly quiet. As he heard my mother coming, he mutzenbcaher me down on the floor and went into the kitchen. A few days later, he again came home early. As mother was about to go out, she asked him to look after me until she returned, which he promised gladly. As soon as she was gone, he again held me on his knees and began examining my naked pussy.


He did not utter a word I did not dare say anything. This he repeated on many occasions, as long as he roomed with us. As a child, of course, I had no idea of its import, and did not give the matter a second thought. Today I know murzenbacher, and often call this lad my first lover. Quite frequently eglish home I heard my father and mother shaking the bed and breathing hard, but could not discern anything in the dark.

I had an idea that I knew what joseffine all was about, however, so when this occurred I would lay in bed listening with all my ears, at the same time fingering myself. I got so that I could satisfy myself very well indeed by this method.

I often heard them whispering to each other in a tone too low for me to distinguish words. One Saturday night father came home drunker than usual. Mother got up, helped him undress, and when I awoke at the noise, I saw a light in the room. Father pushed mother over on the bed, reaching up under her clothing, between her legs, she at the same time fighting him off.

He was a powerful man; wild-eyed he grabbed her, tore off her night-dress, caught her by the titties and pushed her back on the bed, and got on top of her, with his big, stiff cock out, all ready for business. Soon I heard mother say: How big you are tonight! When they had started to snore, I slipped out of my bed and over to my brother Franz;, where he slept on the lounge. He could not see, but heard it all.

Getting into his bed with him, we hugged each other fiercely. He wanted to get on top of me, but I turned over and made him screw me from behind. We were very quiet; nobody heard us, but we were rather really frightened at first. We were much naked and the feeling of our little bodies rubbing so close together without the.

We pulled off our little fuck, and finding that we were comparatively safe, we did it often at night, as we could feel reasonably safe when all the rest were asleep. Soon after this, we got a new roomer in our home.

This roomer was a middle-aged man of fifty or so.

I do not know what his business was, but he was at home a great deal and sat in the kitchen for hours, talking to ehglish. I was often left alone with him. As he had a full, bushy beard I often wondered how much hair he had between his legs. One Sunday, when he was washing himself, I noticed his hairy mktzenbacher. This only enhanced my curiosity mutzengacher to his other parts.

He was very friendly to me, as he stroked my hair, chuckled me under the chin- and caressed and fondled me frequently. I always went to him smilingly when he spoke. I went up to him and began to stroke his heard. He must have perceived something in engljsh looks which robbed him of his senses for a moment. He was shivering as he put his hand between my legs as if knocking for an entrance. I was standing in front of him as he sat there and did not resent any movement on his part, but smiled encour- agingly up to him.


He pressed harder, but engpish yet only on the outside of my fluffy dress. I stepped up closer, between his knees, and smiled. His face reddened and he pulled me to him and kissed me. He lifted my dress up, pulled down my panties and kissed me passionately. He looked at and began to finger my crack. This seemed different from anything that I had ever experienced before, due, no doubt, to the fact mutzenbcher hitherto I had played only with boys, while this was a grown man.

I became so excited I could hardly control myself. I did not know whether he was using one finger or five.

Josefine Mutzenbacher

I did not care as I felt as if I was being fucked, pushing his finger way up into me. I began to work back and forth, at the same time playing with the hair on his breast. He took my other hand and placed it on his cock, which he had taken out. It was so large I could hardly get my hand around it. I started working it back and forth while he rubbed my cunt and kissed me. We kept this up until suddenly he stiffened out and twisted and squirmed and began to squirt from his penis white stuff in great drops that squirted far into the room, at the same time, part of it, hot and sticky, flowed across my hand.

I also came, as he had quickened the movement on my pussy with his finger as he came. When he had finished, he sat there frightened, telling me not to breathe a word of what had passed or rather pleasantly happened between us, to anyone. As I shook my head, he kissed me again, got up and went out.

For several days I hardly saw him, as he was apparently ashamed. This also affected me, as when I would see him approaching, I would run away. About a week later, while playing out in the backyard with my brothers, I saw him go in and upstairs.

My mother having gone out previously, and knowing that he was all alone up there, I soon sneaked up after him, my heart beating wildly and rapidly, and I quivering in excitement. When I entered the kitchen he eagerly reached for me, his hands shaking. I threw myself into his arms, and he at once put his hand between my legs and began to finger my slit. We sat down beside each other and he put his cock into my hand. I now had a good chance to examine it, and I must say, even after all these years, having had thousands of cocks.

I certainly could have a great time with it, had I been but a few years older and more developed. I eagerly jerked him off with my hand, as I had learned to do from my brother. When I tired, and stopped working, or put my hand back further, so as to feel of the fine growth of hair there, he would whisper:.