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Editorial Reviews. Review. Una gran novela de los fracasos de nuestros tiempos. Buy El testigo (Compactos) (Spanish Edition): Read 7 Kindle Store Reviews – : El testigo/ The Witness (Spanish Edition) () by Juan Villoro and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books. El testigo/ The Witness by Juan Villoro, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Discussed in this essay: El TestigoJuan Villoro. It can be read here. Allow me to scrimp on setup.

From El Testigo by Juan Villoro | Quarterly Conversation

A short excerpt from the book flap will orient jaun through these notes: The PRI has finally lost the elections and a peculiar period of transition begins. One childhood memory of his comes to mind: The past for Julio is also Los Cominosthe family hacienda in the desert, somewhere in central Mexico.

It is where his uncle Donasiano, a hobbyist of local history, has amassed boxes of documents about the region, including letters and photographs from the Cristero War, a s uprising against the anticlerical provisions of the Mexican revolution that was centered in Guadalajara and plays a crucial role in El Testigo. Donasiano, incidentally, is one of the many characters in this book who stand out through sharp and often funny dialogue.

Inventions of people who only speak by chance; the first miracle of religion is to run into someone in the desert. The afterworld was invented by a shepherd who lost a sheep in the desert. I live with my dogs in a viaduct. Old data, my queen, things that no longer offend, archaeology, memory of the species. A blink and ten civilizations fall. My apologies, I divagate. By then Centollo has already been stabbed to death, and Julio, still enraptured by Nieves, will make a mistake that leads to him being detained, beaten, and assaulted by a gang of children:.


His body was voraciously searched by the children. The soft contact of those hands hurt him infinitely. They took off his clothes amidst laughter and insults they were hurling at each other affectionately.

From El Testigo by Juan Villoro

A boy with messy hair placed something sharp on his throat, broken glass, perhaps. Julio did not move. They placed a paper bag on his head.

Martyrdom, gore, suffering for God, soldiers of Christ so at ease with death tfstigo they fall asleep at their hanging—these are the foundations of Catholic folklore. A discreet postmodernistVilloro knows that handling this material is tricky.

Every time he talked about Los Cominos[Paola] would put on her Neorealist movie face.

Those stories reached her in testigp melancholic black and white, a precarious world where life was risked to steal a bicycle and saints were poor devils. Let me walk you through an example in color.

Some of them were disfigured, others retained their inconceivable original form. Then we hear the historical back-story: Their shirts are there, praying. The Battalion arrived here cornered by General Amaro. They had no tesitgo.

Did he experience horror, admiration, something unspeakable upon seeing this fanatical immolation that turned his task useless? The Cristero War will be kitsch. Friends of Julio are scheming to turn it into a trashy mini-series punningly called For the Love of Godand the vilooro crews will eventually descend on Los Cominos to film it.


Throughout the novel, the making of For the Love of God is the springboard for most of the other plotlines and side projects: The plotline about the cartels merits a few words, especially because American newspapers and magazines have nuan recently reporting on its pervasiveness and dangers.

The cartels ignite most of the violent episodes of El Testiho. The present returns to the past to fetch material that it will then speed up. I do want to leave you with Monteverde, an erudite priest who wants to enlist Julio in the canonization of Ramon Lopez Velarde:.

At that age she had given up all hope of conceiving.

El testigo/ The Witness

But she understood what the poet was trying to tell her: My grandmother gathered the secretions on this pendant. A few days later she stopped menstruating. Essay by Mauro Javier Cardenas. Notes Toward an Understanding of Thomas Bernhard Bernhard’s novels move from the present to the past. There is an action, usually a suicide, tha World-Building in Michael Chab The Princess, the King and the Anarchist by Robert Around Santa Fe Saer turns out to be a born writer.

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